Ishq-Vishq and all that…… (episode 1)

Ishq Vishq and All That…Episode1
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The episode starts with dhaani getting ready she is wearing a purple and orange suit for college…
Dhaani: Bye ma! I am already late.
Dulaari: Bye beta. Take care…
She reaches the college she dashes viplav and coffee falls on her…..
Dha: What the hell!! Do you have eyes or buttons set up? Now a days people where such fat glasses yet they act like foolish people… huh
Vip: Oh Madam tum theek san a chalo or dusro ko daato yeh toh wahi bath hein “ulta chor kotwal ko daatein”
Dhaani: now wat do I do I thought I will make amazing first impression but you spoiled my plans….
Saying so dhaani makes a sad face..
Viplav asks her sorry and goes to class. Dhaani come in and sees two empty seats one near zain and one next to viplav she sits next to viplav and this irks zain a lot.

After class
Zain pins dhaani to the wall this hurts her a lot and tears roll down from her eyes and viplav sees this and asks zain to control as dhaani is not somebody’s doll and she can sit with anyone. This angers him and he leaves. Dhaani thanks viplav but he walks away.
Dhaani comes back home and has a chat with dulaari she tells her that zain is too possessive. She finishes her dinner and goes to her room zain is standing there and he asks her sorry in a filmi style and she accepts him and asks him to leave she then later changes into shorts and a T-shirt and goes to sleep.

Piya and viplav decide to surprise dhaani, Piya knocks on the door and viplav hides behind the pillar. Dhaani in still sleeping but wakes up and opens the door, piya wishes her gud morning and viplav jumps in front of her to wish her. He later sees her in shorts and eyes her lovingly, dhaani realizes this and hids behind the door and shuts the door on their face and goes to change.

Precap : Quiz competition. Lot of drama……………..

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  1. sharanya rajkumar

    good keep it up ahana

  2. Full fun episode.dhani in shorts is a watchworthy scene.i just imagined the scene in which viplav saw dhani in so cute.

    1. Keep reading 🙂 🙂

  3. nice intro and superb episode, and go on. all the best for your future episodes ahana.

    1. Thank you…. 🙂

  4. Very good keep writing

    1. Thanks for the support

  5. Ha ha ha ..the last scene was funny & cute. Viplav saw dhani in short dress..lagta hai when viplav saw dhani 1st time in blue dress vipu ke Mann me ladoo phoota & again after seeing her in shorts uske Mann me aur ek ladoo phoota. Nice & cute one ahana.

    1. Thank you keep reading

  6. Ahab superb episode. Just imagining dhaani in shorts

    1. ahana (eisha)

      Thank you dear 🙂

  7. Thank you all for reading it…….

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