Ishq Unplugged 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara follows phone ringing sound to watchman’s room, opens door and is shocked to see inebriated Bunty sleeping there and it is his phone. She informs judges who fume and scold if they have taken them for granted, they will not tolerate this. Antara says she will find out what is happening and goes to Babli’s room with Sunny and asks what was her plan and what secret she was talking bout. Mandy confronts Bunty who says he does not want to marry Babli right now and planned this drama with Babli for publicity as Babli was thinking they are not getting any attention. Antara comes with Babli and Sunny and asks Bunty how can he do this. Mandy says they have to plan something and asks Antara that she should stop her honesty. Button comes and informs that judges are very serious

and and are calling them out.

All contestants gather. Judges ask whose idea it was. Bunty and Babli try to defend each other. Judges get serious. Babli says it was her idea. Dabboo says they did this for publicity. Mandy says how do they know, Antara must have informed. Judge says Antara is eliminated and from tomorrow they will evaluate them individually and not as partners and they should not be surprise if 2 different inviduals win instead of team.

Babli packs her bags and wishes goodbye to everyone. Button comes and says it is time to go. She leaves with him. Mandy alleges Antara that she informed judges. She says she does not like and did not inform judges. Sunny takes Antara’s side, but Mandy continues. Antara says he gave Bunty idea to elope, so he should blame himself, tries to leave. He says she should stop talking to him as her aayi suggested, continues confronting. Antara leaves. At night, on bed, Antara thinks Mandy’s anger is valid, she cannot stop talking to her friend and even cannot break promise made to Aayi.

Mandy goes to Charulatha’s house. Charu asks if Antara is fine. He says she is fine. She asks then why did he come here. He starts confronting her that she is ruining Antara’s life by making her a puppet and even selecting songs for her, because of which Antara did not perform well in item number round. Charu says it is called moral spirit, which he does not have. Their argument continues. He challenges her that he will change Antara with a good spirit and make her win.

Precap: Antara wrrites a letter and keeps it under bed. It falls down and someone picks it.

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