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Ishq Unplugged 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy apologizes Button for breaking his camera and gives him payment cheque, which producer gave. Button thanks him and leaves. Mandy then starts flirting and praising Sunny. Antara sees them and feels sad. She decorates cake for Mandy. Sunny blindfolds Mandy and says she has to say something and goes out for 2 min, requesting not open her blindfold. Mandy thanks her for giving her guitar lesson idead and says he will not. She leaves.

Antara stands nervously aside. Mandy asks if she did not go, thinking it is Sunny. He comes near Antara and she moves backwards. He comes very closer to her and she tries to leave, but he holds herr hand and drags her near him. A romantic song plays in the background. She gets more nervous. He removes his blindfold and sees her in front of

him and asks what is she doing here. She asks how does he know it is her and walks a bit distance, stops and wishes him happy birthday. He asks if she planned all this. Sunny comes and asks why did he open his blindfold. He says he heard some sound and opened blindfold and found it is Antara. Sunny laughs and says he is funny, thanks Antara. Antara leaves.

Sunny takes out Mandy’s favorite dish butter chicken. Mandy gets very happy and enjoys it. He says he was very hungry and says he was missing mummy, she used to prepare butter chicken for him during his birthdays, asks how does she know he likes butter chicken. She says she knows well and says there is one more surprise for him. Mandy says he is lucky toda.

Antara comes to room and reminisces her closeness with Mandy. She searches paper. Mandhy cuts cake. Sunny sings happy birthday to you and says I love you Mandy. He hugs and sportively says I love you too….Antara’s finger gets cut while searching paper and thinks why always her things go missing. Sunny asks Mandy if he really loves her. He says yes. She says she loves him like a boyfriend. He asks real love, ishq, mohabbat.. She says yes. He alughs and says she is joking. Sunny says she is not joking and asks him not to joke. He asks to stop joking. Sunny says she is not joking, if he did not tell Button that he finds her hot. He says he told, but does not mean he loves her like boyfriend, they are good friends and frienship spoils if they add love in it. She angrily leaves from there.

At night, Mandy tries to wake up Antara, but she acts as sound asleep, then turns. He says he knew she is not sleeping, he wants to talk something important. She says she wants to sleep. He says if she does not wake up, he will pick her up. She gets up and walks with him. He says Sunny told him I love you. She says it is good, if she should congratulate him. He asks why will she congratulate. She says he would have said yes. He asks why would he, she is just his friend and not couples. She says they like each other. He says if she spread this news. She says the way he pampers Sunny, she thought he loves her. He says Sunny is just a friend like she used to be. She asks what did he say. He says he rejected her. She says what did he do..He asks if she did it then. She says she thought they both like each other. He says she spoilt their friendship and even his and Sunny’s, he laughed at Sunny like a fool. She asks why did he laugh. He says he did not know she brainwashed Mandy. She asks how can he laugh, he is wrong. He asks why should be become bad always when it is not his mistake. She walks and they both see Sunny standing.

Precap: Sunny says judges this song is wrong. Judge says either Sunny is wrong and everyone right or either ways, in that case there will be a face off. Antara thinks what she wrote in that letter.

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