Ishq-Vishq and all that…… (episode 3)

Ishq-Vishq and All That… 3
The episode starts with dhaani walking back home and the masked person comes and speaks to her and it is Tania (short cameo, that to only in this epi) she readily agrees and goes and sits with the person. Here shalu decides to make dhaani work her way to forgiveness and smirks. Dhaani comes there and shalu gives her a list and asks her to get started she tells her to work hard and talks to her sweetly. Dhaani being innocent agrees.

Dhaani begins to work and she is busy with many things, she is running from here to there daadi sees this and thanks her for working so hard for viplav and blesses her. Kanak also thanks her and dhaani returns to her work. Here shalu goes to meet zain.
Sha: Hi! Zain actually I came here to meet you and ask sorry for the other day.
Za: its ok, what the hell dhaani is not answering my calls. What is her problem huh?
Sha: Oh! Dhaani she is busy planning a surprise for viplav bhaiyya.
Za: oh god all she can think about is viplav.
Sha: (getting closer) Yes you are right actually I got a plan why don’t we go in the party together she will be jealous and she will accept her love for you.
Za: (thinks a bit) that’s a deal see you at the party.

Dhaani calls piya and asks her to keep viplav busy till she calls her to bring him. She agrees and thinks now that’s a challenge she goes to viplav and takes him for shopping. She is going to every shop and takes about an hour in every shop but does not like anything…. Later when she goes to pay but pretends to loose her card she acts to search it. Annoyed viplav pays the money and takes her hand and says lets go. She goes to the middle of the mall and starts to dance on buddhu sa man and viplav hits his head she drags him and they start to dance.

Dhaani asks piya to come in an hour or so, daadi asks dhaani to get ready but she is about to refuse but kanak insists her to do so, she agrees. Viplav and piya comes after an hour and the lights are off. When viplav manages to make it to the centre of the hall the lights come on and everyone shouts happy birthday. Viplav smiles and thanks all of them, kanak asks him to tell this to dhaani as all this was done by her, he smiles.

He searches for dhaani and asks her thank you here shalu and zain come in and dhaani tells viplav normal humans change dresses; zain changes his like in girls. Uff what an idiot, Viplav smirks. Dhaani gets busy in talking to the guest’s. Tania plans to hurt dhaani and drops a glass dhaani goes to pick it up and gets hurt. Viplav sees this and goes to help her but piya ends up helping her.

There is a couple dance zain and shalu start to dance on jeena jeena. Dhaani comes there and smiles hopelessly, Viplav asks her hand for dance and they have a sizzling dance on sun sathiya and have a intense eyelock but they part away when they hear the claps. They look at each other awkwardly and dhaani walks away while viplav looks on. They go to cut the cake viplav comes to feed it to dhaani Tania comes in the middle and eats the cake and asks dhaani to get some juice for the birthday boy and smiles. She hugs her and hugs him, Piya thinks to herself kabab mein haddi and fumes.

Piya comes to dhaani and says kya dance tha so romantic and smiles dhaani tells her to not talk nonsense and goes away. Zain comes to dhaani and she tells why don’t you go to Shalini zain she is missing you. Zain when my beautiful doll is here where else should I go. Oh! Where is that beautiful doll saying so she walks away.

PRECAP: Lots of masti and golmaal…….

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  1. Good one…..keep going ….. Shaalu …..getting on my nerves

    1. ahana (eisha)

      Thank you dear

  2. Ahana,super cute romantic epi.that Zain is irritating and yaar why did u made our poor Shalu a baddy.anyways i am loving her new face also.all the best.

    1. ahana (eisha)

      Thank you…. keep reading..

  3. nice ahana, waiting for next episode

    1. ahana (eisha)

      Thank you

  4. Nice ahana

    1. ahana (eisha)

      Keep reading many more twists to come

  5. Very nice ahana

    1. ahana (eisha)

      Thank you dear……..

  6. Superb ahana

    1. ahana (eisha)

      Thank you princess

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