Ishq vishq (Ragsan ss) last shot by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Rp and shekar reached with baadshah’s brother to get back their kids safely…

Baadshah:oh..tho u ppl came finally…so leave my brother

Rp:do you think us as fools..wr is Sanskar and Ragini

Baadshah laughs:i knew you would ask this..
He claps!

Goons brings 2 persons…and they hv covered their face with black cloth

Shekar:open the masks…

They opens Ragini’s mask..her mouth was tied with cloth

(Wn sanskar sent Ragini…after moving lil front.. baadshah’s goons captured her)

Rag knew the person next to her isn’t Sanskar

Shekar:open sanskar’s

Baadshah laughs:now send my brother i will send your kids

Rag nods in no crying..before shekar could notice..goons covers her face

They sends….

Sanskar who was passing witness the scene..

He sees a a goon had marked a gun of Rp..

San immediately runs to him:dadddddd….


San pushes him and the bullet misses..

Shekar shoots baadshah’s brother who hv reached near baadshah..

A goon was abt to hold Rag…
Shek signs her to bend..rag bends
Shekar shoots the goon..

Shekar immediately goes to her and unties her hand mouth…

Rag cries hugging him

Police has taken a charge and takes baadshah in the hostage

Shek:i m sorry…i couldn’t…
Rag wipes his tears:nthng hpnd to papa..sanskar has saved me..

She looks at Sanskar..who is creating a scene infront of his dad

San:if you didn’t hv come also na..i would hv held them and killed one by one
Rp:after hpng this much too..u never forget to do joke..u r only your mother’s son..dramatic mom equal to dramatic son…
He laughs
San:this is not joke..ask attitude ki dukhan

Rp gets confused..

While ragini gets embarassed

Shekar:is it u?
Rag was nodding in yes:no..not me
Shekar laughs..

Rp sees it

Rag??: annoying monkey…u showed ur colours here too
San laughs a also she is showing attitude

Rag:I.HATE.YOU…get that in your mind

San??:you behaving i hv said i love to the fact i hate you too

Rag:huh.. expected there anything unexpected

Rag:dhoob maro..
San:same to you…why will i listen to you!

Rag:same to you too…

Rp and shekar were like????

Shekar:this is the reason.. baadshah wanted everything sooner
Rp:i agree..wat vl hpn wn they will get married
Shek: I don’t know bcs i m not going bare them
Rp???:oh no..wat i will do?

Shek and rp laughs…

San:one min…you were crying..and begging..i will not go alone..i will come with wat hpnd
Rag??:i thought u hv wat to do? monkey’s never change annoying
San:ohh..even i thought for a sec that u hv become one thing never change its yoyr attitude…if i die here also na you would hv seen me with attitude

Rag:wow..wat a guess..its absolutely right afterall…nobody knows me like you

Rp and shekar drag them before anyone of their kids die….

After some days…

Both Sanskar and Ragini comes to colg…

They were walking together smilingly wch shocked every student in the colg…

At the time a beautiful lady comes wearing a golden colour saree(played by anitha hassanandini)

Lady:excuse me..

Sanskar turns and looks at her from top to bottom

San murmurs: gorgeous!

Lady:can you tell me the way for dean’s office

San:oh the way fresher?

Rag was looking at sanskar angrily?????????

Before she could reply

San:i know…u r so beautiful and r the synonyms for these words..r u single?

San was abt hold her hand

Rag stamps him

Rag:i will show didn’t tell us ur intro

Lady:i am the lecturer in buisiness and i m shagun


Shagun smiles

Rag ;mam aage se second right

Shagun moves

San:watever she is damn beautiful…????he keeps his hand on his chest

Rag angrily: beautiful!

Rag takes her bag and hits him!!!

Sa??:ow…wat r u doing..ow…!

Rag:infront of your wife only you are flirting other girl’s…wait let me show u today wat is girl power and most importantly wife’s power…

San:bt I love you..and only know na!

She continuously hits him with bag books

Shagun turns and laughs

San:i promise..i love you only leave me sweetheart…

Rag angrily was abt to go..

He holds her and cutely:i love you and i am sorry!
Rag:go go.. with shagun

San:i would hv if you were not there bt unfortunately i m tied with you..
Rag????:cheater..she hits him

San:sorry sorry sorry sorry..i was kidding..
She hits his chest
San held her hand:sorry…(cutely)I love you my wifey
Rag smiles through anger:i know???and I love you too my hubby

She hugs him…
He smiles…

San:so this was our love story
Rag:we hate eachother bt our hate is 2 step behind our love
Both Ragsan smiles and hugs eachother and Sanskar kisses Ragini’s forehead ??


So how was this story????

Hope i hv not bored you..

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  1. It’s not a good ending dear. No confession no marriage scenes.

  2. Awesome

  3. Saghi

    Awesome as always:) I’m going to miss this story a lot. It’s not done aliya, I want epilogue on how Ragsan got married I mean how they agree to marry each other and how they fall in love. It’s a request yaar. Jaldi nahi hai take your time (2 weeks, two months and if u want you can take 5 years?). God bless u sweetheart. Loads of love!!

  4. Vinu

    Awesome but if possible epilogue plzzzzzz

  5. Nice. Epilogue?

  6. Harneet

    superb …….. finaaly ..

  7. Amazing dr. Shagun I love her. Want epilogue?No excuse.

  8. I want epilogue. Amazingggg

  9. Superbbbb not fair aliya. Epilogue pls.

  10. Superb dear

  11. Awesome di… Last week only i read all parts. Its was splendid story.?

  12. Awesomeee. I’m gonna miss this story a lot. If possible give us epilogue.

  13. Asra

    awesome dear…..loved it alot…omg it’s ended….ohh nooo….ragsan married…how…plz give epilogue dear….tkcr dear

  14. Awesome. Epilogue plzzzzzz.

  15. Woww superb cute sissy. Epilogue Epilogue Epilogue.

  16. Go i won’t talk to you. U always breaking my heart by ending your awesome stories. Awesome. Epilogue must.

  17. Not at all boring. Fantastic cute. But want to see ragsan confession and marriage. Give epilogue.

  18. Superb

  19. Jasminerahul

    happy that ragini is saved. ragsan nok jhok was funny .sanskar mistaking shagun for a student was funny.loved her entry.she suits the gorgeous lecturer very well .surprised that ragsan are didn’t show how they fell in love and got married.I think for their parents they got married and realized that during the jungle time they fell in love.confession and the cute kiss in the last scene was romantic

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