Ishq-Vishq and all that…… (episode 5)


Ishq-Vishq and All That… 5
Dhaani strolled through the college as her eyes fell upon a well built man, she looks for a second and goes upto him and gives a quick hug and smiles. But the man gives a cold bitter smile and pushes her away. Dhaani is shocked by his behavior and he shouts oh so this is a new way you girls trap rich men………. Dhaani blinks back her tears and looks in disbelief. He keeps ranting how rich he is, here dhaani remembers her dad’s words “Don’t bow down to the wrong”

Dhaani claps and tells superb lies you have spoken talented liar I see. You thik you have style the dust on my shoe has more style and u call yourself handsome…….. Don’t disgrace that word, monkeys look soo cute in front of you, Mr. Orangutan…….. Viplav who witnesses all this is shocked and happy that dhaani had so much guts and smiles to himself. Here he feels a bit awkward as he can only think about her and dhaani is raging in anger and piya to cool her down takes ice cubes and puts it in her dress and roars out in laughter and dhaani gives her death glares. Viplav enters and sees her angry and says return of the ghost part 1, scene 2…. ACTION…….. Dhaani runs behind piya and piya rns around the college screaming….. Daayan is behind me. Dhaani pushes piya into the pool and jumps into it her self….. They have a merry time and sameer (1st incident-Hug wala drama) looks on with anger and bitter feelings(this will be revealed later)……………………

Dhaani decides to shift with piya in the hostel she goes home to tell the same dulaari get’s tensed but later agrees…… She gets emotional thinking that her daughter has grown old enough to live by herself, dhaani jokes that if she finds any problem she will come back and asks her not to get too happy and all of them laugh…..

Weeks later
(Not much has happened….. Sameer and viplav shift to the boy’s hostel)
Dhaani is lazing around when five to six girls come in and start yelling and squealing in happiness she closes her years and screams this in not an dharna ground so plz shut up!!!!
 They show her a picture of the annual prom and dhaani plasters a fake smile and acts along.
Dhaani’s POV
Oh no! the annual prom who shall I go with. I hate it all the boys will be booked and there is no way I am going to dance. Not at all…… Piya found a Bf so she is notgoing to accompany me in the odd group today….. What to do oh god life problems….
Here Dhaani gets ready with an heavy heart and moves along…… The host announces that there will be slight change, he said looking all guilty and happy all at once. The chits were rolled out and picked at random and there was tension in the air. Dhaani’s name came up with viplav (as expected) she gets glad and viplav is vry happy. Hey all get there partner’s they all dance but the magic was set by our vidha.
Dhaani is wearing a net peacock blue and light green gown. (this gown for imagination)
And viplav is wearing a sharp black tuxedo….. for imagination)
They dance gracefully and also in a smooth manner lost in each other’s eyes and also in their sweet world…. It was just magical as they moved around and all looked with awe at this couple. The choir of claps snapped them of as they parted away they were remembering and cherishing the moment they had spent together……….

They all join in for dinner, surprisingly our viplav and dhaani sit together it is quiet odd for them as they eyes wanted to meet but their brain just did not agree. As they talked, talked and talked many praised them for their dance they passed on awkward glances and all got over in a flash and they went to their rooms……. Dhaani quickly changed and dived into her bed she felt nice not having to walk on heels and her body was in dire need of rest as she slowly closed her eyes each moment flashed on and on…….

The next day as she got ready for college she was reminded by piya that it was a Sunday. She tapped on her head and thought what would have happened to her if she is so foolish and lets out a giggle…… Piya asks her the dream world she is lost in and lets out a sigh……

Viplav is peacefully sleeping as his friends who are the other name for terror come up to him so close and start to act…..
Oh! Hello dhaani what a pleasant surprise and giggle….. Oh! You came to meet viplav, but he is asleep…. Ok bye don’t worry we will tell him….
Hearing this conversation he quickly wakes up and looks about, they burst into a roar of laughter and viplav amidst them totally confused…….

Precap: hostel room fun………

Credit to: Ahana

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  1. Ahana u r quiet a good writer try to continue ur efforts. Keep it up

    1. Thank u

  2. awesome yarr…… keep rocking…… feels good to read such a good story

    1. Thank u…… keep commenting

  3. Ahana it’s wonderful specially the last scene

    1. Thank u princess

  4. Superb! Enjoyed today’s episode.

    1. Thank u soooo much dear

  5. Ahana very nice dear. Keep updating.. waiting for it

    1. Yes I willl thank u

  6. Super ahana

  7. I loved your way of imagination;-) keep it up

    1. Thank u soo much……… it means a lot to me…… 🙂 🙂

  8. Hahahahaha.super cute vidha scenes and this is that clg life is called.full fun,romance and romance.just loved it.

    1. Thank u saru…….

  9. Hello dear Ahana! For me the 1st part is little confusing. From where suddenly that dude called sameer came??? & Dhani hugged him!! Sorry!!cud not understand?.plz clear the doubts if possible.I may sound annoying but I didn’t mean to hurt u. Still sorry if I hurt u.
    But the best part is the last scene. It was the real tadka of the episode.

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