Ishq-Vishq and all that…… (episode 9)


Ishq-Vishq and All That… 9 {VIDHAANI KA EK AUR JASHN}
Comment karo, plz comment karo…. Episode 8 Here(previous epi) As promised this epi will also have mostly vidha only………………

In the market
Dhaani goes away with dulaari to the market and she sees gol gappa wala and she stops to have it. Viplav sees her having it and smiles he thinks to do something for dhaani and goes to cotton candy shop and buys one dulaari goes a little front and dhaani is walking slowly behind. Viplav stops her and gives her cotton candy she smiles and viplav tries to hug her but she walks away and turns and winks at him……… Ishq Ishq plays.

Dhaani is selecting some dresses and she sees viplav staring at her from the mirror she keeps the dress in front of her and signs at him he nods in disagreement and she tries some more dress and later he agrees for a white top. Viplav goes back home and is talking to dhaani’s photo and smiles daadi comes in and says to him to have some food he smiles and is lost in thoughts daadi calls kanak and they both check his temperature and ask him if he is fine. Viplav tells he got Ishq wala bimari Kanak and daadi smiles and ask about the girl and he shows the photo and kanak comments that she is sooo pretty and tells hmm but I have to test and her and in the night she calls dhaani saying that viplav is not ready to eat and he is fallen ill and dhaani is shell shocked and rushes to tripathi mansion ™ and there she finds viplav standing at the gate she rushes and hugs him and she starts to cry.

He cups her face and asks her not to get emotional and says “Dhaani! I hate tears re!!!” and dhaani smiles. Kanak and daadi come out and say good choice viplav and dhaani looks on stunned and kanak comes forward and blesses them and says perfect match and dhaani blushes and viplav tells since u have come here come to my room also and takes her in.

In the room
Viplav shows her his room and starts to sing: Baaton ko teri hum bula na sakey
Hoke juda hum na judaa ho sakey
Dil mein hai zinda har gadi tu kahin
Hoke juda hum na juda ho sakey
Kitni chahath hai dil main tu jaaney na
Kaise dil ko samjaye dil maaney na
Baton ko teri hum bula na sakey
Hoke juda hum na judaa ho sakey

Dhaani looks on stunned and tells him to stop it and says what will people think and lokks on. Then viplav sings:
Pyaar kiyaa to darnaa kyaa
Jab pyaar kiyaa to darnaa kyaa
Pyaar kiyaa koi chori nahin ki
Pyaar kiyaa
Pyaar kiyaa koi chori nahin ki
Chhuup chhuup aahe bharnaa kyaa
Jab pyaar kiyaa to darnaa kyaa
Pyaar kiyaa to darnaa kyaa
Jab pyaar kiyaa to darnaa kyaa
And dhaani blushes. Shalu hears all this and says “Oh! Love story not possible you will never be happy if I am here. So be careful Dhaani cuz I am coming to destroy your life…….”

Precap: Shalu ne dhaani ko insult kiya. But why?

What is shalu’s plan and will viplav protect our dhaani…. Will viplav be present there who will answer back to this “shalu the ullu”

Credit to: Ahana

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  1. Vidhaani scenes were just superb yaar. But precap is shocking. Plz update the next part soon. And the cover pic is also very nice.

    1. Thank u…… today iyself I will try to update

  2. Good Vidhaa scenes loving it and shocking precap!! Post the next one soon

    1. Yes I will dear

  3. don’t let that shaalu the ullu of your ff succeed in her plan…..ViDhaani scenes superb…..keep going dear……haters gonna hate…but you keep calm……

    1. Thanks for the support yes I will keep calm

  4. Ahana,kya kamal kiya yaar tum ne.its just beautiful and romantic.full ishq ishq ka barish.i thought i was lost in a dream world witnessing all these.u just keep rocking like this yaar and one more thing i just luv ur pov’s.

  5. I can Seriously imagine, how Mishal will be looking while that room wala scene! Haaeey!! Keep writing more of like this! ?

  6. Wow ahna good . Market scene reminded me of the episode when dhani was dreaming of viplav everywhere shalu must have got jealous of dhani’s beauty.

  7. ahana 🙂 i hate tears re………..superb

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