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Ishq Unplugged 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babli goes shopping with Sunny and holds many bags. Sunny asks howmuch she will shop. Babli asks where Antara and Mandy must have gone. Sunny thinks Many must be with Antara and calls Mandy. Antara cries thinking her mom will not forgive her. She touches Mandy’s phone by mistake while getting out and call gets on. Mandy asks her what happened. Sunny hears her voice and is shocked that she is with Mandy. Babli sees Bunty with some girl and snatches Sunny’s phone and walks towards Bunty yelling.

Mandy asks organizer to give cheque. Organizer warns to perform, else he will expose them in a minute. Mandy smiles and looks at weird boy. Weird boy comes and stands folding his hands. Mandy says he is journalist and will expose his fake competition. He shows competition clause

that organizer can decide to give 15 lakhs or not and asks to record. Boy picks his mobile to record. Organizer laughs that he is a sadak chaap reporter. Boy says has 7 years of experience in journalism and will expose him. Mandy asks him to give money or he will be exposed. Organizer says he will give them cash tomorrow, but they should perform today. Antara says he can give cheque and if it bounces, he can be dragged to court. Organizer sees boy’s alcohol bottle and says he is fraud and will be exposed. Mandy says he has recorded his lies on mobile and will expose him if he does not give money. Organizer agrees and returns money. Antara asks Mandy when did he record. He says he lies.

Mandy with Antara walks out of competetion venue laughing and asks how did she get his mom’s number. She says she got his landline number before coming to Goa, his dad picked call and then she spoke to his sister Simran, she told you both are very close. He says yes. They both become friends and taunt each other.

They go to restaurant and Antara gets busy booking flight tickets. Mandy records her emotions. She asks to stop. He sees her booking business class and says he is not Charulatha mansion’s princess to travel in business class and asks her to book economy class. She says okay and asks him to stop eating his brain and let her order food now. He says food is better than her brain and packs his bag. Antara orders sea food. Mandy orders butter chicken. Waiter taunts that he should have gone to Delhi or Punjab to order butter chicken. Antara says Goa has only sea food. He says he is from Delhi and does not have sea there. Another customer orders fish fry and special drinks. Antara says let us finish food fast and rush to airport. Waiter brings crab and asks if she ordered these. Mandy panicks seeing crab. Antara laughs on him. He asks waiter if they have something eatable which does not crawl. Waiter asks pasta…Mandy says yes and tells Antara it is better than her crawling food. She asks him to try once. He agrees. Waiter gives them special drinks by mistake and fish fry of another customer. Mandy panicks and runs to washroom.

Charulatha’s assistant informs her that Antara booked single ticket to Goa and booked 2 return tickets. Charulatha thinks if she is with Mandy. She calls Mandy. Antara sees that and thinks why is mom calling Mandy. She bites chillies by mistake and drinks special juice. She then starts feeling dizzy. Mandy comes back and orders extra juice. Customer asks waiter where is his juice. Waiter says he did a mistake and goes to bring another one. Antara feels drowsy.

Precap: Charulatha asks assistant if Antara took yesterday’s flight, then where is she. Organizer calls Charulatha and asks where is Antara, all contestants have come except she. She says Antara will not come. Antara and Mandy travel in jeep and jeep breaks down.

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