Ishq-Vishq and all that…… (episode 12)


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The talking mirror: Destroyer of all by Am
You are my ki and I am your ka by louella
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Dhaani and viplav qualify the interview and they are assigned their work and they go to their cabin and dhaani sees a couple how bossy the girlfriend is she smiles and says I am so sweet Na? And she smiles. He laughs and tells jhoot bolo toh dang se bolo (If u r telling lies tell a proper one) She frowns and says if I became typical GF tumhari kher nahin. He tells accha(ohh). Challenge you be typical GF and I will be bechara sa dedicated BF ok……..

Viplav is working dhaani calls him and tells Janu, Plz bring me some tea and I want it to be black and two spoons sugar and bring dairy whitener along ok…….LOVE U!!!!!!
Viplav tells ok and thinks yeh bolti janu aur kam deti hein moth wala (She tells me janu but gives work as good as death) Meh joh kam nahi karta choro ke gullam ban gaya(Can’t translate) Bada sheher ban raha tha ab ban chuha chuhiya ke saamne……….
He brings dhaani’s special chai and she drinks it and smiles and tells u could have bought biscuits and frowns……Viplav goes away. But someone sees all this and feels fishy and thinks what new drama….. This is Zain viplav’s junior (Good he was overacting so this is his punishment) Viplav gives her the buiscets and then she tells I have headache and he starts to massage her head and thinks ( When will your neck ache I will massage that also) Viplav goes away as he gets some work.

Zain comes in and shows some designs and tries to come closer to her she feels uncomfortable and she tries to move away viplav and his boss and they see Zain’s acts viplav gets angry but boss stops him and goes in dhaani quickly stands up and greets him. They notice tears in her eyes viplav goes next to her and holds her hand and consoles her. The boss comes in and slaps zain and tells you r my son you shameless boy and says I put u under viplav so that u could learn from him but you r so shameless that u tried to come close to her………….

Dhaani hugs viplav and tells Janu gol gappa khane ka man kar raha hein (Janu I wish to eat gol gappa) She smiles and he tells ji maharani saiba. App chaloge ya doli mangwaun.(Yes my queen. Will u walk or shall I bring a palanquin. She smiles and tells I will walk as I am very adjusting and they both smile……. Vidha have gol gappa. They get back to their work and have a few meetings and go back home……

Precap : Viplav family masti, vidh nhok jhok jane ka khatra………..

Sorry for short update but I will post an OS to make it up…. Lots of love from aharu (Ahana and aaru)

Credit to: Ahana and aaru

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  1. Good anna n aru.

    1. Thank u di….

  2. good one ahana……keep rocking….. loved imagining the word JAANU…..

    1. Sorry sujie I forgot to mention ir ff………so so so sorry……. All of u hoshiyar khabardar………. Sujie ka awesome ff This is love……..sorry once again……plz plz forgive me dear…..feeling very guilty

      1. Its okay Ahana… glad that you like it ……. hota hai kabhi kabhi …no need to feel guilty

      2. Thank u thank u thank u soooo much….actually it was a big lump in my throat that I forgot ur ff………. thnks for forgiving me…….

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my and my ffs name, and the episode was too good, loved your hindi dialogues, keep going ahana and arru..

    1. And yes you forgot to mention sujie’s ff This is love.. That is also superb

    2. It’s ok…..yes we did.realise it thank for the compliement…….. sry sujie

  4. Ahana di and aaru di u both write so beautifully. So good HindI dialogues. And thank u very much for mentioning my ffs name. But u didn’t mention sujie’s ff this is love. It’s superb.

    1. Yes…we realised it now…..thank u dear………sry sujie…….. 🙁

      1. its okay ahana….. don’t say sorry …

  5. aharu ( ahana+aaru) nicely going keep it up friends

    1. Thank u Dr. Sweety…….

  6. Episode was too good again!
    Best thing is zain is junior! ??
    And yeah, thanks for appreciating and supporting other fan fictions too! ?

    1. Thank u….actually I love all the fan fics..

  7. ahana and aaru super dear
    and thanks for supporting other ffs
    all ffs based on ikrs are superb
    i must say one thing ur cover pic is so cute is that your editing?????
    are u in fb? is your name Ahana Roy?

    1. Thank u Viplav…….
      The cover pic is from fb and twitter…….can’t remeber
      My name in fb is ahana nidhi sharma dear….. what is your name…….. 🙂

  8. thanks for giving my ff’s advertisement 😛 😛 😛 ..jokes apart ….good episode … keep it up ..and sorry for the so much late comment 😛

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