Ishq Unplugged 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Unplugged 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunny on bed reminisces Shaan’s words that his partner’s mother is Charulatha Joshi and he will be saved by chance, she and Mandy are sacked. She thinks Shaan was right, she has to do something. She reminisces Antara throwing something in dustbin and sees Antara’s flight tickets. She sees Mandy and Antara sound asleep and goes back to her bed. Mandy watches her going back to her bed. Shaan smirks seeing all this.

In the morning, Abhilasha addresses girls that she will not ignore their mistakes and her job is to train them and choose a winner evaluating their potential. She gives each one’s song list and says she will not accept excuses again. Sunny thinks Abhilasha hates Charu and she can use it in her favor by showing Antara’s flight ticket and get her

eliminated. She sees Mandy’s name also and thinks how can she get Mandy also sacked, she cannot do this mistake.

Charu calls Antara and says she does not want her to make mistake again and meet Mandy. Antara says competition is important to her. Mandy comes and asks if she saw Sunny and starts his jokergiri. Antara laughs on his jokes. Sunny enters and hears Mandy telling he wants to find Sunny and make her win. Antara says whatever he tries, she will win. He says onl stage will tell who is winner, Santra. Antara sees Sunny smirking and asks what happened. Sunny says she knows she went to save Mandy and he risked his performance and brought her on time, she wants her to stay away from Mandy.

Mandy goes to practice room. Shaan stops her and she asks him to back off. He asks what was she doing near dustbin. Mandy comes and asks Sunny to stay away from his partner. Shaan asks him also to stay away from his partner. Their argument starts. Shaan leaves. Mandy says Sunny he told her to stay away from Shaan and says he will help her at any cost. Sunny thinks Mandy is not wrong and she has to get Antara eliminated to garner his attention.

Mandy takes Sunny to his system and says they will watch songs and practice. He feels drowsy. Sunny reminisces online ticket and asks him to go and rest, she will come after some time. He leaves.

Antara practices Zeh naseeb…song… Mandy comes and joins her. They both reminisces their first meeting, etc. and finish song…looking at each other.

Sunny gets Antara’s flight ticket and thinks she will prove Antara was not ill. She fixes tape writes “truth of Antara’s illness” on it. She silently keeps it on Abhilasha’s desk. Antara comes and sees her.

Precap: Sunny tells judges that Antara is cheater and wants Mandy to become her partner by hook or crook. Mandy asks what rubbish she is talking.

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