Ishq-Vishq and all that…… (episode 6)


Ishq-Vishq and All That… 6

Viplav looks at all of them and is embarrassed by what he did he starts to walk away as his friends roll over in laughter…… Viplav gets ready as he entered he could hear chuckles but ignored them, his friend suggested playing truth or dare, all of them agree. They spin the bottle and viplav gets the turn he chooses dare…… All of them smirk and tell him to go and give sandy a message but by going through the window he agrees and musters courage and jumps into her room as it was in ground floor she is about to shout when viplav blabbers about the dare and gives her a note….. Dhaani enters and is shocked to see viplav there they both stand there lost in each other’s eyes sandy goes up to him and gives a peck on his cheek which shocks both of them dhaani leaves from there with pain in her eyes and viplav questions sandy for her act he gets angry and just starts to scream at her he goes back to the hostel and holds the boy (amar) who gave the dare and slaps him and says do not try your cheap pranks on me and pushes them out of his room and shuts the door in anger……………………………..

Here dhaani thinks why she felt bad as she does not love viplav but cannot see him with others she is confused and calls viplav….Viplav see’s her call and picks it up he does not let dhaani speak and tries to justify saying all about what happened and gives a long pause. Dhaani is on cloud nine as he told her the truth she laughs and tells him you are acting as though I blamed you and I just wanted to know whether you love sandy but I got my answer. Viplav tells her that he wants to take her for a coffee just on the name of friendship but dhaani tells no and keeps the call. She smiles to herself and he again calls her she picks it up and asks her to come near the window….. Viplav is standing down in the lawn holding a placard which says coffee?????????

Dhaani has a broad smile on her face as she nods in yes… and leaving viplav delighted. The next day she gets ready, she is wearing a white one piece and pink overcoat……….

And viplav is wearing a denim t-shirt and grey pants…………

Viplav and dhaani meet at the shop and viplav complements her beauty……
Dhaani’s POV
As I looked at him I started to blush and set a cute smile across my lips, as we came closer my heart beat increased and I just wanted to hug him and stay in his arms like forever….. I made a move and he moved along we hugged, but it was a quick one and we took our seats…. Being true gentlemen he pulled the chair and made me sit and then took his seat. Oh! How lovely!!!!! We looked into the menu as he placed the order we exchanged glances and we looked around and we were rather very quiet…..

Viplav’s POV
I planned to impress her I had not planned for anything special but I knew she was my true love. Only if she knew how much I loved her, We carried on the conversation we talked and also enjoyed each other’s company…… It was my sudden decision that I love her that still left me confused….. I offered to walk her to her hostel and she readily agreed. It was quiet dark as the sun set and moon decided to come in the clear sky……. I waited for some time and later I bowed down to my knees and held her hand. I could see the confusion in her eyes as I told her how much I loved her I could see her soften her feelings, I admitted that I was rushing things up but I just wanted her and only her…………………..

Dhaani’s POV
As he finished speaking I could see that he was nervous and eager for my answer. I could feel my cheeks go red and my mind thought of a million things I wanted to run away but my feet stuck to the ground…..My lips had a no and my heart sang yes and my ears were ringing in a music which apparently he began to play……… With all the courage I told him a big yes and I could see the happiness flow down through his face. He got up and gave me a tight hug…..

Precap: Romance, drama, action……………………..

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Credit to: Ahana

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  3. Hahahahaha.superb Ahana superb.this is a perfect clg romance and moreover u concentrate on our vidha’s outfits also.thank u so much for that.we all can imagine them in those dresses and those POV’S were really romantic and seems like and best epi.

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