Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 26

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Part 25
Episode 25
Part 26
Anika and Mahi shout in unsion Tum!!
This shocks the rest of them. They wonder how come they know each other.
A- O bete ki mahi.. tu yaha that means you and shivaay
M- are twins right. Anyways great to see you again Miss Kidkitod Anika
Mahi-Anika hug and this surprises them even more and irkes shivaay.. he was getting a bit jealous
A- anyways you just disappeared … matlab seedha chu mantar.. isa gayab hua ki aaj dikha itne saalo bad
M-kya baatu yaar bas got busy.. you know.
A- I really missed you though
M- me too
But anika mahi ignore him

M- waise I should have known.. sirf tum hi mere is tadibaaz bhai ko sambal sakti ho
A- woh.. you know what when I first saw shivaay For few seconds I thought it was you.. but When I saw his kanji aakhe.. I realised it was not you
M- shivaay told me when you guys first met you broke his car windscreen waise I have no doubt but is it like really..

A-mujhe naa tere issay akdu tadibaaz bagadbille bhai par gussa aa gaya aur.. mujhe
M- you felt michmichmi right. So broke the windscreen .
A-Hmmm.. you know naa jab mujhe gussa aata hai…
M-BTW I am glad you didnt use your chameli on him or was it chandini
M- Waise ek baat bata tum dono k beech yeh raita kab say phail raha hai coz shivaay told me abt your relationship just before proposing you and trust me I was shocked.. that Mr SSO actually fell in love. So when did it start?

A-arry woh abhi kuch time say.. matlab.. phele tashan phir nafrat phir dosti aur phir pyaar… she blushes .
M-aww blushing and all not bad.. bhabhi ji he winked
A-bas kar mahi
M-perfect combination btw.. Tadibaaz bagadbilla and Jhansi ki Rani..
While they were conversing

R-O mahi bhaiyaa ne toh Anika bhabhi ki language me phd kar rahki hai.
O-Shivaay I think you should take coaching frm him
S-Hmmm. Fhat the wuck.. Dono ko dehko i mean just look at them.. talking nonstop.. it seems like they forgot that we all are here too
O-rudra dont you feel something is burning
R-right.. shall I call the fire brigade

S-shut up you guys why the hell would I get jealous
O-right we can see that.
Shivaay goes over to mahi and anika
S-excuse me. hello. guys if your talking is over care to tell us how come you know each other
M- shivaay I think I told you abt her..remember few yrs back I told you abt a girl who helped me …
S-bro yoh have talked abt more than 100 girls how will I remember.
A- actually shivaay some 8 years back when I just started working three times a day.. you know during one of my night jobs few goons tried to misbehave and..
M-luckily I was just passing by when I saw…
A-mahi saved my life that day and so we became frnds

M-I was homeless that time .. I had no where to go so Anika was kind enough to let me stay at her place till I found a proper place.. thankfully I got chawl nearby to stay
A-so since then mahi has been a very close and protective frnd but then suddenly he just disappeared aur aaj jakar mila.
ShivOmru were silent. Shivaay was in deep thoughts.. Anika worked so hard frm such small age she struggled so much, endured so much…. his brother.. SSO’s twin bro lived in a chawl.. it was just too much for him to handle so hugged both of then tightly. Omru prinku joined too.
A-but I dont get it.. I mean mahi if you are shivaay’s brother.. I mean you are an oberoi then how come

M-leave it.. some ques are best left unanswered
S-leave it Anika we will talk about it some other time.
Gauri and Saumya enter and they also spot Mahi
G-arrey mahi bhaiyaa.. long time no see
M- Gauri kumari Sharma.. I thought so I mean Anika was here so I wondered I would meet you too. I glad to see you again

O- you know her too bro
M- ofcourse yes….Anika and gauri were neighbors plus both are you know more like sisters..
G-bro??you mean you and Om are brothers
M-I am shivaay’s twin brother
G-tabhi hum sooche ki bade bhaiyaa bilkul aapk jaise kyu dihk rahe the.
M-Heyy btw where is sahil
A-he was tried.. he is sleeping.

Om introduces saumya to him
Mahi she is saumya my sister so technically your sister too
M-Heyy there cuteipie
Sa-hi mahi bhaiyaa or should I call you.. lets see.. supercool bhaiyaa
M- perfect nickname sweety..
nice to meet you saumya.. beautiful voice you have.. I think I have heard it somewhere
S-thank you

M-Heyy aren’t you the love angel.
M-yes you are love angel I am your biggest fan.. your advice really help a lot when it comes to girls..
R-sumo tum… you are love angel.. why didnt you tell me before hmmm
Sa-Rudy woh..(think rudra might be angry)
R-I need your help actually that girl..

