Ishq vishq (Ragsan ss) shot 1

Hey dearies…. This my new ss on Ragsan… It will have 5 shots… I expect to get same support like i get in previous one and abt ek nayi kahani epilogue sorry it got ended and i hv no plans…
This ss will be a reprise of a kannada movie….. Meravanige…..
So here i start the first shot… And do tell me your reviews abt this ss…

A girl enters a college in her scooty…. She was wearing a simple yet beautiful yellow salwar……
A guy comes to her he is sambhav(just a cameo)


Yes the girl is none other than ragini…
Rag smiles :ha sambhav bolo….
Sambhav gives her a card which has written I LOVE YOU..
Sam:Ragini… I Love You…. I fell for you at a very first sight and i drown on your beauty…
Rag:sambhav.. Bt i don’t love you.. I don’t hv such feelings towards you… I just thought you as a friend… Plzz dont feel bad
Sam:plzz ragini i love you i cant live without you.. Plzzzz
Rag:sambhav i understand…. Bt i dont love you plz….
Sam:plz.. Ragini.. I vl do whatever you say… Plzz.. I see no other girls than you…..

At the time comes through skating he revolves around them
He is none other than sanskar
San:that is the problem…
Rag glares him like she vl kill him any moment
San:look sambhav.. U didn’t see any other girl… So you are saying like this…
Sam:no sanskar i i love ragini…. And she is beautiful
San shocked acting:is it? Let me see
He looks ragini from top to bottom
San:from which angle… Tell me…. Dont you hv any other girl wait i vl tell you… See her eyes… Which is like devils eyes… By seeing her eyes only anyone can back off
Rag:wattt? Wat did you say…… She points her finger to him and he held her finger in his
San:wat did i say… I know sach kadwa hota hai par yehi sach hai
Rag angrily pushes him he falls
San:dekha sambhav.. U still hv a time… Try on pooja teena sanjana riya… Koi na koi tho patt jayegi…. Bt she yuck…. He makes faces
Rag:wat did you say ha i m yuck…. I vl kill you for sure
He removes his skate shoes and stands
Sam looks at ragini:u r ryte bro… I should leave now..
He hugs sanskar and thanks him….
While rag was shocked

San smirks at rag
San’s gang comes there
Thry laugh at ragini
Rag controls herself bcs now whole college is laughing at her
Rag:chal hatt
She pushes sanskar… She was abt to move sanskar held her bag
San:kyun bura lag raha hai…
Rag smiles:nahi tho…. Ab tum soch tumhare saath kya honewala hai…. Dude
San was worried bt still acts cool
San:wat vl u do? And m not scared of bandariya
Again all laughs
Rag:ok…. Leave my bag…..
San:i wont wat vl u do?
Rag:oops u want to stay with a bandariya….
San:finallyyyyyyyy u agreed
Rag angrily shouts:leave
San angrily screams:i wont
“youuu” both says together
And turns
San:who want this useless bag…. He leaves it

Rag friend drags her from there
Rag goes twisting her lips….

After the class…

There was an announcement of musical night competition…

Both ragsan were excited
Ragini was excited bcs she loves singing and sanskar was excited bcs to make ragini lose infront of him?

Both went home excited…
Rag goes to her home

Her mother janki is suffering from cancer

She goes to her
Rag smiles and hugs her from back
Jan:mera baccha….
Rag:ma.. I m going to join music competition
Jan:and i know my daughter will win it…
At the time a man comes in a police uniform
Rag:dcp shekar gadodia… Finally you got a time
Shek smiles and hugs both ragjan…

Jan:i m becoming burden to you both
Both stops her
Rag:mumma.. Dont ever say this…
Shek :plzz janki…. We love you both and you cant imagine wat place u take in our life…
Jan smiles:ab tho mujhe jaldi se meri raago ki shaadi dekhni
Rag:mrg… No no.. Not now atleast…. First you hv to see your daughter standing on her own leg
Janki:on… Do practice for your competition
Rag:woh tho mein karungi hi… Bt before u both forgot its ur 21st anniversary is coming…. So we hv to party hard

Here san reached his home and see rp (he is also a police officer he is acp and he is the best frnd of shekar bt still ragsan doesnt know abt it) and suji sitting and talking…
San too comes there and sits…
Rp:aaj janaab ghar bohoth jaldi aa gaye….
San:wat to do read exams are arriving
Rp and suji looks at him shocked:wat did you say… U and exam doesnt match
San:no dad i hv become serious now..
Rp:don’t give me heart attack
San dramatically :wat dad.. Wn i m getting serious too u wont believe
Rp:kya karoon beta… Wn i hv lost the hope on that…
Suji:shut up… My son will top this time….

Rp:ok…. Aage ka plan kya hai.. This is your last yr…

San himself:want to marry?

San:woh dad… I hv thought to…. Hmm… I vl move to the field of construction… I m architect Afterall

Soon the days passed… Ragsan doesnt let a single chance to annoy eachother

Rag sees san flirting with a girl

San:babe lets go to cafe..
Rag herself:wait mr. Irritating monkey… Wait i still hv to take revenge from you…….

