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Mandy comes his dormitory and thinks Sunny’s suggestion is both acceptable and not acceptable. If Antara accepts in front of her mother that he is her real friend, then everything will be alright. He picks song paper under his bed which he wrote and thinks if Antara signs it, she will win contest.

Antara tries to explain her mom that Mandy is a good boy. Mandy comes and asks what are they taking about. Antara asks him to come and sit and asks him to explain aayi that he is a good boy. Mandy asks if her mom does not trust her. Aayi says he is wrong as always. Antara says she wants aayi to understand him like she understands him. Mandy says aayi misunderstands him like his dad and he lies them the way they like. Mom says he is the way she thinks. Sunny confronts and says

he is fed of up of explaining her often and leaves from there. Aayi says if she wants to exit from contest, she willl get her out, but cannot bear embarrassment by Mandy. Antara thinks nothing is working.

Sunny looks at Antara’s clothes and thinks she will wear them during competition. Mandy comes back to dormitory and says she was right, Antara and he should break their friendship forever. She asks him not to get sad, they both can be friends and their music is long way. Shen then starts brainwashing him against Antara. Antara comes and she stops. After sometime, she brainwashes Antara against Mandy.

Shaan thinks what song Mandy must have slected and checks his mobile. Bunty asks him to stop cheating. Shaan asks to mind his business. Bunty says he will inform judges. Button comes calling Mandy and says Mandy’s guitar video hit 40,000 likes on youtube. Bunty says they should inform Mandy and leaves. Button taunts Shaan.

Judge gathers contestants and says they should hide their songs until they perform and only one person will be in green room. Shaan asks Antara to go out as he needs to rehearse. Antara says he is performing first and should use common sense, walks out. Antara then goes change and she clashes with Sunny. Her phone falls down. Mandy picks it and sees Aayi calling repeatedly. He goes and stands outside green room. Antara changes clothes and comes out. Sunny goes on stage wearing same clothes as Antara’s. Mandy gives Antara’s mobile. Sunny on stage says she will sing Charu’s song. Antara runs towardss stage and Mandy runs behind her. They both are shocked to see Sunny wearing same costume and singing Antara’s song. She runs to green room and panicks that she will get eliminated. Mandy encourages her that she must be having different song and should break the stage with her performance.

Precap: No precap.

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