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Ishq Unplugged 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bunty tells Antara and other contestant that Mandy has some problem and they have to sort it out. Another student says he must be having personal problem. Babli comes after hair dye and says look at the hottest girl in the world and hugs Antara. She asks what is going on. Bunty says Mandy is going through mood swings. Sunny gets irked and comments on Antara. Mandy comes and they all change topic and discuss about Babli’s hair. Mandy asks what is going on. They say just usual discussion. Mandy leaves. Sunny follows her and asks him to not to be a angry mood always and prove that Antara is right. Mandy thinks Antara roams at night like a ghost and must have known his secret.

Mandy goes back and says Bunty let us practice. Babli says they will manage and leaves with Bunty.

Mandy asks Antara what is going on. She says he should say, his mood is always upset, he goes out without informing. He asks why she roams all around. She leaves.

After some time, Mandy sees everyone missing and asks someone wheare are all. He says don’t know. Bunty, Babli, and Antara gather in a dark room and discuss. Mandy searches them in a room and thinks Antara is up to something, he has to do search operation.

Before next round, Mandy sees Antara talking to judge and and thinks she is up to something. Shaan says Mandy that he is not involved. Mandy asks what…Show starts and judges ask to roll camera in front of Mandy and ask him how was rehearsal with Bunty and Bubli. He says it was good as usual. Judges ask why is he looking sad, what is he hiding. He says nothing. They play all his recent bonding clips with other contestants where he is in a lively mood. All contestants come. Mandy walks towards them. Sunny says sorry, I told them not to do. He hugs her and all other contestants happily ignoring Antara. Antara feels bad. Mandy thanks judges. Judges say he learnt reality show language. Mandy continues showing his fake jolly mood and asks judges to throw a party. Babli says let us have fun. Judge says party will depend on her performance and says except Bunty and Babli, all contestants will go to green room and they both will perform only in front of judges. Mandy asks how will they know if they are eliminated or in. judges say they will know.

Backstage, Mandy to make Antara jealous praises Sunny that her idea was really good. Antara feels jealous.

Precap: At night, Mandy leaves in a taxi and rehearses with his friends. Antara follows him. He gets nervous seeing her.

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