Ishq Unplugged 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Unplugged 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy scribbles lines on paper to Antara that love is a feeling which is speechless, etc…Antara picks letter and thinks who wrote these incomplete lines. He reminisces Antaa picking letter, etc. Antara comes and says he is the one writes lines on paper. He says he found this paper here, so was sribbling. She continues and he confronts. She says it is okay. He says they were partners and rocked here, everyone were jealous of them, but now theya re fighting. She says she does not want to talk about it. He says now everyone is eliminated except him and her and he does not consider Shaan as competitor, she should get out of her mom’s pressure and rock again. She gets angry hearing this. Mandy realizes it was just his dream. He goes to Antara’s bed and wakes her up. She wakes

up and asks him not to touchher, else she will complain. He shouts what complaint. Everyone wake up and Shaan says he will complain that he is not letting him sleep. Mandy shouts Shaan and Antara are perfect partners, let them go to hell..

In the morning, judges explain contestants about new round and its rules that each contestant will select song for other contestant. Shaan says he will select song for Antara. Dabboo says they will decide it and says Shaan wil select song for Mandy, Mandy for Antara, Antara for Bunty, and so on. They leave saying best of luck. Shaan asks Bunty let us go for a coffee. Mandy stops him and asks to give his song firs.t Shaan gives him song chit. Antara comes, but backs seeing Mandy. He stops her and gives song chit. Sunny calls Antara, but Mandy disconnects it and with his usual dialogues says he does not her to ignore him when he speaks. Sunny then calls Mandy, and Antara disconnects call. Sunny in her home thinks they must be busy in rehearsals.

Shaan brainwashes Bunty that they should trick and get Mandy eliminated. Antara comes and they both get tensed. She asks what is happening. Shaan says nothing important. Antara says she is speaking to Bunty and asks if he found paper which he scribbled on for Babli. He says no. She leaves. Shaan relaxes that she did not hear their conversation.

Competition starts. Charu comes and takes seat. Judge calls Mandy to sing song selected by Shaan. Mandy comes on stage. Shaan says Mandy sings rock songs and now he will go home crying. Mandy sings Abhi kuch aisi lagan is lamhe hai….song…Antara in green room hears it and gets emotional and reminisces their friendship and fights. Mandy also reminisces same and continues singing. Everyone clap for him after he finishes. Dabboo praises him that he proved that he is a versatile singer. Other judges also praise him. Shaan fumes. Antara is called on stage. Antara comes on stage. Mandy thinks she will be today’s show stopper.

Precap: Mandy gives his 1 vote to Antara and another to Bunty. Bunty gives both votes to Shaan. Judge says Antara it is her turn now. Antara angrily looks at Mandy.

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