Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 30

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Part 30
Mahi and Rudra are standing in the corner discussing or rather looking for someone to flirt with… when they spot two girls dressed in modern outfits grinning at them flirtatiously
Mahi approaches one of them
M-Heyy beautiful.. someone is looking really very gorgeous
Girl(G1)-Ohh thank you btw you look even more handsome than your brother Shivaay Singh Oberoi
M- Oh thanks a lot Miss.. waise I have never seen someone like you before.. your eyes are like deep ocean I just wish to explore the depths and swim in your eyes
Another girl from behind holds his ear and twists it with force

G2- Make sure you swim properly or else you may drown and I dont think you want an early death
Mahi froze when he heard the voice.. gulping the saliva he turned around to see his twin smirking victoriously while his bhabhi was giving him you-are-gone type look. Along with Shivaay and Anika was another girl dressed in an elegant blue saree with her eyes shooting daggers at him
S(calmly)-Sorry to disturb you actually I wanted you to meet my bhabhi Mrs Ishaana Mahi
M-I.. is.. ishu you here
I- Kyu mujhe nahi aana chaiye tha.. so that you could do whatever you wanted
M-nothing like that baby.. I was really missing you
I-ohh so thats why you wanted to swim in that cheapdi’s eyes.. How dare you
M- but you here like I mean

S- well Its my engagement toh meri Bhabhi toh yaha honi hi chahiye naa
A-yes so we invited ishana.. coz Mr chupa rustom gangaram forgot to bring his wife and my dear jethaniji along
M(to shivaay)-you could have told me shock dena zaroori tha
S-it was supposed to be a surprise
I-I asked them not to tell you.. wanted to give you a surprise but it seems you won’t change.
M- I was just.. just like that only shivaay tell naa
S-yes bhabhi it wasnt serious he was just fooling around actually flirting is an art jo har kisi k baas ki baat nahi hoti right mahi
M- bhai hai ya dushman
Shivaay smirked and winked – both
A-well mahi you got married atleast inform toh karta I am really very angry
A- I was your best frnd.

M-Sorry naa bhav maat kha jada
A- well I may forgive you but ishu dont forgive him easily
M- bhabhi you were..
I- Right Anika this time he doesnt deserve apology
M-Baby I am sorry
He made a cute face.. ishana pretends to melt and in a cute voice…
I-well Apology..
Mahi smiles
I-…. not accepted

M-fhat the wuck!!
Shivaay laughed while Anika and ishana shared a high five
A-that was a good one..
I-thanks waise Anika I must say you got the better one.
A-I know.. but yours isnt bad either
Ishana chats with shivika but ignores mahi who tries various antics to please her including bring a bunch of roses.. but ishana refused to forgive.
Rudra was looking for his kidkitod bhabhi and so he came over.. looking at ishana
R- well aap kaun?
S- Rudy she is your bhabhi

R-Bhabhi!! Bhaiyaa how could you cheat Anika bhabhi and that too on your engagement day
S-shut up rudra…why the hell will I cheat Anika and she is ishana Mahi’s wife
R-ohh ok hello bhabhi… wait WHAT!! MAHI BHAI..
Mahi overs his mouth.. do you want to tell the whole city dumbell oberoi…
R-but when where how
Om too joins them and is surprised to see ishana there

O-Miss Ishana nice to meet you again
M- one sec how do you know her
Ishana ignore mahi
I- hello Mr oberoi trust me the pleasure is all mine. I am a big fan of yours. your paintings are like amazing fantastic ekdum kidhkitod in Anika’s language.
M-but how come..

O- well I met her at one of my exhibition. She was one of the most talented budding artist I must say… anyways I wasn’t expecting you here Miss Ishana
R- its supposed to be Mrs Ishana or ishana bhabhi
O- what.. bhabhi??

