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Ishq Unplugged 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Judges inform contestants that they will be performing as individual. Shaan says why individual, he did not perform with Antara since a long time. Dabboo says now they will be judged individually and they have to find songs in treasure hunt. Bunty says it will be tough. Dabboo says they are near final round and competition will be tough.

Mandy tells Sunny that he is missing performing with her and she is best. He continues chatting while Sunny reminisces their performances and Antara’s words that Mandy loves her.

Antara writes about friendship on letter. Sunny comes and asks if she would like to have pasta. Antara says no. Sunny prepares Maggie pasta. Antara says it is tasting yummy and she wants to have it. Sunny prepares 3 bowls. Antara asks why 3. Sunny says one

is for Mandy. After sometime, Sunny comes back. Antara asks her if she likes Mandy. She says yes. Antara says she should propose him, else she will be friend forever. Sunny happily hugs her. Antara says day after tomorrow is Mandy’s birthday, she heard while he was talking to his sister. Sunny hugs her again and leaves. Antara thinks Sunny and Mandy love each other, then why she is feeling sad.

Antara sees more lines added to letter and thinks who is doing this, it is not Bunty for sure. She stick letter to mirror. Mandy comes in and turns back. She says it is okay, he was going anyways. He slips and falls and camera breaks down. Button comes and scolds Mandy. Antara says Mandy did not do it purposefully. Mandy asks her to stay away. Button says he is fired. Mandy says he needs this job. Mandy says give camera and take back job. Mandy gets sad.

Sunny and Mandy discuss about Mandy’s likes an dislikes. Sunny says Antara knows more about Mandy. Antara says that is because she was his partner before. They continue talking.

At night, Antara sits on bed and thinks she will know who is writing lines. She sees Bunty missing from his bed and goes to check. Someone picks paper from mirror and throws it when she comes in. She thinks why is she doing this. She goes back to room and finds Mandy sleeping instead.

In the morning, Sunny and Mandy walk and Sunny says let us have pasta. He says no. She says he is upset about camera breaking and suggests he can give guitar lessons. Mandy says he needs recording for that and mobile recording won’t work fine. Sunny says Button will record. He says he will not agree. Sunny says he will. Mandy praises Sunny. Antara convinces Button for recording buttering him that he will be famous.

Mandy starts guitar recording after a long usual bak bak. Antara sings aise mera mai jaide tera tu in a room fixing cake and candles for Mandy’s birthday. Mandy also signs playing guitar. They both reminisce time spent together. Sunny also reminisces time spent with Mandy.

Precap: Antaratries to leave. Blind folded Mandy holds her hand and then removes blindfold.

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