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Ishq Unplugged 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy hides behind car and enters home. Charu and Antara wait near car for driver. Mandy searches Antara in whole house. He writes a letter to Antara to return on set soonas Abhilasha has planned surprise round. Vase falls down. Servant comes and asks who is he. He says he came to meet Antara. Servant says she went for recording with Charu. He gets angry that he came here with so much difficulty, but she cares a damn. He throws letter and it falls near Antara’s feet, but she does not notice it and leaves in car.

Competition starts. Host starts that Antara is not present as she is ill. Abhilasha describes rules and says whoever stands on left will be in danger zone and whoever on right will be in danger zone and left in safe zone. Dabboo calls Babli first. She asks

Bunty to save her and stands on left. He calls Sunny next and another contestant. Bunty, Shaan and Mandy stand on right. Antara enters with Charu and says she wants to perform and did not know about this round. Abhilasha says she cannot allow her. Dabboo says Mandy has right to get one contestant out of danger zone. Mandy chooses Antara after a long dialogue. Dabboo and Vicky praise Mandy’s thought. Abhilasha says she cannot approve it as Antara did not perform, so she has to be in danger zone and prove herself. Mandy says she did not inform about this. Abhilasha says it is common sense. Dabboo tries to speak, but she stops him. After round finishes, Charu says nobody informed Antara about this round and it is unfair. Abhilasha leaves.

Mandy says Charu she wants to tell her what happened in detail and says Antara saved him. Charu says she does not want to listen anything, Antara is here to perform and not save anyone, warns him to stay away from Antara.

Sunny storms into resting area and Babli follows her trying to calm her down. Sunny shouts that what is going on, why did Mandy save Antara instead of her, she will not spare Antara. Babli sees Antara talking to Dabboo and says she does not look ill and looks fine.

Mandy requests Charu to let Antara stay in contest venue, else Abhilasha will disqualify her. Their argument starts. Charu walks out fuming.

Sunny intervenes Dabboo and Antara and asks Antara what illness she has that she is looking fine but is ill inside. Dabboo asks her not to doubt each other. Charu comes out, thanks Dabboo for his help and leaves venue asking Antara to follow her.

Precap: Mandy requests Charu to let Antara perform as he did not mistake and not her. Antara says she deserves it and leaves with Charu. Shaan tells Sunny that everything is fair in love and war and she should fight instead of crying.

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