Ishq Unplugged 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Unplugged 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy tells Sunny that he needs a place for his guitar classes. Bunty says he should rent a place, but he will lose all his money. Mandy says yes.

Sunny asks Antara if she chose her song. Antara says she will discuss with Aayi. Sunny asks why don’t she decide herself. Button comes and says hello ladies… Sunny gives him fling kiss and he falls down, gets up and says he was acting. Sunny thanks him for recording Mandy’s guitar video. Antara asks her to tell Mandy to leave is mobile number in the end of vicdeo. Sunny says she will convey him. Antara says no.. and leaves.

Antara buys paint and tries to paint Mandy’s chair. Mandy comes and she turns back and drops paint by mistake and smears it on her face. Mandy sees that and tries to show her, but

she asks him to stay away from her. Mandy clicks her pic and sends it to her. She looks at price and realizes her face is smeared with color. He says if she is helping him. She says he helped her out of danger zone, so she is helping. He says he knows she gets more happy seeing 10000 views on his youtube video and they should be friends again. He gives his explanation and says it is up to her to decide now. Antara paints chair thinking how to tell Aayi that Mandy is a good man, god help me.

After sometime, Sunny asks Antara what theme she planned. Antara says she is meeting aayi soon and will decide, thinks if she should tell her about telling about Mandy. Bunty comes and says someone stole Dabboo sir’s music and made whole album. Sunny says it may be coinicidence. Antara says it cannot be. Mandy’s student comes. Antara says she will take him to teaching room and takes student there. She brings chair and asks how is it. He says he liked it and says her parents love her mother’s songs. Antara says her mom is awsome. Boy asks why don’t she teach him. She says she does not know to play guitar. Boy says she and Mandy are better partners. Mandy comes and Antara tries to leave. Boy insists to stay back. Mandy taunts she needs her mom’s permission. Antara says she will stay. Mandy plays guitar and sings serial’s title song. Antara sings along him. Boys likes it. Mandy says good job Antara. Antara leaves.

Judge gathers contestants that they should not trust anyone blindly and says Dabboo’s assistant cheated him. Mandy says they should slap cheater. Judge says already loss is done and says they all will be part of this industry eventually and there will be cut throat competition and they should not make any mistakes which may repent in long run.

Charu comes to meet Antara. Antara asks how is Daboo sir. She says he is in a shock that he took care of his assistant like a son and he betrayed him. She warns to be careful as anyone can misuse her goodness to win. Antara says Mandy did not cheat. Aayi says Mandy’s entry itself is via cheating and he is very intelligent. Antara thinks she liked Mandy’s cheating and now is opposing. Sunny suggests Mandy to concentrate on competition and think about winning, then he can think about friendship, says it is better he breaks up with Antara forever as they both fight always. Charu says people will know who they are competing with after performance. Antara says she needs to say something.

Precap: Antara tells Sunny that Mandy does not have to prove anyone and Aayi has to see what they both saw in Mandy. She keeps her performance plan page and Sunny reads it silently. Sunny is called on stage for performance. Antara and Mandy are shocked to see Sunny wearing same costume and singing same song.

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  1. Sunny cheated antara!!I hate it.
    BTW please try to update it fast and 8 June update is not there please update it also.
    Antara and Mandy are rocking!!!
    Are they seriously singers???

    1. Antara and Mandy both are really singer…

  2. Ya their real name is shruti prakash and mohit gaur he is the finalist in the reality show India’s raw star
    Star plus

  3. Shruti prakash is in top 6 of close up websinger

  4. Wow!!
    Thanks for the info guys!!
    But bubbly bunty and sunny are not singers!!

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