Ishq Vishq (Chap-3) Kanchi ff by ArpitaKrish


Previously in Ishq Vishq…….Kabir again met Sanchi as her guest. Kabir behaved rude with Sanchi. Sanchi took revenge by her childish act. Later they patched up. Lets move for next.

“Sanchi, I have listened that Filmmaker Kabir Kapoor is staying in your house? Is this true?” Isha, Sanchi’s friend asked.
“Yeah. How do you know?” Sanchi asked.
Both was at Isha’s place.
“He is a filmmaker. People die to work with him. Everyone know him. He is such a handsome hunk. I am just flat” Isha blushed.
“Everyone know?” Sanchi thought and said about her 1st meeting with Kabir.
Isha started laughing.
“Really Sanchi? You did not recognise him. You fought with him”
“Please stop. I was angry that time and we met in hurry that’s why we fought. I mean….. argued.” Sanchi felt embarrassing that she fought with a famous superstar.
After sometimes, Isha raised.
“Sanchi, You want to be an actress. Don’t you think you should talk to Kabir Kapoor. Such a famous filmmaker is at your place and you are not putting any effort” Isha suggested.
“Not now….. 1st I will talk to Dad about it then… ” Sanchi denied.
Isha nods. There was the pin drop silence everywhere. Isha broked “Sanchi, I want to meet Kabir Sir. Just make me meet once. Please…..” Isha requested.
Sanchi agreed, after all it was the request of her best friend.
After half an hour they reached at Sanchi’s place. After parking their cycles they entered inside. It was evening. Kabir has come by then.
“Isha, this is the room. You go. I am coming with some snacks and tea” Sanchi said indicating Isha.
Isha hesitantly knocked. Kabir was showing his back. He welcomed thinking her to be Sanchi. As he turned, Isha became flat seeing her crush.
“Exuse me?” Kabir was unaware about her.
“Hi, I am Isha. Sanchi’s best friend” She composed herself and shakes her hand.
“Oh” He smiled usually.
Just then Sanchi came with tray.
“Sorry, I didn’t inform you about our arrival” Sanchi said keeping the tray.
“It’s alright” Kabir smiled.  After then they started talking. Isha asked Kabir about his films. He gave answers with elegant smile on his face. In between their chit-chat sometimes they do laugh. Isha was disliking Kanchi’s bond. Actually Isha was obsessed with Kabir. Kanchi had a eye lock at one point. Seeing this she deliberately made the tray fall to grab their attention.
“Sorry” She pretended.
“It’s okay” Sanchi took the tray and went out of room excusing them.
Kabir went towards his covered. Isha went to him and put her hand on one of his shoulders. He turned.
Isha had lost her sense. She started pulling his collar to kiss him.
“What are you doing? Behave yourself, Isha” He was trying to resist.
“I really love you Kabir” She blurted like a obsessed.
To defend himself, he pushed her. Unfortunately his leg slipped and in result, he fell on her.
“Kabir” Sanchi screamed angrily, who has just arrived.
Kabir got up. Isha started crying. She became scared seeing Sanchi. She hugged Sanchi.
“Sanchi, he was trying to…..” She lied.
“No…. She is lying” Kabir said in his offense.
“Don’t worry” She believed Isha. after all she was her best friend. “Let’s go. I will drop you” Sanchi glared at Kabir.
“No, I will go by myself” Isha ran away.
Sanchi came to Kabir.
“You showed your true face” Sanchi shouted.
“I should not have trusted you, blo*dy bastard” She held his collar.
“I am saying, I did not do anything. You don’t have any right to accuse me.” He pushed her angrily.
“So my eyes are lying to me. Just stay away. I have lost my one friend” a drop of tear fell from the corner of her eyes.
She came out of room.
“Believe me Sanchi, I did not do anything” Kabir messed up the things shouting. He was just remembering their moments.
Sanchi went at Isha’s place to meet her.
“I did a mistake. I had accused Kabir (Isha accepted her deed at the phone call, she had made to their another common friend)” Sanchi had listened the conversation, who has just reached. Floor slipped under her feet.
“Isha” Sanchi called. Isha became shocked seeing Sanchi.
“I am sorry. I had lost my sense. Seeing you, I became scared, that’s why I lied. Please Sanchi……” Isha started weeping.
“It’s okay but you did not do right. I am forgiving you because you have accepted your crime. It’s my 1st and last forgiveness” Sanchi warned.
Isha nodded. Sanchi came out of there.
“What did I do? I will ask sorry. I hope he will forgive me.” Sanchi felt bad.
She reached at her home. She found her mom at the entrance.
“Kabir went back because of some important work” Her mom informed.
Sanchi nodded and came to Kabir’s room.  “I should have trust you. I am sorry Kabir” She broke down remembering their moments.
“Sanchi” Sunil shouted.
Sanchi went downstairs wiping her tears.
“This is your application form. You are going USA for your higher studies” Sunil exclaimed.
Sanchi looked at Sunil. She was clueless.

To be continued……

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