Ishq sukoon hai rahatm hai episode 14

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S- what!!why… i mean wow
S(mind)- fhat the wuck!! Mere poore plan ki oh my mata kar di. Next two days without ani gonna be tough and these two seemed to have made full plan of enjoying at my expense. Omru just wait till you fall in love phir batata hu tum dono ko.
O- shivaay what happened. Meri best frnd k baare me sooch raha hai…
S- haan… nahi… but I mean this sudden plan.. any spl reason?
O-well There is an art exhibition which I was planning to attend
R- and I was getting bored so O told me to accompany him
Bhaiyaa won’t it be fun?
S- right lots of fun
O- Shivaay you happy naa

S- of course I mean it will be fun away frm mansion just the three of us no family drama of course i am looking forward to it.
O- naa i thought you will miss someone you know someone spl…
S- why would I miss Anika? She knows its my work I have to go. Its not a big deal
O- but I didnt say Anika?
S- oh I thought….
R- awww the tadibaaz bagadbilla is blushing.
S- shut up rudra. Watch your language.
Omru HiFi ed and had a hearty laugh
R- O it seems bhaiyaa only thinks abt our Anika bha.. didi
He became a paraya dhan. Omg!!
Shivom- shut up rudra
S- iski nautanki kabhi khatam nahi hoti.
O- but dumbell oberoi is right… i mean you guys love each other why dont you just make it offical..
S- official??
R- simple bhaiyaa… Anika di ko humari bhabhi bana lo. Get married.
Shivay blushed
O- I never ever thought my bro the great SSO itna blush bhi kar sakta hai
S- guys give it break will you and om whom will I miss..
O- (innocently)I meant prinku we three are going and she will be alone here…
R- but it seems our elder bro is..
S- alright guys enough just cut it plz. Listen I am busy and you too pack your stuff we will leave in another few hours.
O- as you say bro… see you later
R- bhai your phone it seems koi aap say baat karne ko bekarar hai ya shayad aap kisi say…
S- rudra k baache i will not leave you…
He aims a pillow at rudra who ducks and the pillow hits Om.
O- Heyy teri toh..
He throws the pillow back at shivaay but misses and hits rudra all three OBros enjoy a pillow fight and have a hearty laugh at their own kiddish behaviour .
They finally hug and enjoy a dil bole oberoi -Obro moment.
O- guys moment nikal gaya hai phele emotional tha..
S&R-…ab awkward ho gaya hai.
Almost an hour later..
Shivaay finally checks all the important stuff required and is all set to leave when his phone rings…. an innocent and knowing smile lit his face as he saw the name of the caller– Anika.
S- yeah ani whats up?
A- shiv I have to go sahil’s school. Will be late in coming to the mansion
S(mind) now I won’t be able to meet her today also which means two days work and today including almost 72 hrs. Why does this happen to me always after I spend a little quality time with her I am separated for a long time 72 hrs!!how will I survive!
A-shiv… shivaay are you there what happened you ok
S-oh sorry was just thinking something.. gotta go to delhi won’t be able to meet you for three days..
S- so?you are reacting as if its not a big deal.
A- of course it isn’t. Its a part of your work all the best for your meeting. I am sure its gonna be the way you want it. Just perfect and you will surely crack this deal too
S- Anika we won’t meet for 3 days…72 hours it is a big deal
He hears Anika laughing and is surprised and a bit irritated
S- whats there to laugh …
A- calculator singh oberoi… stop behaving like a kid. Its just a matter of three days shiv. Btw are you going alone.
S- naa Omru also coming.
A- then why are you sad. I am sure you three gonna have loads of fun and what you call…yeah that Obro moments. I am sure you wont miss me even a bit and before you realise we will be together again
S- maybe you are right but still I will miss you.
A- shivaay its 21 century you can call me whenever you feel like stop brooding. C’mon be a sport and concentrate on your business deal.
S- ok fine I am not brooding. Happy. chal bye gotta rush see you later
A-yeah bye love you
S- love you too sweetheart bye.
He hung up smiling to himself when Omru enter.
O- shivaay its time lets go
R- yeah bhabhi say baat ho gayi ho toh chale
Pi-whose bhabhi?? Who are you talkings abt
Shivomru shocked to see pinki standing at the bedroom entrance.
Shivaay gives a deadly glare to rudra who hides behind om. Om gives shivaay a let me handle this kind of comforting look
Pi- i asking something
O- actually choti maa rudra wants to see shivaay getting married soon therefore dumbell oberoi always keep asking shivaay abt the lucky girl… you know his future wife and our would be bhabhi.
Pi- thank god is ghar me koi hai apart frm me who wants shivaay to be married
O- we all want shivaay to get married soon but your son is taking time to decide…
Pi- but I decided a girl.. Tia Kapoor . Today itself will talk to Mrs Kapoor in fact we were talking abt it yesterday only. Shivaay weds Tia wow sounds so nice. Oh my mata
Shivomru- what!! No way!!

S- no way mom. How many times should I repeat I WILL MARRY THE GIRL OF MY CHOICE. I am old enough to take my decisions.
Shivaay looks at Omru clearly pissed off his eyes shooting daggers at them.
Pi- haan haan tu bada ho gaya hai do what ever you feel like. I have no importance naa..
S- listen mom its not like that. You want me to marry ok I will marry soon I promise but on one condition you will not talk abt this topic till I say so.. all of you ok
Pi- teek hai. If you say so.. but Dont forget your promise of getting married soon
S- I won’t.
O- shivaay I think we should leave already we are running late and if Mr oberoi comes he will start his rant abt wasting his nephew’s precious time.
S- yes om you are right lets go. Bye mom
Omru- bye choti ma
As the obros are walking through the gallery to the parking shivaay suddenly stops remembering something.
S- guys i just remembered some important stuff will catch up with you guys in a minute.
Shivaay rushed back to his room and opened the safe. He picked out a file placed in it.
S(mind)- I think I have the right to do this. Sorry anika I am not telling you abt this but I am sure this will biggest surprise gift which I can ever give you.
He placed the file carefully in his bag and joined his brothers as the trio started their journey to Delhi.
Thank you everyone for reading n appreciating my ff. Spl thnx to all silent readers as well.
Sorry for the late update and also I won’t be able yo update regularly for few more weeks.
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