Soha:sanskar.. U r soooo…..
Rag:sweet…. Yehi bolna chahti ho na
Soha:ha.. Who are you
Rag:think m you r well wisher
San angrily:wat r u doing here….
Rag acts as crying:sanskar… I didn’t want anything from you…. Plzz dont play with any other girls feelings….
San shocked:wat?
Rag:plzzz sanskar…. I didnt thought u vl fall this much low.. Look(to soha).. I dont know who you are… Bt i m thinking u to be like my sister….
Soha worried:wat he did?
San:baby i didnt do anything.. She is mad
Rag:ha… Ab tho tum yehi kahoge na.. She turns and smiles
Soha:bolo na
Rag:he changes girls like he changes dress… Once i was a victim.. He also insults innocent girl like me…. He won’t let us live peacefully… So before anything can hpn to u…. She acts as crying
Some students gathers there(ppl just need entertainment)
Soha comes to her :i didnt knew he such an monster…
San:no soha…. She is lieing… She hates me thats why… She is doing like this.. U know me na baby
Soha:ha ha.. Now i got to know….. How cheap u are…

He tries to hold her hand… Bt she jerks him and goes….
San angrily:go go.. I can get many girls like you…
He sees Rag angrily
Rag winks at him….
And goes from there happily
He sees the students :wat? He goes angrily….

Here shekar:humne us baadshah ke bhaai ko tho pakad liye
Ram:now any how we hv to bring him out….
They gets the call from an unknown numbr
Rp picks:hello
The caller is baadshah
They puts the phone in speaker
Baadshah :tumlogon ne yeh accha nahi kiya mere bhaai ko giraftaar kar ke…. You vl hv to pay for this… I vl still give you a chance… Leave my brother
Rp:even if i hv to die… I vl not leave
Shek:u just wait.. Ur countdown has also started….
Baadshah :i m warning u both
Shek:we r not scared of ur silly warning…
Baadshah laughs and disconnects the call
Rp:he can’t do anything.. Until his brthr is in our custody

Musical night….
Everyone are performing.. Now it was Ragini’s turns…
She sings a beautiful song… Everyone are mesmerised by her voice…
Bt someone here was not at all affected and he is nobe other than sanskar
He acts as vomiting
His frnds laugh at his antics….
Everone claps for ragini
Sanskar yawns….

She gets many appreciation…..
She sees sanskar who is acting like sleeping…
She gives an victory smile and goes….

Now the last grp performance its sanskar and his gang

He sings a classical song.. He even dances classical dance… Everyone loves it.. Bt rag was confused
Rag:how can this irritating monkey can sing… Kuch tho hai…
She goes in search
And sees his friens in a backstage was handling a music system wr none was there…. His friend sees her and gulps…

She threatens him…..
He runs being scared….
Rag:now i will see ur talent…. She smirks

She changes into rock music
Everone were shocked..
Sanskar manages and dances to the rock music
She again hanges into classical music.. He manages
She changes into sad song.. Again he manages
She does this continuously…..

And at last ragini offs the music system…
Sanskar too ends….

Rag:ab dekhti hoon.. Tumhe tho joothe pad ne waale hai

She goes out… To her greatest shock winner is announced and he is none other than sanskar and his gang

She angrily glares and goes

He runs behind her… And stops her… And dances showing the award…..
San:for the first time i m telling you thankyou….
Rag angrily pulls his hair…
San too puls her hair
Rag:leave my hair
San:first you leave my hair…
Their friends comes and frees them…

They again starts to fight…
Their friends again frees them….

San:i vl curse u that you get a husband who vl annoy you whole life
Rag:never.. That vl be your wife who annoy you and hit you for whole life
San:you.. Before he could move to her his frnds holds him…
Rag:i m challenging you that you vl be jealous of my husband
San laughs:ya ya u vl die out of jealous wn u vl see my wife…
Rag:huh… She goes
He too goes….

Soon the days passed….

One day rp suji and sanskar went out… And sanskar sees that someone was following them.. To his shock the person was pointing the gun towards rp and sanskar makes rp and suji move in crowded area…..
San goes and catches the goon…. And he hits him bt soon the goon escapes from him

It was shejan anniversary
Guests arrived there…
Rp and suji too comes
Shekar welcomes them

Rp and suji meets janki…
Rag serves them juice
Shekar introduces them to rp and suji
She takes their blessings….

Here in colg
San:today… I m feeling peaceful today…
His friends:she is not that bad
San:ae.. Dont change the party… I hate her.. I hate her till the eternity
All nods their head in disbelief

Here rp and suji likes ragini… Her way of talking her behaviour….
Rp sees suji who sees ragini with a smile
Rp:are you thinking the same… Wat i m thinking…
Suji looks at him confused
Rp smiles:I m talking abt..
They smile…

After the ftn…
Jan gets unwell….
Rag makes her drink medicine…. And makes her sleep
Rag was crying
Suji consoles her…..

Later they leaves….
In the night….

Jan:shrkar ji…. I hv one last wish
Shrkar:janki plzzz….
Jan:plzzz…. U hv to do this soon
Shekar:ok tell me….
Jan:plzz get ragini married… Before i close my eyes forever i want to see her wedding.. Plzzz
Rag was listening this
Rag:i m ready dad….
Shekar turns…
Rag:i m ready……
Shejan hugs her….

To be continued…

Wat do you think wat vl hpn next…

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