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Ishq Unplugged 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunny accepts that she mixed color in shampoo for Antara and not Babli. Maddy says even he was part of it and his performance would have been spoilt, how could she. Sunny says Antara troubles everyone, so she tried to taught her a lesson, he should not get angry on her. He says why should he be angry, Shaan does tricks and not her, one should fight and not trick. Sunny says she did not think of competition. He says he likes her as she is a good girl. She hugs him and asks if he genuinely feels she is good. He says yes and says when Antara did wrong, she apologized.

Sunny tells Babli that she mixed paint in Antara’s shampoo and she used it isntead. Bunty says that means she wanted to blue Antara’s hair, even with blue hair Antara’s performance was so stellar,

nobody would have paid attention to it. They will perform well this week. They both leave. Antara says Sunny that she is brave to accept her mistake. Sunny yells that she did not do brave act for her and looks at Mandy

Antara looks at her shampoo bottle and reminisces Sunny’s words. Aaji calls her and saysshe was missing her. Aaji asks why is she feeling sad. Antara says judges like her performance, but Sunny hates her, if she is so bad, anyways let us forget this. Aaji says that is like a good girl, she should concentrate on competition and her boyfriend. Antara says she does not have boyfriend and says she is going to sleep now. Aaji says bye and disconnects call.

Many wakes up at midnight, keeps pillows in his place, drapes bedsheet on Sunny and thinks earlier shaan and now she is becoming wrong, it is because of competition that everyone wants to trick and win. He reminisces his and Sunnys first meet. He walks out with his guitar when he sees Antara coming and hides behind door. Antara does not notice him and leaves. He thanks good and gets out. Antara comes to Mandy’s bed and thinks she should not create any controversies and goes to bed.

In the morning, Antara shakes Babli. Antara in sleep says Bunty..don’t shake. Antara says she is Antara. Babli asks her to wake Bunty first. Bunty comes and says he is already ready and puts tooth paste on brush. She shouts and says someone mixed color in paste now. Shaan yells she spoilt his mood in the morning itself. Antara shakes Mandy and says they have to help Bunt and Babli. Antara takes all 3 for yoga. Mandy sleeps. Antara brings his guitar and says he will not get it until he rehearses with Bunt and Babli. He gets angry.

Bunty plays guitar and sings sings with him. Bunty and Babli clap for them. Sunny comes and gets jealous. Babli says they will do lipsing. Antara scolds that she will not think like this. Sunny says Babli she called beautician to color her hair. Babli runs behind her. Antara asks Mandy if he will rehearse. Mandy’s phone rings. Antara takes phone and asks caller to call later. Mandy gets angry and she he should concentrate on rehearsal. He angrily leaves.

Precap: Mandy thinks he has do something and shut Antara’s mouth. Host briefs about next round.

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