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Ishq Unplugged 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara and Mandy hug each other after performance. One of judge praises them and says Charulatha that only her daughter can do it, they performed without rehearsal. Charulatha says he does not know them well, they would have practiced day and night and it must be their tactic. Mandy says they wanted to keep it fresh without rehearsal. Both judges praise them again and one of them says other participants that competition’s level has risen.

All participants come on stage. Shaan taunts Babli that because of her blue hair, they may lose. She asks him to accept that she is brighter than him. Judges give score to each participant, Bunty 7, Shaan 7, Antara 10, Sunny 7, Babli 4, Mandy 10. Everyone clap for them. Sunny asks judge what is meaning of individual score. Shaan says

Babli that he came here to stay. Judge says he will tell about individual scores after break.

Reporter stops Babli back stage and asks reason of blue hair. She says someone mixed color in shampoo. Charulatha interferes and praises Babli. She takes Antara aside and says Babli was taking her name and she should be careful. Antara says she does not know who mixed paint. Charulatha says she knows and she should be careful. Mandy thinks he has to find out who mixed paint.

Shaan and Babli continue fighting. Sunny asks them to stop fighting. Babli comes to green room and reminisces Mandy touching her. She asks Mandy what about these individual scores. He does not know, he washes hands and wipes them on blazer. Antara gives him towel. He after some talk asks who mixed paint in her shampoo to spoil their peformance. She reminisces Sunny and says she does not know. Sunny enters and asks Antara to let her spend time with Mandy. Antara leaves. Someone informs Sunny and Mandy that judges are calling them on stage. All participants join on stage. Sunny yells that Antara is behind Mandy. Juges announce Mandy and Sunny as #1 jodi, Antara and Shaan as #2. Another judge announces Bunty and Babli in danger zone. Bunty asks judge not to cut marks for blue hair. Judge says it is not in his hands. Bunty asks then whose hands. Judge says Antara and Mandy will help them on Sunday performance. sunny asks why Antara. Judge says he can get 10 marks.

Babli panics that they will be eliminated soon. Bunty assures her nothing will happen. Shaan says it will as he lost points because of Babli. Antara interferes and asks Shaan to behave. Babli vents her anger. Antara asks Babli not to worry, they have 1 week. Babli says it is not easy to get 10 points. Antara says they can. Mandy says of course they can and jokes. Sunny comments on Antara that she got 10 points because of Mandy. She continues yelling and leaves. Mandy follows her and asks why is she behind Antara. She says Antara is getting extra points as she is Charulatha’s daughter. He says it is not Antara’s mistake and asks her again. Sunny accepts that she mixed paint in shampoo.

Precap: Mandy says Sunny she wanted to spoil even his performance. She says she did not think about him. Antara says Sunny one needs to have a lot of courage to accept mistake. Sunny says she did not do it for her.

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