Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 8

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Part 8
P&R- yeh ho kya raha hai( whats going on)
R-prinku are you seeing the same thing or is it a dream?
P- if it is a dream then mujhe bhi same sapna dekh raha hai
R- plz pinch me prinku
priyanka pinches rudra.
R- ouch yaar aram say.
P- i cant believe this. Anika and shivaay bhaiyaa…
R- Prinku yeh Shivaay bhaiyaa toh bade chupa rustom nikale.( this is something unbelievable abt SSO )
P- rudra bhaiyaa you are right
R- I never knew that shivaay bhaiyaa mujh say bhi jada fast hoge.. pheli meeting aur baat yaha tak..( he is faster than me first meeting and their romance started)
Suddenly realisation hit him. One sec yesterday night shivaay bhaiyaa got a message from some Anika only.
Kahin Anika didi shivaay bhaiyaa ki girlfriend toh nahi.
P- come lets go and ask them only
R- prinku stop. If we ask they would definitely give some excuse . Lets do this in Rudy style. Then shivaay bhaiyaa will himself confess.
P- he won’t fall for trap. My shivaay bhaiya is very smart
R- just wait and watch by tonight he would definitely confess.
They glance at the poolside and see Shivaay and Anika still lost in tight embrace.
R(in a loud voice)- Prinku have you seen shivaay bhaiyaa
P- no but have you seen Anika
R- yeah Anika didi is at the poolside.

Hearing rupri shivika break off and stand a bit apart.
S- stop blushing Anika
A-I am not blushing
Rudra and priyanka enter.
R- oh so you guys met. But let me introduce you two
Anika didi this is The Great Wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi and shivaay bhaiyaa this is Anika didi.
Waise Prinku you know our shivaay bhaiyaa has great affinity towards Anika
P- why
S- what
R- because you know kal raat he was chatting with some Anika and today he was… matlab he met Anika didi
see logic.
(Does his logic sign)
S- shut up rudra
Dadi comes there. Billu you met Anika
R- you know shivaay bhaiyaa’s nickname.
Anika looked at shivaay and smiled hello billuji
rudra prinku hid a smile as no one other then dadi had the courage to call shivaay billu.
Shivaay gave her a deadly glare.
S- actually dadi we kind of know each other we are ..
A- frnds.
R-only frnds. I thought… I mean how did you guys become frnds
S- she is great event manger so we kind of keep meeting each other you know for work purpose
R- (slyly) what kind of work bhaiyaa?
Om and sahil enter
O- hey shivaay tu abhi tak yahi hai. Not going to office today.
S-no if required I will work from home only
O- yeah after all office me tera mann toh lagega nahi(Afterall you won’t be able to concentrate)
R- O yeh aap kya kah rahe ho.. shivaay bhaiyaa ka office me mann nahi lagega( O what are you saying bhaiyaa and lack og concentration, not possible.)
O- you know Rudy sometimes situations change people. Right shivaay

shivaay scowled at Om asking him to stop. Seriously if looks could kill om would have been dead by now. Om on the other hand was enjoying himself.
Rudra and prinku too were trying to make shivaay accept the truth.
S-what do you mean Om
O- (innocently)- I mean prinku’s bday party. If you will keep thinking abt it how will you concentrate on your work
S- yeah om.
P-om bhaiyaa , rudra bhaiyaa shivaay bhaiyaa blush kyu kar rahe hai
R- aur Anika didi bhi..
S-guys give it a break. Lets have the Lunch, I am starving
O- Sure as you wish. Come guys lets eat.
A cute chubby and bubbly girl of about rudra’s age enter the oberoi mansion. Dadi who was in the hall looked up with a pleasant smile.
D- wlcm saumya dear, how are you? How was your journey?
So-hello dadi(touching her feet) I am fine.
The youngsters of the house enter
D- Kids come here. I want you to meet someone. Bachho yeh saumya hai and then she introduces saumya to others.
Shivom develop an instant liking and affection for saumya.
So-aap bade bhaiyaa ,aap bade baal wale bhaiyaa aur yeh..
R- main hu lady killer rudra singh oberoi. You know I rule every girls heart and I am super handsome super dashing oberoi
So- i just asked your name rudra
S- hey saumya why dont you just freshen up and come we all will have our lunch together.
D- good idea billu
S- dadi plz stop calling me that..
D- what?
A- billu?
S- Anika tum naa
A- mai kya billu ji.
S- i won’t leave you..
A- catch me if you can billuji
S- hey..
And they both start running and chasing each other.

