Ishq Unplugged 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Unplugged 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara finds letter under someone’s bed and sees 2 more lines added, thinks who must have written them. Sunny comes and Antara says let us go. Mandy comes and says Sunny that he will talk to her from today, will explain what will be their next strategy. Sunny gets happy and Antara sad. Shaan watches that and thinks they patched up.

Judges gather contestants and says crowd will judge them and if crows woos them they lose and if crowd applauds them, they win. Dabboo asks Button to give each team their specific color band. Button distributes band. Judges leaves wishing htem best of luck. Mandy’s band falls down. Shaan steps on it, picks and apologizes that he did not do it purposefully. Mandy confronts him and scolds. Sunny interferees, scolds Shaan to concentrate

his mind on singing than tricking everyone and asks Mandy why he paying attention to Shaan loser. They both talk smiling. Antara sees them and thinks there is something more between them than friendship.

Shaan goes to music room and sending Button out changes Mandy’s song, thinks now Mandy will be eliminated. Judges calls Sunny and team on stage. Mandy says his jacket is missing. Antara gives him jacket. Mandy says he will not wear it. Sunny requests and he wears and walks on stage shouting he will not spare whoever tricked him.

Mandy, Sunny, Antara’s song starts and they dance and sing Disco…looking at Karaoke. Karaoke stops in middle and Sunny gets confused, but Mandy and Antara help her and sing. Shaan fumes that his plan failed. After performance, everyone clap for them and shout once more…Sunny hugs Mandy and says thank you, you saved me today. Antara reminisces Sunny and Mandy’s closeness and think they are in love. In ball room, Sunny says Antara that Mandy is good and she should forgive him. Antara says she does not want to discuss about it. Mandy comes and Antara asks if Shaan’s performance finished, then says must be. Judges call everyone on stage and announce Sunny’s team as safe. They call Shaan, Bunty, and someone else on stage to announce who is in danger zone. Mandy says he will inform judges what Shaan did. Antara says he is in danger zone anways, let him go. Sunny says Antara is right. Judges annouce Bunty and Shaan as safe and eliminate other contestant. Mandy says he will inform at least now, but Mandy stops him.

In the morning, Button asks Mandy if he will get him bytes. Mandy says he will and likes taking bytes since he was Antara’s partner. He continues and take camera. He sees Antara behind and asks what is her most embarrassing moment and says this is his parttime job. Shaan comes and taunts if he needs money. Mandy joks yes, he has taken his supari and will kill him. He asks Bunty what was his most embarrassing moment. Bunty says when got caught during fake marriage. Sunny says when she fought with Antara. Mandy continues taking everyone’s bytes.

Antara goes to her room. Sunny comes and asks why did she come in. Antara says Mandy told Button that Sunny is hot and he likes her, must be he is in love with her. Sunny feels shy and leaves. Antara finds same letter and more lines and thinks who wrote these lines.

Precap: Antara tells Sunny she should speak up before it is too late, else she and Mandy will be friends only. She thinks Sunny and Mandy like each ther, then why she is feeling bad.

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