Ishq-Vishq and all that…… (episode 2)


Ishq-Vishq and All That… 2
The episode starts with all the three coming to the college, the principle comes and announces that there will be a quiz competition but it must have three members. Piya has a bright smile but dhaani walks away so she just goes and gives her, viplav and dhaani’s name. She wants inform her but she could not and the announcement is made dhaani hears that and gives a death glare to piya but viplav smiles.

Piya’s team is doing amazing but there is a tie-breaker question and both viplav and dhaani both start fighting for the buzzer and accidently presses the buzzer and dhaani blurts out the answer. Viplav and piya are shocked and the host tells them that there answer is correct and they win, they do a group hug and then separate. They are called on stage and given the award. All three come to celebrate in a hotel and have some fun time they all go home.

Dulaari and arun are really happy and there is a cute family moment. Here at viplav’s house shalu is staring at zain’s photo and speaks to his photo and thinks.
Sh: OH MY GOD zain you are so hot, but you are in love with that ugly dhaani. Why? Why? AM I NOT GOOD LOOKING saying so she decides to join the same college to woo zain and smiles.

Shalini comes to the college and she is wearing with color dress. All the boys are staring at her but she ignores them she comes to the cafeteria, where zain is flirting with dhaani. She comes in and tries to woo him but he just pushes her viplav comes and holds her he asks shalu to behave but she just walks away. She goes to a alone place and screams IHATE YOU DHAANI HOW CAN YOU STEAL MY LOVE YOU NEED TO SUFFER NOW. SUFFER, saying so she laughs and walks away.

She gives dhaani’s photo to a masked person and tells my enemy, you know what to do. Just do it properly and you will get your reward. The masked person agrees and walks away.

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  1. Go on Ahana……

    1. thanks yaar sujie, did you like the cover pic??

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  2. Ahana first of all ur cover pic is superb and today’s episode also. But plz try to make it longer

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  5. Achha tha but ha ha ha..yeh shalu kahan se agayi? Keep writing.

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