S-yeah Mrs Ishana Mahi you know this playboy finally found love
O-you.. you got married!!
M- yeah woh last year.. look I am sorry actually everything was so..
He was cut in middle as Omru tackled him into a bone crashing hug and shivaay too joins them.
O- Omg!!you got married I cant believe the guy who feared commitment actually got married.. dude congrats. Welcome to the family ishana.
I- thank you
R- wow I got two two bhabhis.. O you also get married to gauri didi then I will get three three bhabhis

O-what?? Gauri is my friend rudra. However he blushed a little.
S-Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi the saach ka boyfriend why are you blushing.. is she really just friend
M- yeah so you like gauri kumari sharma
R- O likes gauri didi..
O- stop it guys
A-enough you three shut up ok!! stop teasing my dear devar..
O-thanks bhabhi

A-waise om why dont you accept that you like gauri
Rest all laugh aniru share a HiFi and om makes a cute pout
O-bhabhi you too.. not fair
S-C’mon O meri kidkitod Anika hai.. she will always be in my team only.
He lovingly places his arms around her.
They all continue chatting when priveer,gauri and saumya also join them
R- so mahi bhaiyaa did you like the surprise
M-ohh now I get it yeh saara raita tumne phailaya hai… you did my gangaram you idiot you could have told me
R-well I will take credit for it and how could I tell I mean I am in shivaay bhaiyaa’s team naa
M-shivaay bhaiyaa ka chamcha.. I wont spare you
S-oye stop threatening my brother

A-stop it you guys… C’mon enough party is going on. Anyways shivaay dont you think our family should meet the eldest oberoi bahu
S- yes Anika.. come ishana let me introduce you to our folks
M-thats not needed Shivaay
A-it is.. C’mon mahi ishana has the right to meet her inlaws.

M-bhabhi I dont belong to this family. I am just shivaay’s brother and all my family members have already met my wife.
O-mahi I understand what you are going through but for ishana
I-its ok guys if mahi doesn’t want then fine
A-stop being pativrata ishu. You always longed for a family right
I-but anu I have you guys.. you are family.. my husband, brother in laws, sister in laws, brother you all arw here
M-ishu baby if you wany then its ok. Afterall its your right
S-good then..
Dadi comes there.. billu

S-dadi atleast here call me shivaay plz billu is so embarrassing
A-shut up billuji.. billu is cute
S-Anika how many times should I say stop this cute thing.
D-(looking at ishana)puttar yeh kaun hai
S-dadi she is your eldest daughter in law ishana.. mahi’s wife
D-what!! Mahi you married and didnt consider telling us thats very bad

M-dadi I am sorry actually it happened all of a sudden
Ishaana bends and touch her feet to seek blessings
D-khush raho puttar. Wah mahi badi sundar hai meri bahu.
M-I know dadi
P-OMM my sons got married me not informs
M-Mrs Oberoi party is going on so plz dont create a scene. Anyways my brother knew abt it aur baki kisi ko batana zaroori nahi tha.
Ishana takes her inlaws blessings as rest of senior oberoi all come there. They are upset that mahi didnt tell them but happy that he got a perfect life partner.

After the party

M- so Shivaay-Anika I think we should leave now else I will miss my flight
O-what!!you are leaving
R-bhaiyaa you promised
Pr-plz dont go bhaiyaa Afterall you came back after so long.
M-sorry guys but I have imp work and waise bhi I just came for his engagement.
D-puttar itni bhi kya jaldi hai

M-dadi I cant stay I am sorry..
O-shivaay ask him to stay naa
S-guys I promised I won’t force him. But mahi dont forget you are coming back for our wedding
A-and dont yoy dare refuse..else my chameli will not leave you
M-shant Jhansi ki Rani. What do you think your bagadbilla will let me miss your wedding.. he will kill me If I dont come and I value my life. Don’t worry guys I promise I will come and for a longer time

S-mahi you guys go and change.. Anika and I will drop you
O-Shivaay you must be tired.. I will drop them
S-no its ok.. waise bhi you guys are the ones who are tired not me.
R-ohh so bhaiyaa wants to spend time with bhabhi hmm
S-well guys we are engaged I can spend time with
A-well I think we should change too.. I dont think you would go to airport in sherwani
Anika goes to her room and shivaay to his.
Shivaay’s Room

Shivaay changed into something comfortable and looked lovingly at his engagement ring.
S(mind)- Anika lets make our engagement day more memorable one.
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Ps: I know ishana and mahi is a very odd combination but I coudnt think of anyone else

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