All others looked amused.
O- shivaay Anika stop behaving like kids.
They both stop and look slightly embarrassed.
Saumya also come down and all of them settle down for lunch. Shivaay sat between rudra and sahil opposite Anika who sat with prinku and om. They all enjoy lunch. Shivaay’s phone beeps and he is surprised to see a text from Om.
“Stop staring at Anika , Shivaag you are making it look obvious”.
Shivaay felt colour rising on his face and looked at om who smirked.
P- shivaay bhaiyaa lets go to mall. We need to get dresses for tomorrow right.
S- your wish is my command prinku.

At the mall
Since the theme for party was red for girls and black for boys.
The girls get busy shopping. Shivaay spots a beautiful red side off shoulder gown and decides to get this for Anika. He tells the sales girl to give this over to that girl over there.
Anika takes the dress, he phone beeps
” this is for my beautiful angel.”
She spots shivaay and he smiles.
As usual rudra comes there. Bhaiyaa come naa I need your help.
S(mind)- why the hell does he come at the wrong time.
Finally after enjoying thoroughly they all buy the dresses.
Tired and exhausted after long fun filled shopping session at the mall. They relax a bit at a food joint.
After having an enjoyable yet a bit exhausting day they all retire to bed .
Anika saumya and prinku in priyanka’s bedroom.
Shivru in shivaay’s room and om-sahil in om’s bedroom.
After making sure that rudra is asleep, shivaay moves out of the room.
All three girls chat for a while then prinku,saumya fall asleep. Anika all lies down and close her eyes. But a message beeps
“Waiting for you at the poolside.”
Anika makes sure that prisau are asleep and tiptoes over to the poolside.
However the moment she leaves prinku texts something to rudra.
She smiles- hey there what happened
he pulls her onto his lap, hugging her- nothing just wanted to spend some time with you in peace.
A- really billuji
S- paanika dont call me that
A&S-shivaay/anika and they laugh.
Anika turns to face him, encircling her arms around his neck, she caresses his hairs and gently kisses his cheek and rest her head against his chest.
Shivaay tightens his grip on her waist, kisses her hairs and gently rest his chin on top of her head.
A- you are really lucky to have a great family.
S- and even more lucky to have you my sweetheart.
They both stay like this for a while. Basking in each others presence enjoying the bliss and tranquility and experiencing the beautiful sensation of being number one in someone’s life.
S- i love you so much
A- I love you even more
Shivaay bends down to peck her lips when they hear a ahem ahem .
Stunned they see prinku, saumya,rudra, om and sahil.
R(cheekily)- dont worry we didnt see anything.
S- Fhat The Wuck! What are you guys doing here.
R- hum jo bhi kar rahe ho kam say woh toh nahi kar rahe jo aap dono kar rahe ho.
P- Anika Shivaay bhaiyaa why are you blushing.
A&S- no we are not. We were planning.
R-that we could see..
P-what kind of planning
S- we were just talking …just discussing..
R- like this… bhaiyaa stop lying .You are such a big chupa rustom.
So- by the way bade bhaiyaa what were you discussing..
R-sumo try to understand, try to understand… a girl a boy… alone..
O- Rudra stop troubling my brother.
S- thanks om
O- waise tu itni raat ko pool k pass actually kya kar raha tha
Omru share a HiFi while others laugh. Both shivika turn tomato red and shivaay kind of losses his control and blurts out
S- enough guys. I can do whatever I want to with my girlfriend. Whats your problem!
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