Ishq-Vishq and all that…… (intro)


Hi guys! This is my second ff so hope you guys will enjoy it. Please comment…….

THE Characters :
Dhaani: A sweet,innocent college girl,loves to party and have fun.
Viplav: A cute choclate boy.
Piya: A bubbly,cute girl.(Imagine twinkle from tashan e ishq)[cause she fit’s this character]…
Zain: Mad in love with dhaani(negative role)
Guys in my ff kanak,Dt are positive and shalu is negative……
Dulaari and arun are her parent….
No tripurari……..

A girl is shown doing light make, she is wearing a blue dress, she is looking stunning she is dhaani. Piya comes in and asks her to come faster as they are already late. they both leave and as dhaani enters all look at her as she is so beautiful but she ignores them and goes to the bar and sits there. Zain asks her hand for dance she thinks a little and says yes she goes for the dance he tries to get close to her but she pushes him away and asks him to behave….

Here viplav comes in and is tensed as he could only think about his work, but wears a cute killer smile. Piya comes and hugs him and says you came I am so happy. Dhaani eyes him from far away, piya brings viplav near dhaani and does their introduction but viplav is mesmerized by dhaani’s beauty and stands mum. Dhaani snaps her finger and says I know I am beautiful don’t make it obvious and chuckles. He gives an awkward look, he asks her hand for dance and they dance on kar gayi chull. They all enjoy themselves and they return home and think about each other and smile.

Precap: dhaani and viplav cute nhok-jhok.

Credit to: Ahana


  1. saranya

    Good beginning yaar Ahana,and thanks for mentioning that killer smile of viplav,that’s enough for dhani to fall for him.all the best yaar.

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