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At night, Antara comes ot Bunty’s bed and does not find him. She turns and sees him standing, silently goes and sleeps on her bed. In the morning, Bunty confronts Shaan for badmouthing about Babli and warns not to point his singing. Antara enters and Shaan leaves. Antara gives him pasta and says he will feel better. He munches pasta and says he is feeling better. She says he should do something for Babli. He says he will write poems. He says it is a good idea.

Maid informs Antara that someone came to meet her. She goes out and sees Mand video chatting his sister on stage and saying he went to Charulatha’s home and confronted her and she was speechless, he will tell Antara when she meets him. Antara says she heard what hesaid and knows he went to her mom’s house

and insulted her, he does not have right to speak to her like that. Their argument starts. Judges comes there and say good they are already presen there. All contestants gather. Dabboo says they have divided 3 teams of 3 members and made 3 captains. He makes Aftab, Shaan and Sunny as captains and asks them to pick chits. Shaan gets Bunty and someone. Sunny gets Antara and Shaan. Aftab gets 2 unknown contestants.

Sunny asks Antara if they can stop fighting and focus on singing. Antara says she will not face any problem from her. Sunny asks why she and Bunty are fighting. Antara asks to go and ask Mandy itself. Mandy says same. Antara says he went to her home at 12 midnight and insulted her mom. Sunny asks Mandy why did he insult Antara’s mom and he should apologizes. Mandy starts his old dialgoues, but she cuts short and asks how can he. He says he is on right side and will not apologize. Antara goes to change and when opens curtains sees Mandy standing.

Bunty says Antara he wrote few lines for Babli and recites them. Antara says they are nice. He says he is missing Babli a lot. He goes to bed and paper falls down. Mandy comes and stands in front of Antara. Shaan says he is sleepy and will switch off lights. They all go to bed. Antara scribbles on paper about friendship, keeps it under her pillow and sleeps. In the morning, Antara wakes up and sees paper missing. While searching it, she slips and falls on Mandy. Mandy wakes up hurriedly and asks who is it. She says she slipped and apologizes. He says he liked it and sleeps back.

Antara gets ready and checks song list. Sunny comes and their conversation starts. Sunny says Mandy is not talking to her properly. Bunty comes and asks if she found his paper. Antara says sorry, she lost it. He says he forgot lines and does not remember. Sunny says poetry is done via heart and paper is not needed.

Antara comes back to dormitory and searches paper again. She finds it under someone’s bed and sees 2 more lines added and thinks who wrote it.

Precap: Sunny enters computer room, sends Button out saying DJ called him, changes Mandy’s song list and smirks that once Mandy is eliminated, he will be world’s happiest person.

Update Credit to: MA

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