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Ishq Unplugged 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy and Antara wait on highway until their jeep gets repaired. Antara asks if they will perform in these clothes. He says don’t know. She says if they perform in these clothes, they will lose, they have to do something. Mandy asks jeep driver if he can get a taxi. Driver says today is taxi strike. Antara starts fighting with him.

Contest starts. Shaan’s turn comes. Button tells Charulatha that he has shifted Antara’s name last. Charulatha thanks him. Everyone clap after Shaan’s performance. Sunny’s performs next. Jugde says next is Mandy and if he is not here, they will call Antara. She calls Antara and then says Antara creates controversary always, so they have to prove that they are not biased with other contestants and show that they will

not let India’s #1 singer’s daughter throw tantrum. Charulatha comes on stage. Judge announces break. Another judge asks what happened to Antara. Charulatha’s rival starts… Judge says if reason is genuine, they should consider. Charulatha says there is a small problem. Judge asks all contestants to go to to green room and wait and asks Button not to let anyone in.

In green room, Babli says Antara’s mom called and asks if Antara is with her, she said no. She is sure Antara is with Mandy. Sunny says she heard Antara’s voice when she called Mandy. Shaan gets tensed that Antara must have informed Mandy. Someone asks if Mandy and Antara are couple. Sunny starts yelling and says Mandy is her partner and takes his side. She starts fighting with Shaan. Bunty says there is something going on between them.

Charu says judges that Antara is unwell. Her rival Abhilasha says this excuse will not work and they cannot spare anyone like this. Another judge says what about Mandy. Charu says in her whole career she did not give excuse of sore throat or mild fever, she will ask Antara to sing even if she has fever or sore throat. Judge says he agrees with Charu, she did not stop recording even on her husband’s death. Charu thinks if Antar will come or not.

Mandy and Antara reaches Mumbai and asks auto driver to take them to India star duo venue in 30 min and they will pay double. Driver says nobody can take them in 30 min and gets them in.

Contest restarts. Host says 2 contestants are missing and looking at Antara’s illness, they can spare her but not Mandy. Sunny thinnks Charu saved her daughter, but pushed Mandy out. Host says they will wait for Antara, but Mandy unfortunately will be dis….Mandy rushes in with Antara and says he is here…Judge asks Antara how is she feeling now, if she can perform. Mandy says sure they will perform. Shaan feels jealous that Antara is back. Charu says Antara will perform first as she is trained under her. Mandy asks if he can perform first. Abhilasha says he can perform, but where was he. He says he was with Antara. She says because of Angtara, he would have been disqualified. Charu fears that truth will be out because of Abhilasha. Mandy says even Antara would have helped him as friend if he was ill, except one couple everyone will be disqualified and fearing that, they cannot ignore their friends. Judge praises his thinking. Charu says Antara will get ready till Mandy performs.

Antara in green room fears thinking how her mom will react. Charu comes in and asks where was she. Antara tells her whole story. Charu angrily leaves.

Precap: Host tells that Mandy proposed Antara. They both get a shock. Antara reads Charu’s note that her bag is in car and she should reach home quickly.

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