Ishq Unplugged 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Unplugged 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara hides behind tree seeing a weird looking man. Mandy looks at his performance costume. His friend says after 2 hours, it is show time. Antara picks stick and asks weird boy why is he following her, she knows karate and judo and has informed police. He gives herwallet and says she dropped it. She apologizes. He says it is okay. She shows Mandy’s contest pamphlet and asks him where is this place.

Mandy looks at Antara’s SMS and thinks why is he confused, he should concentrate. He fixes contestant number sticker on his T-shirt and leaves.

Antara’s mother calls her and her phone is switched off. She hears voiceover in Konkani and realizes Antara is out of Mumbai.

Antara reaches contest venue, but guard does not let her in without pass. Weird man tries

to steal pass for her, but she stops him. He comments if she thinks someone will give her pass if she asks. Antara says she will try. Mandy gets SMS again. Antara comes back with pass and says boy let us go in. He asks if she got it so easily. Antara says honest has a lot of value. Contest starts. Mandy comes on stage. Everyone chant Mandy Mandy.. Antara silently passes all viewers and takes Mandy from stage. Mandy is shocked to see her and asks what is she doing here. She says she cannot do this and came to save him. He asks from whom. Organizer comes and asks what nonsense is this, why is his India star duo partner doing here. Mandy says he broke up with her, so she came following him, he will perform and public will remeber his performance. She throws juice on him and says he will not perform. Mandy says he will perform at any cost and asks organizer to give him 5 min to change. Organizer permits and he rushes.

Antara tells Mandy that she will not give him constume and let him ruin his career. She continues that she did not inform her aayi and came here, Aayi will kill her if she finds out. He asks her to give his costume, else he will remove clothes. She says no. He says he is getting 15 lakhs for partcipation and 1 crore for winning. She says it is a fake competition. He removes his clothes and says says his father is not dumb and stole money from his parents. She says what.. He snatches T-shirt and wears it. She asks why is he ruining his life here. She says singing is his dream and passion and he should not go wrong way. He pushes her and leaves locking her in a room.

Antara’s mother calls Patton and asks him to give Bunty and Babli’s numbers. He says Antara is with them. She asks to give numbers. He says okay. She thinks why is she getting konkani message, if Antara is in Goa. Antara tries to open door.

Precap: Organizer threatens Mandy and Antara that he will get them disqualified from India start duo competition.

Update Credit to: MA

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