Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 9

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Part 9
R- guys did you also hear what i heard.
So-it sounded something like..g.. girl..girlfriend right.
P- yeah saumya bhaiyaa said girlfriend only
Shivaay bit his tounge, regretting the sudden outburst.
R- you truely are a chupa rustom. But your choice is very nice. Superman and superwomen perfect combo
P- Omg I am so happy. My brother and my best frnd. I cant believe Anika will very soon become Anika Bhabhi
So- bade bhaiyaa you n Anika di are a great couple. Ek dam made for each other type.
S-listen guys esp rudra, I dont want the elders to know about this ok not till we are ready to tell this to them ourselves. So guys will you keep it till you only
So- dont worry bade bhaiyaa. Take your time we will keep this secret.
O- so guys I think we should leave these love birds alone
R-you are right O. Mere saath reh kar you have become intelligent.
O- really, dumb bell oberoi.
A- nahi ab sab yaha aa hi gaye ho toh lets cut the cake,its already midnight
R- didi oops bhabhi cake aayega kaha say.
A- rudra i am not your bhabhi yet
S(absent mindedly)- you soon will be
Anika blush others giggle.
Shivaay realises what he just said and looks around sheepishly.
S- lets concentrate on prinkus bday ok
Shivaay signs Anika who nods and brings the cake to the poolside.
S-for my darling prinku phelwan, I had already ordered one.
Prinku hugs shivaay-thank you so much bhaiyaa you are the best.
A- hey it was my idea
Prinku hugs her thank you Anika… bhabhi.
They all share a pic perfect group hug and cut the cake.

Next day
The morning the entire oberoi household is busy as it is their princess bday. Priyanka being youngest was the most pampered and adored one.
Anika was helping jhanvi in decorating the hall when Tej comes
(Tej and Jhanvi are very much in love with each other . The reason of tension between tej and om is om’s choice of profession )
T- Wow jhanvi dear, I must say your choice is the best in the world.
J- Tej all credit goes to Anika. The entire decoration idea was hers.
T- Well Anika beta, its really impressive. I haven’t seen such a classic decor since ages. You have a classy taste.
A- thank you tej uncle.
T- waise Anika I was thinking that next week we have a grand sucess party so why dont you organise it
Shivaay who just joined was on cloud nine . Thats a great idea bade papa. Anika is really awesome when it comes to managing events.
Shivaay comes and stands next to Anika. Jhanvi notices a peaceful glow on both shivika’s face when they stand near each other. They looked like a picture perfect couple.
T-What do you think ma?
D- yeah right Anika is really good at it.
P- oh my mata jeth ji what is so good about this decorations so borings so dull
J- pinki it is a classic decor ok.
P- yes of course jethaniji. You knows everything rights
T- is that even a ques pinki of course my jhanvi is best.
Sh- but bhai saab pinki also has a right to say her choice should also matter
T- whose stopping her but since logically jhanvi has better choice…
P- haan haan jeth ji we are toh .. useless types.
J-Pinki.. tej didnt mean like that..
Shivaay sighed- these elders just need a chance to fight . He gently pulls Anika and ask her to come with him. They both leave. Dadi who too is fed up by these fueds leave
D- Anika puttar have something. Since morning you are working like a maniac atleast take some rest.
A- nahi dadi its fine.
S- Anika i know you are a superwomen but even
superwomen needs rest. Ok so come
A- but shivaay…
S- no arguments. Ok fine lets dicuss and plan abt next week event, over a cup of coffee hmm
Anika nodds and they leave.
Dadi(mind)- billu and Anika look so go together. Acc to me she is just perfect for my billu.
Om enters with sahil
D- where are you two going
O- dadi we are planning a spl gift for prinku, its in my gallery so we are going to get it.
Come sahil
bye dadi
D- bye kids.

Om art gallery.
As the artistic duo was walking enjoying a leisurely convo
A person was watching them very keenly.
P(mind)- he is definitely sahil but what is he doing here with that strange long haired, city dwelling mowgli. And where is Ani, she never leaves sahil with anyone like this. They are going towards that isolated glass building. I have to find out who is that guy.
Om was telling sahil about his paintings
they hear a soft chirpy but anxious voice
P-sahil? Tu yaha kya kar raha hai
Omsa turn around . They see a beautiful girl dressed in a simple salwar suit, her long locks reached upto her waist.
S- gauri didi
He goes to her and hug her.
G- sahil tu yahan kya kar raha hai aur Anika kaha hai. Aur tu kiske saath aaya hai kaun hai yeh? Anika must be worried
O- actually Anika is my sister and she has no prob as long as sahil is with me so dont worry
G- stop fooling around Mr Mowgli Anika doesn’t have an elder brother. Sahil come with me.
S-didi but-
G- i dont wanna hear anything. Chal
O- listen Miss gauri Anika is my elder brother’s girlfriend and my younger sister’s best frnd and I consider her my sister and since past 2 days they both are staying at our house. Trust me sahil is safe with me.
S- haan gauri didi yeh mere Om bhaiyaa hai
G- oh I am sorry actually Ani never told anything about you so i was just worried seeing sahil with a stranger.
O- its ok. Sahil is really lucky to have two sisters. By the way I am Omkara, Omkara Singh Oberoi.
G- I am gauri kumari sharma.
ok acha i think I should leave
O- why dont you come inside.
G- some other time omkara ji
I am getting late.
O- plz dont be so formal call me Om. Hope we will meet again soon
G- yeah Bye sahil.
Om and sahil go to the gallery and get the gift – a potrait of priyanka that was kept there and return to the oberoi mansion.

The entire Oberoi Mansion is beautifully decked up for the party all thanks to Anika and Jhanvi.
Everyone gets ready and comes down .
Shivaay was dressed in his iconic 3 piece black designer suit with a red tie and red handkerchief in the front pocket. Om was wearing a black high neck teamed with blazer and Rudra a black shirt and trousers.
All the three Oberoi brothers were looking super dashing. The girls too came down looking extremely gorgeous. Sahil was looking cute in a black tee and jeans.
Anika wore that beautiful off shoulder gown which shivaay gifted to her . She was looking breathtaking in that elegant gown which she had team up with minimum accessories.
Saumya was looking cute in her red knee length frock and priyanka was looking like a beautiful princess in a red crop top and long skirt
Soon the guests which mainly consisted of priyanka’s clg frnds arrived and the party started.
Halfway through the party
Shivaay was pretty much frustated that he hadnt got a single chance to be with Anika since the party started no since the morning because that superwomen was still busy managing the party.
True she was looking stunning and that made it more difficult for him to resist. Since the start of the party his brothers n sister kept texting him every few mintues to stop staring at Anika. And Anika too had made full plans to keep him waiting as whenever he would try to go near him she would run off to some other for checking some arrangement or other.
Through the corner of her eyes she could see the frustrated look on shivaay’s face and was enjoying troubling him. Well bagadbilla i just love to keep you waiting like this.
Shivaay could see the victory smile on her face . Irked he thought Miss superwomen you just wait. Its pay back time now. Ab toh mujhe SSO mode me aana hi padega. He did he signature hair flick and smirked.
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