Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 25

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Part 24
Part 25
The guy enters the oberoi mansion with full swag removing his glares and ruffling his hairs. He enquires the staff about shivaay’s whereabouts.
P(mind)-This place looks just the same. No dont get emotional this isn’t forever just one day and I am gone
he was deep in his thoughts when he heard a shrill Oh My Mata!!he turns around and sees Mrs Pinky Singh Oberoi standing there looking at him with shocked expression. All she managed to say was You
P-Hello Mrs Pinki Singh Oberoi
Pi-What are you doing here
P- Relax Mrs Oberoi I am just here for your sons engagement and dont worry I will leave asap
Pi-but how.. I mean
P- I just came here coz shivaay insisted plz excuse me
Pi- plz.. beta Listen
P- you lost the right to call me your son long ago.
Still she tried to hug him but he moved back and without a glance left.
He leaves for the poolside wiping the tears… stupid tears why cant they just stop. while Pinki stands rooted to the spot silently crying.
All are busy talking when a servant comes there- Anika mam jhanvi mam is calling you.. she want to discuss something imp with you
A-yeah I am coming
Anika leaves.
This leaves only oberoi siblings at the poolside. The person enters the pool area but everyone is so engrossed that no one really notices his presence and he just admires them from a distance.. after few moments
P- Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Hearing his voice all stopped in their tracks and turned to him
The Obros and Prinku froze as they saw him. The guy who just entered was shivaay’s look alike.. they looked like xerox copies of each other… the only differences were the colour of their eyes while shivaay had deep intense bluish green eyes this guy had gentle playful black eyes and ofcourse their dressing sense. Yep he was Mahi their eldest brother… even though he was older to shivaay by just 15 min still he was the big bro to shivaay also.
Shivomrupri-mahi were all having tears in their eyes only difference was while shivaay was smiling through his tears others were looking shocked not knowing how to react. For few moments there was complete silence. Mahi walks over to shivaay.
M- I kept my promise shivaay
Coming back to senses shivaay goes over to him and hugs him tightly letting loose all his emotions finally. I knew it.. I knew you would come back.. I am so happy thank you
M-how can I ever refuse you shivaay… I am really happy for you bro congrats. True love is a rare commodity and I am really glad you found it
S- I know
They hugged tightly and tears streamed down their eyes
M-Bro I wanna meet my bhabhi.. really gotta thank her coz she agreed to marry but idiotic unromantic and extremely dumb brother
S-Mahi you too.. Omru aur
Prinku kam the jo you too started… aate hi shuru ho gaya naa tu.
They both laugh slightly and hug again.
Hearing their names Omrupri come back to senses and mahi turns to face his cousins.. there was another awkward tensed silence where Omru were looking at mahi not knowing what to do… prinku made the first move she rushed to mahi hugging him tightly..
P-bhaiyaa I missed you so much.. why did you do this .. you forget us very bad I am very angry
M-prinku.. meri pyaari behen.. kitni badi ho gayi tu.. prinku I am so sorry.. maaf karde plz and how can you even think I forgot you can you forget someone you deeply love.. you cant even imagine how much I missed you.. all of you
P-then why did you go.. you never even called us.. never told where you were.. every raksha bandhan I used to feel so sad.. I always used to think where my eldest brother was and I used to tie the rakhi to the teddy you gifted me and hoped and prayed ki coming rakshabandhan I would def tie in on your wrist but..
M-I missed you too prinku but see I came back naa I promise.. now on you will have all 4 brothers ok…
P-bhaiyaa and started crying in his arms
M-Shh.. I came back after so long.. this is how you gonna welcome your brother
Wiping her tears ok now give me my fav cute prinku spl smile
Priyanka smiled and hugged him tightly again

P-mahi bhaiyaa aap rote hue bilkul acche nahi lagte and wiped his tears.
M-really hmm he smiled and kissed her forehead.
Rudra came and placed a hand on his shoulder and hugged
R- bhaiyaa you used to be my partner in crime and my savior kyu chod k chale gaye the mujhe hmm bolo All those Obro moments were so incomplete without you… earlier whenever anyone would scold me you saved me but you left me alone.. kyu bhaiyaa didnt you miss me even once. All these years Every time when shivaay bhaiyaa or O used to scold me or irritate me I used to miss my super cool bhaiyaa so much.
M-I am sorry rudra plz forgive me.. I never wanted to leave you guys but That time I had no other option but now I will be with you guys alone
M(mind)even if I am away.. I won’t let you guys miss me
R-promise me bhaiyaa you will never leave me
M-(ignoring what Rudy just said)- stop crying… Mr crybaby.. trust me Itna toh prinku bhi nahi roti.. cmon wipe your tears..
He hugged him again. Shivaay and prinku joined the hug but om didnt even move
Breaking the hug.. mahi looked at Om
M- