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Ishq Unplugged 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy locks Antara in a room and goes on stage. Weird boy opens door and falls down when she pushes door. He asks where did her boyfriend go. She says stage. He says every person has a weakness like his is alcohol, she needs to find out Mandy’s weakness. Antara does video call to Mandy’s mom and gives phone to Mandy. Mandy asks her how did she come out. Mom scolds Mandy for leaving India star duo for money and says one cannot become star overnight and has to earn stardom, else she will be ashamed of him, he should make her pround. Organizer hears their conversation and orders Mandy to go on stage. Mandy says he cannot as he has contract with India star duo and leaves from there with Antara.

Babli enjoys ice cream with Sunny and says how can Bunty do this to her, why

did not she call him. Phone rings. Charu latha speaks and says she needs to talk to Antara. Babli says Antara is not with her and asks if she escaped. Charulatha disconnects call. Sunny asks what hapened. Babli says Antara eloped. Sunny says what nonsense. Babli says she must be with Shaan or Mandy. Sunny says Mandy is in Pune with her relatives. She calls Mandy and asks with whom she is. Mandy says he cannot hear her and disconnects call. He tells Antara that let us leave from here before word spreads at India star duo. He says he did it for money and she won’t understand it as she is star Charulatha’s daughter. Antara says Charulatha’s mother was not star, she started from a scratch and even he should. She says those times are different. She says they have a platform at least, those days one had to start from scratch. He says how will he win now. She says she will be his partner. He asks if she will for him. She says for the sake of music.

Organizer comes with participants and warns Mandy to go back on stage, else he will spread news that Charulatha’s daughter performed in Goa. Mandy says he does not care. Antara says it will be her mom’s insult. Mandy tells participants that organizer is a fraud and will not give money. They say they don’t have option and walk in with organizer.

Charulatha’s driver apologizes and says he left Antara at airport. She asks if he has gone mad.. Antara cries and tells Mandy that Aayi will be dragged in and she will not forgive her. Mandy says this happened because of him and he will not let her down and asks how did she get to know about this competition. She says Shaan told her and when she checked website, she read a clause that organizer has right to pay or reject 15 lakhs. He asks her to show that clause. She says her phone is switched off and when she switches on phone, she finds Charulatha’s 9 message. Mandy picks his laptop and asks Antara not to cry, he will not let anything wrong, he will never forgive himself if she is sacked.

Weird boy asks girls if they saw a girl who ran from Bombay to Goa, who took boy from stage. Girls leave. Mandy hears his conversation and asks why is he asking about Antara, he will smash his face. Boy says he brought Antara from airport, returned her wallet, brought her here, and even got her out of room. Mandy happily hugs him and says god stopped making pieces like him and asks him to break one more lock. Boy ignores and leaves. Mandy thinks he has to save Antara at any cost.

Precap: Mandy asks organizer to give cheque before performance. Organizer warns to perform, else he will expose him and Antara.

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