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Ishq Unplugged 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy’s performance starts. He sings Ghulmile Ghulmile launda…song…confidently. Judges enjoy his performance. Everyone clap for him. Host praises his performance. Mandy praises Antara that she performs well and makes his performance tough. Antara’s turn comes next. Antara stands on stage nervously thinking her mother is angry on her and only way to cheer her up is to perform well. She sings Ye Moh moh ke dhaage..nervously. Everyone listen to her song carefully and then clap. Host praises her next and asks her to take her seat. Mandy signals Shaan to move. He moves and Antara sits next to Mandy.

Host tells they will show behind the scenes. Antara tells Mandy that she informed aayi everything. Mandy says she did right. Host says Antara proposed Mandy…Judge

asks is it true. Antara says it is wrong, Mandy never proposed her. She got a box under her bed and when she opened boxes she saw a note of marry fact Sunny was there. Sunny says Antara is right. Host says who must have sent that box and asks each male contestant. Bunty comes and stands on stage. Antara tells Mandy that she will go and sit with aayi. He asks if she wants to be scolded.

Bunty on stage proposes Babli, kneels down holding a ring and asks will she marry him. He happily runs and hugs him. Antara asks Mandy if they will marry, who will sing on stage. Mandy says it is good, they will have less competition. Judge asks if they will marry on stage and stage will be decorated. Host asks everyone to clap for Bunty and Babli.

Judge tells Charu that they know Antara has health issues. Abhilasha says they are judges and they can take decision, on health grounds they can permit Antara. Another says he supports her decision.

Babli asks Bunty why did not he inform her before. She says he would not have seen her smile. Sunny comments that they are idiots to marry in competition. Mandy asks Antara to sleep calmly and gets scolded by her aayi in the morning. Antara says her handbag is missing. Helper comes and gives Charu’s note which reads Antara’s bag is in car and she has to reach home immediately. Antara says she has to go home. Mandy asks why. Helper says she is unwell. Sunny taunts Antara does not know she is unwell, but her mother is. Mandy asks Sunny stop taunting. Babli asks her not to go and attend her marriage. Mandy says once receovered, Antara will come back to enjoy her marriage and perform bhangra. He goes out to drop her.

Mandy drops Antara till car. Antara says Aayi had to lie to judges. Mandy says if she had not done that, they would have been out. Antara says she cannot handle this, aayi had to ie because of her. Mandy says he did not want her to lie, but sometimes it is needed to save oneself. Antara says whatever it is, she could not do it, she does not know if aayi will let her come back or not. Mandy says chill, he promises that she will come back on stage and perform. She gets into car and leaves.

Precap: Antara apologizes Charu. Charu says she tried to ruin her dream, so she should not dare leave this house. Mandy says Sunny that he can fight for Antara with anyone, even her.

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