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Ishq Unplugged 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Charu angrily leaves with Antara. Mandy walks behind them, but Sunny stops him and says she needs to talk. He says he will speak later and runs behind Charu and Antara and tells Charu that Antara lied because of him and does not deserve punishment. Charu says he called her lier. He says he did not mean that. Antara says her aayi gave her some morality and she should be punished for breaking aayi’s trust.

Mandy tells Bunty that Antara’s aayi is very strict. Bunty asks if he calls Charu madam as Aayi and jokes that soon he will be marrying Antara. Mandy asks him to stop joking and says Antara is very loyal, now Sunny is angry as he did not save her. Bunty says it happens. Mandy says he will be back and runs from there. Sunny tries to speak to Babli, but she leaves saying

she is busy. Many comes and tries to speak. Sunny tries to leave. Sunny holds her hand and tells Antara saved him by stopping him from participating in Goa competition and because of this, her aayi is very angry. She reacts. He convinces her somehow and she smiles. Antara comes and he runs and hugs her. Sunny fumes and asks Antara why did she come back when she is ill. Antara says aayi sent her and asked not to lose another round. Sunny sees them from a distance and fumes that Antara will make her life hell, so she will get her eliminated at any cost. Shaan sees her fuming and thinks Antara wants to ditch him, so he will befriend with Sunny and eliminate Antara. Mandy goes to washroom and cries reminiscing Antara and Mandy’s closeness. Shaan enters.

Antara with Mandy sits on stage and tells she likes performing on stage in front of judges and public. He says even he likes. They talk about Shaan and partner swapping. Mandy jokes that he does not want to become her partner and lose. She gets tensed. Mandy laughs and says he was joking. She says her aayi’s dream is to see trophy in her hands. Mandy says his dream is to win competition.

Shaan says his partner’s mom is Charulatha, so he will be saved, she and Mandy will lose. She asks him to stop badmouthingand get out. He says everything is fair in love and wair and this is war, whatever he does is to win. She says she is not manipulative like him. He says she should save Mandy from Antara and if he was in her place, he would not have cried and would have retaliated. He continues brainwashing her. Sunny says Antara is overshadowing her and took away all her friends. She clashes with Antara purposefully, but Mandy holds Antara and asks to be careful. On bed, Sunny reminisces Shaan’s words and he is right, she needs to confront Antara.

Precap: Sunny finds Antara’s flight tickers and thinks of exposing her lie. Antara sees her with ticket.

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