Ishq-Vishq and all that……Episode10


Ishq-Vishq and All That… 10

Viplav drops dhaani to her home and comes back his family members plan for a puja. Viplav calls dhaani and informs her the same and invites her family, she agrees.

The next day
Dhaani is wearing a red suit and she gets ready and she and her parents leave for the puja. They reach the Tripathi mansion and they are greeted by kanak. Shalu takes dhaani with her and dhaani sees zain there and she goes up to him and they have a small argument and zain goes forward to hug dhaani but she shrugs. Shalu comes to dhaani and slaps her everyone get shocked and shalu says “ Oh1 so I got to know about your character you trap boys for your comfort and misuse them. How dare you flirt with zain and have a relation with my brother”.
Kanak asks shalu to shut up but dhaani is shell shocked and has tears in her eyes and she just run out of that place near the gate she collides with viplav they have a eye lock. But dhaani just runs away. Viplav sees dulaari and arun but they do not reply. Arun comments that what happened was not right and they both walk away.

At dhaani’s house
Dhaani is crying and her head is on dulaari’s lap. Arun is very angry on shalu and dulaari is unable to see dhaani’s condition. Viplav comes there and asks sorry on shalu’s behalf and arun replies “When dhaani
Was being insulted your sister spoke a lot now is she having so much ego that she can’t come here”. He takes viplav to dhaani’s room and says
“Look at my child from morning she hasn’t eaten anything she just kept on crying look at her” Viplav painfully looks at dhaani’s pain, dhaani stands to walk but she faints and everyone get tensed and viplav goes to lift her but arun stops him but our hero does not listen and takes her to the hospital and there the doctor gives her drips and dhaani’s condition is quiet stable.

Kanak brings shalu there and slaps her in front of dhaani and asks her to say sorry for talking soo rude to dhaani. Arun looks on, shalu asks him also sorry and the dispute comes to an end. Dhaani is discharged and she goes home.
Viplav’s POV
All that drama made me really tired, tension had filled the air and I just could tell that here were more problems to be faced but I just hoped dhaani and me would always be together .as I drove by I saw a young girl with a wacky clothing style and I just knew who had this fashion. I drove my car to her and yess it was Jane….

Precap: Who is jain is she positive or negative character……….
To know more keep reading Ishq Vishq and all that…………….

Lots of love Ahana 

Credit to: Ahana

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  1. Ahana it was very emotional. I could imagine Dhaani crying and even I was going to cry. But today’s part was wonderful.

    1. thank u dear princess

  2. Hmm quite interesting

    1. Thank u

  3. good going Ahana

    1. Thanks sujie

  4. Emotional episode. Good going..

    1. Thanks mahira

  5. Ahana,poor Shalu,i am just laughing by imagining her in angry mode,that too for fulfilling his love.i just can’ control my laugh.coming to vidhani it was really heart touching and u rocked.

    1. Thank u

  6. Oh ahana felt sorry for dhani but here kanak is positive n as usual slaps shalu.

    1. Yesss let here atleast kanak be positive

  7. ahana waiting for jane

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