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Ishq Unplugged 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara’s performance starts and she confidently sings Naye naye naina dhunde hain darbadar kyun tujhe…mai pareshan….song..Mandy enjoys song while Shaan gets jealous. Judges also get impressed. After her performance, everyone clap for her. Mandy jumps in happiness. Dabboo first says giving less than 10 for this performance is crime. Another judge also gives 10. Abhilasha helplessly gives 10. Everyone clap. Daboo says Antara is safe. Judge says someone else also is coming back and calls Bhoomi and Sunny. Shaan gets jealous that Sunny did not inform him at all. Judge says whoever wins between 2 will stay back.

Shaan goes to Sunny’s green room and asks what is her plan and he wants to know about it right now. Mandy enters and orders Shaan to get out as he needs

to talk to his friend. Judge calls Sunny on stage. Sunny hugs Mandy and leaves. After performance, Sunny is taken back. Mandy goes and hugs Sunny and says he is very happy to see her back and asks why did not she call him all these days. She asks she is asking same. He leaves her and says sorry. She says he can hug her and she will not propose him this time. Bunty also apologizes Antara and she says it is okay.

Sunny and Antara happily hug each other. Mandy takes their pic. Sunny listens to music at night in corridor. Shaan comes and asks what is her plan, he can help her. She says she came via wild card entry and she does not need his help. She goes to room and sees Mandy dorning bedsheet on Antara. Shaan comes and tries to brainwash her again, but she ignores him. Antara wakes up and thinks she cannot ignore Mandy and cannot even disobey aayi, goes back to bed.

In the morning, Mandy sees note on floor reading check youtube. He sees his guitar video on youtube and gets happy that he became star. Antara watches him from a distance and smiles. Simmi video calls Mandy and says bhai you became a star and mom has gone to show his video to whole locality.

Judges gather all contestants. Mandy comes late and apologizes. Daboo explains that next round will be different and they will be judged on how they get involved in their song, they need to select their costumes, props, etc. Shaan asks what kind of song it is. Judge says can be anything and asks them to use their resources of art director, etc and get ready for the performance.

Mandy shows his youtube video to Sunny and then Button records his guitar lesson and says viewers to contact him on his number. After recording, he thanks Sunny for giving this idea. Antara watches hiding behind door and smiles.

Antara comes to dormitory and says hi to Sunny. Sunny asks if she decided her song. Antara says not yet, she will contact her aayi and decide. Bunty comes and starts playing with them. Shaan comes and starts that Antara uses her cards carefully and ditches people. Sunny asks Bunty to ignore Shaan. Mandy comes running and falls down with Antara. Instead of getting her up, he tells Sunny that he got his first student and thanks her. GHe sees via mirror Antara smiling.

Precap: Antara drops paint by mistake. Mandy points it, but Antara asks him to leave. Antara says Sunny she wants to win and make her aayi happy. Sunny asks to think about Mandy’s friendship. Antara says she does not want to talk about it. Charu says she wants to show all contestants who they are competing with.

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