Ishq Vishq *Intro* (Chap-1) by ArpitaKrish


“Dad, you never listen me. I am going. I got 80% in 12th” She goes stamping her foot.
“Sanchi” Sunil shouted.
“Calm down Sunil. She will come back in sometimes” Jaya assured.
“What is this? Who got 80%?” Sunil said being frustrated.
“leave it. Don’t make issue. She is a child” Jaya said.
“Okay fine. You guys do what you want to” Sunil went.
“this girl is too much” Jaya also went from there.
At road, Sanchi was driving her cycle. She got the call.
Sanchi switched off her phone.
She collided with a person and fell down from her cycle.
“Are you blind?” That person shouted at her.
“How dare you to scold me?” Sanchi shouted back.
“See, I don’t want to mess with you” That person turned.
“You better” Sanchi also turned away.
At the Sanchi’s home,
Same person who collided with Sanchi rang the bell.
Jaya opened.
“Can I meet with Mr. Sunil Mishra?” that person asked.
“Yes, off course. Come inside” Jaya smiled.
Jaya called Sunil. Sunil came.
“Hello Sir, I am Kabir Kapoor” Kabir farworded his hand.
Sunil responded.
“I came to know about you. You are Mr. Sharma’s nephew and he is my best friend so you are like my nephew also. You can live here. Its like your home” Sunil assured.
“Thank you so much Sir for giving me shelter for 1 week to complete my documentry” Kabir said with grattitude.
“No worry. Be comfortable. Delhi is same like Mumbai” Sunil laughed and went.
“lets go. I will show you your room” Jaya smiled.
Kabir too smiled.
Sanchi Mishra- 18 years old. Just did her 12th. Daughter of Sunil and Jaya Mishra.
Kabir Kapoor- A filmmaker. Kind-hearted but behaves rudes. 24 years old.
Sunil Mishra- Pf. In Delhi University. 45 years old. Father of Sanchi. Kind hearted man, loves Sanchi a lot but behaved strict.
Jaya Mishra- Housewife. 43 years old. Sincere and loves Sanchi and Sunil.
Sorry guys I know I have a pending ff named Love story of Shah sisters and Kapoor brothers but let that pending because now I came with this new ff so please enjoy this.
Thank you so much Vanu, Aayu, Mannat and Amnaa for your comments on epilogue of You & Me. Sorry I could not reply.
I am going tomarrow out of station so I will come after 4 days till then enjoy and tell me should I continue?

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