Shivom-shut up rudra
M-he hasn’t changed a bit
S(muttering)-tum par gaya hai.. Mr Flirt Sr.
M-did you say something

S-no nothing
A servant comes and tell them to come for dinner.
M-bro I gotta go… see you tomorrow
S-excuse me what do you mean
M- I came here to meet you guys… I will come back for your engagment tomorrow dont worry
R-you are not going anywhere
M-I am not staying here
S-you are. C’mon mahi this is your house

M- this was my house. I will manage.. will stay at some hotel don’t worry
O-guys let him…. if he wants you have no right to force him
O-respect his decision shivaay.. it will be emotionally painful for him
M- thanks O.
S- ok fine but first meet every one
M-whose left? I met you guys you are my family.. no one else is imp. Look you are the good boy of family… I am not. Aur jo rishte toot chuke hai dont try to mend them coz its not possible
S-atleast meet dadi

M-ok but then I am leaving.
They come to the dinning area all elders already present.
Youngsters enter since mahi was the last one to come.. no one saw him
S-dadi I want you to meet someone spl
Da-who is it billu..

S-your grandson dadi… he moves aside and all are shocked to see mahi. Mahi tries to maintain a straight neutal face.. competely emotionless
Da-mahi puttar..
Mahi ignores the rest walkd over to dadi and touch her feet
Da-(teareyed)- where were you my son..maine toh umeed hi chod di thi ki marne say phele..
M-(place a finger on her lips)- dont say like this.. I came back see.. he kisses dadi’s forehead and hugs her tightly.. still holding back his tears.
After few moments he breaks the hug and in a controlled voice say-I think I should leave now
Da-what do you mean.. you are not going anywhere.
M-I have to dadi I am sorry. I cant stay here..

Da-puttar where are you going then
M-I will stay at some hotel
And turns to leave when Shakti tries to stop him

Sa-mahi beta you have your house here then why hotel
M-You are mistaken Mr Oberoi.. I dont have any house here.. and plz for godsake I am not your son
Pinki comes there tears flowing
Pi- what are you saying not your are my son.. my mahi (carresing his face). Beta apni maa say jada naraz nahi reh sakta. I am your mom naa.
M-(roughly jerks her hand) Mrs Pinki Singh Oberoi you dont even deserve to be called a mother…do you even know what mother means.. a mother is a child’s support system.. woh khud bikhaar jati hai but never lets her child break down, she can bear any sorrow for her child aur aap aapne mujhe todne me koi kasar nahi chodi… mera pyaar,mera junoon, mere sapne.. sab kuch toh chin liya tha aapne. Still you say you are my mother

Pi-I know I made a mistake par won’t you forgive your mother
M- My parents are dead for me
And without a single glance backward he walked out of the oberoi mansion

Pi(crying)-Shivaay plz bring him back..tell him to come back do whatever just bring him back
S-I am sorry mom.. i will not force him.. what all you did with him is unforgivable. I cant help you here.
Shivaay leaves too coz it was getting difficult for him to hold back his emotions.. one side whenever he thought abt his mom’s misdeeds and how coz of her he was distanced from his brother he was angry at her but on the other side he knew that she had changed a lot now he was sad for her too.

Soon all try to act normal and have dinner silently and retire to their rooms.
Anika was feeling really bad for pinki and wanted to console her but she stopped when she remembered mahi’s state back then.

A(mind)- today mahi may be a self made rich guy but I still remember the pain , trauma and depression.. I have seen his worst day.. if thats because of maa then she deserves punishment for her misdeeds par.. galti toh insaan say hi hoti hai.. she also made a mistake..
Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder.. involuntarily her lips curve into a small smile.. shivaay

S-what happened Anika?
A- I was just thinking whether I should talk to maa right now or not. She was pretty upset
S-I know but I think its better if we leave her alone and give her some space.
A-I guess you are right.
S-BTW I think you should sleep.. tomorrow is our engagement you have to look fresh C’mon go take rest
A-I am not feeling sleepy shivaay
S-(pulls her to him)-then What do you want to do?

A-lets go to the poolside come naa and talk. I wanna know what happened exactly to mahi
S-its a long story Anika… kya karogi jaan kar
A- shivaay he is not only your brother but my best frnd too. I have seen the worst phase of his life.. mujhe jaanna hai.

S-as you wish Anika.
they go to the poolside and sit on the edge of the pool cuddling each other ….
Thats it for today
Until next time…..☺

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