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Ishq Unplugged 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunny enters Mandy’s room and asks where was he. She looks him holding paper and asks what is it. He says it is Pune ticket as papa called him and asked to come home soon. She askedpapa spoke over phone, reminiscing Maddy telling that his papa is dumb. Mandy says he spoke in sign language over video call. He changes words and asks what will she do if she gets 1 crore rs. She says she will launch her own music video. He hugs her and says once he comes back, he will give her a party.

Mandy at midnight silenty goes to Antara’s room and smilingly remembers their closeness. She holds his hand in sleep and asks where is he going. He says nowhere and silently leaves draping bedsheet over her. Once he leaves, Antara wakes up and feels someone was here. Mandy then goes and

meets someone who asks if he will be out of competition if he wins or loses. Mandy says he will win for sure.

In the morning, Antara sees everyone busy with photoshoot. She brings thank you card and hopes to match handwriting and catch who is sending cards. She asks Shaan to write something on thank you card and he starts. Sunny comes and starts her usual rough comments. she goes to her room and thinks why did Mandy go without meeting her. She sees a note by Mandy that he had to hurry to his relatives’ home. Antara comes and asks her to show note. Sunny as ususual says it is for her and will not share. She hands over thank you card and leaves. Antara SMSes Mandy why did not he even say her bye before going.

Mandy is in goa with his friends and tells one of them that his sister likes Goa and will go mad if he brings her here. Friend laughs that he should take his sister to Haridwhar or Rishikesh and bring his girlfriend to Goa. Mandy thinks he will win contest and will become very famous.

Antara checks Mandy’s browser history and finds Goa ticket. She calls Mandy and asks why did he lie and go to Goa. He gets nervous and says if he had informed, Sunny would have come along followed by others. He continues lying and asks Antara not to inform anyone. She says she will not. Someone calls Mandy and asks to come on stage for technical performance. Antara hears that..Mandy nervously switches off phone. Antara calls him, but his phone is switched off. She SMSes him that he will out of their competition if he participates in another competition.

Precap: Shaan confesses Antara that he informed Mandy about another competition to get him out of their competition.

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