Ishq Unplugged 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy says Anatara that they will tell judges what Sunny did, she deserves punishment. Sunny worriedly wakes up from sleep and realizes it was her dream. She looks at sleeping Mandy and thanks god that it was just dream.

Antara enters ballroom and thanks god that Mandy is not there. One of contestant prises her performance. Antara says she did not perform well according to her. Contestant says she was right, it has become political here instead of performance based. Mandy enters singing and holding coffee mugs and gives her one. She tries to leave. He holds her and says lewt us chat and enjoy coffee. They both sit and he says her aayi and his mother are same, they care about them a lot. Babli with Bunty enters yelling that her parents are opposing their decisions, how can they.

Antara says parents always think of their children’s betterment. Mandy thinks why she is ignoring him, if her mom told anything. Bunty tells their parents don’t want them to marry on show. Mandy suggests to lie a bit and fix marriage date soon via pandit.

Bunty and Babli hear their parents shouting outside and run out. Parents start fighting with each other. They both try to convince their parents in different rooms. Antara enters Bunty’s room. He introduces her to his parents as legendary singer Charulatha Joshi’s daughter and asks her to explain his parents who everything is recorded here. Mandy tries to convince Babli’s parents by acting that news spreads like fire and convinces them. Parents say they will talk to Bunty’s parents. After parents leave, Bunty happily announces party and thanks Mandy for convincing parents.

Mandy tries to speak to Antara, but she walks out. He feels sad. Sunny sees that. She imagines Sunny coming towards her and she running and hugging her. She gets out of her imagination. Antara practices alone. Bunty comes and stands near her and smiles. Hamari adhuri in background. Sunny sees them together and angrily leaves. Antara leaves seeing Mandy. Mandy stops her and asks what happened to her, why she is ignoring her. She reminisces promising her mom that she will not talk to Mandy and says actually..she gets call and leaves. Sunny stops Mandy and says she cares him a lot and he should not ignore her. He says she cares about herself, because of her Antara is not talking to him. Mandy goesto bed ignoring her.. Antara comes to her bed and sees him and think she cannot avoid Mandy and even cannot break promise made to her mom.

In the morning, Antara sees Babli throwing her clothes and asks what happened. Babli say her parents called and said engagement is in 1 hour. Bunty also panics on other side. Mandy asks him not to worry and asks who went to bring his clothes. Bunty says Shaan. Mandy says then gone case…Shan enters with clothes. Antara on other side cheers up Babli. Sunny brigns her dress and she thanks Sunny. She asks Antara to bring kada from Bunty. Bunty wears suit. Mandy suggests him to wear sherwani. Shaan says suit is class. Mandy says he should wear tie according to Babli’s dress. Shaan says it is tacky. Antara enters and rudely leaves taking kada. Mandy feels why she is rude.

Precap: Mandy tries to speak to Antara, but she ignores him again.

Update Credit to: MA

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