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Ishq Unplugged 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara comes on stage to perform. Sunny comments same clothes, though she stole her concept. Abhilasha says same dress. Antara says she is singing her mom’s song which was her papa’s favorite song. She says Charu sorry Aayi she cannot sing like her, but will try her best. Shaan says Sunny this is not coincidence, if Antara will sing same song. Sunny says she doe snot know. Antara starts singing Heer Heer na khadiya…mainu lejaye mirza, Charu, and everyone enjoy her song. Everyone clap after her performance.

Antara confronts Sunny. Sunny swears that she did not know about this coincidence. Mandy says if Shaan had told this, he would not have believed, and since Sunny is telling, he believes her. Shaan shouts why is he dragging her. Judges comes

in and says he brought their results and says Mandy is today’s winner and Shaan/Bunty are in bottom. He asks Antara and Sunny how were their clothes same. Antara says she does not know. Judge says she does not have to worry as she is 2 points ahead of Sunny. Sunny says thank god now Antara trusts her. Judges suggests to keep friends close and enemies closer.

Charu calls Antara and she meets her. Charu says Sunny cheated her. Antara says she apoogized her and has changed. Charu says Sunny is the one who changed her clothes earlier and tricked her,asks if she changed after coming here. She say no. Charu asks then how can she expect Sunny to change. Antara says Sunny apologized though. Charu praises her performance and asks how did she get last time idea. Antara says it was Mandy’s idea.

Sunny fumes in green room thinking Antara was engrasped talking about Mandy so much that she did not notice her stealing her song and theme. Shaan comes and says even this time she failed. She says she came back as it was written in her contract. He says if they unite, they can win. She says she doe not need his hep. He wishes he all the best in her plan and leaves. Sunny shouts how can Antara be so good.

Antara smiles in front of Mandy. He asks why is she smiling so much, if her Aayi sees it, she will get angry. Antara thanks him for his help. He says she helped him and he helped her in return. She says she told aayi that he helped her. He smiles and asks is it. She says she told truth and says Nakul suggested to keep enemies closer, but she does not have to as she has very good friends around her and does not need enemies.

Antara is sound asleep in the morning and wakes up hearing Mandy’s guitar sound, thinking if it was her dream. She looks time in her mobie. She changes and sees Mandy’s guitar teachings. Students clap after his performance. She smiles..

At night, Mandy comes to his bed and sees Antara sitting on her bed listening to music on headset. He gets up but sits back. Antara keeps her headset and sees Shaan sleeping turning his back. She sees a paper on floor, picks it and sees money order slip and gets happy that Mandy sent money home. Mandy thinks he sent money to family first. Antara thinks she did not tell him and he realized himself.

Mandy’s sister Simmy receives money order and informs parents that bhai sent money envelopes to all 3 of them and asks dad to open nd see it. Dad angriy throws envelope and leaves. Simmy opens envelope and sees Mandy’s letter thanking her for her sacrifice and promising that he will win contest and set things right. Mom smiles. Simmy asks mom to open her note. Mom reads her note and asks what he must have written for papa. Simmy says papa will read it after he recovers from his shock, let us speak to bhai now.

Antara shows money order slip to Sunny and says Mandy sent money home and looks like heard her. Sunny says she asked Mandy and heard her when she was describing, so she suggested Mandy. Antara gets sad and thinks why is she feeling bad.

Precap: Mandy emotionally shows his papa’s thank you message to Anatara. Antara hugs him and says he did it. Mandy also reciprocates. Sunny asks Antara where did she go at night.

Update Credit to: MA

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