Ishq-Vishq and all that…… (episode 8)


Ishq-Vishq and All That… 8 {VIDHAANI KA EK JASHN}
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Vidhaani scene
Dhaani’s POV
As he came closer smiling at me I stepped back but he just came closer I tried to push him and escape but he pinned me to the wall and came closer my heart raced faster than bullet train. He came closer and whispered in my ear “Unless you permit me” I stood there numb and touched by his words. I just knew he was the best as he walked away I ran up to him and gave a cute peck on his cheeks and dashed away from there all red in the face.. UH!! I hate myself as I blush sooooo much.

Viplav’s POV
I just stood there holding my cheek I was stunned and on cloud nine dancing and rejoicing until my phone beeped. I got a message from dhaani which told m an address and time I just knew she wanted to meet so was I dying to meet her……… So that evening it was our night all to ourselves as I walked away smirking…… 

I just realized that my clock was slower than before I was waiting to meet her but time never flew by…. I had a struggle with myself as I got ready I wore a black coat and pant and a white shirt…. I knew I looked good as I was viplav tripathi and as I glanced at my watch I decided to leave…….. I reached the avenue and my eyes set upon a beautifully decorated place with my favorite flowers and beautiful lighting and all that I always dreamed for as my eyes glanced around my eyes laid upon dhaani who wore a light blue gown and looked so stunning and I just could not control my feelings nd gave her I tight hug…………..

Dhaani’s pov
As I guided him to the candle light dinner I was proud of myself as everything was of his fav…. The menu the lighting and flowers…… I smiled we came forward for a dance as we danced on gerua all I could see is him we were totally lost in our thoughts and the amazing night passed by……………………….

Leap :: Last day of college
Viplav and dhaani bid good bye and they leave for Banaras as soon as they reach their respected home they are welcomed and everybody is happy seeing them in Dhaani’s home dhaani hugs her dad and then goes to dulaari and she gets emotional seeing dhaani and she tells when I go u cry and when I came back u r crying ma what is this? Very bad ma very bad…….. All of them laugh.

Viplav hugs everyone and shalu and viplav have cute nhok-jhok. The elders see them like this and get very happy and pray for their well being. Kanak thinks to take viplav to the temple and they reach the temple. But our dhaani and dulaari are already there and are praying…….. Viplav folds his hand and says god I just want to see dhaani………. Plz fulfill my request and saying so he turns to his right and finds dhaani there and thanks god for his super fast wish approval and goes near dhaani and taps on her shoulder and she turns back and sees viplav and gives a smile but dulaari calls her and she goes away.

There are some men playing dhol viplav sees that and smiles. Dhaani is with her mom as he is buying some things and she finds viplav just some inches away from her he smiles at her and starts to sing “ tum tak” and dances with the people around him and dhaani smiles at him. Screen freezes………….
To be continued this jashn (this track will be continued)

I know I had put the precap as problem for vidhaani. But since I did not update for long I thought to give you this epi of only vidha….. hope u guys liked it………. And guys did you like the cover pic…. plz do tell?????
Lots and lots and lots of love

Credit to: Ahana

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  1. I enjoyed reading the story .I really like that is in the first person which is so different. ,please keep writing xxx

    1. Thank u dear means a lot to me……. 🙂

  2. Ahana you killed it. Omg all Vidhaa scenes!! Loved it totally. Thank you for this treat. Love you… And post the next one soon…

    1. Yes yes I willl dear late update kiya tha na isliye I thought to make up to my mistake

  3. And yes i loved the cover pic. i was just smiling looking at the pic when i saw it first on facebook. i just love mishal he is so cute…. my cutie pie!!!

    1. Yes….. even I loved it……

  4. What An episode Ahana very nice 🙂

    1. Thank u

  5. ViDhaani scenes magical,,,,, loved it

    1. Thank u sujie……

  6. superb ahana. Cover picture is wonderful.

    1. THANK U DEAR……….

  7. What an episode yaar! Vidhaani rocks!!
    U asked about the cover pic na. It’s very funny and cute.

    1. Thank u

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  9. Oh so good! ❤

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  10. SUPER DEAR sorry for the late comment

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