Ishq Unplugged 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Unplugged 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babli alleges Antara that she mixed color in her shampoo and ruined her hair color to blue. Antra says she did not. Mandy scolds Antara and starts fighting. Shaan shouts what is all this. Antara finds tips online and asks Babli to try. Sunny comments when Babli is saying Antara mixed color, then she must have. Shaan asks Sunny to check solution online. Babli tries tips and hair color does not go away. Antara picks her bottle and checks shampoo. Sunny feels nervous that Antara will realize she did it. Antara asks Sunny if it is color or paint. Sunny shouts how she will know. Antara reminisces Sunny picking her bottle and says she added paint in her shampoo bottle to spoil her hair. Sunny shouts she did not. Babli comes out and asks how will color go. Babli says trust her she

did not do anything and this is paint. Babli says whoever has done it, she will kill her. Antara says it ides not matter. Someone tells Babli that her turn is next. Babli goes on stage.

Mandy asks Sunny if someone scolded her. Sunny says it is okay. Babli goes on stage with Shaan. Shaan says judges that he did not do anything. Babli says it is her choice as she has become mermaid and felt even her color should be like mermaid. Judges give bonus point instead. Sunny gets jealous. After their performance, Sunny and Bunty’s turn come. They both dance and sing on Hua Chokra Jawwan re…Everyone enjoy their performance and clap. They go back and sit with other contestants. Shaan comments arrogantly that Sunny and Bunty did not do well and with Babli’s mermadi concept they will use. Antara says relax guys, unsafe jodi is Antara and Mandy.

Antara and Mandy fight whether to use prop or not. Mandy says they cannot use prop without any concept. Antara says she will use it any cost. Host calls them on stage and says audiences their favorite jodi has arrived. Judge asks what is their concept. Antara says it is about love at fight sight. Arrogant Sunny comments people cook up stories from nowhere. Antara asks someone to get the prop and gets blindfolded. One judge praises that children’s thinking is amazing. Another judge comments they have not rehearsed at all. Antara and Sunny sing Meere haath me tera haath ho…song.. blind folded and feeling each other and get nervous afte they finish. Audience clap loudly for them and repeat once more one more. They both hug each other excitedly but get conscious and separate.

Precap: Sunny comments Babli not to use Antara’s help as she will benefit with that and is already using Sunny, else she is nothing. Mandy takes Sunny aside and ask what is she thinking, she can share with her.

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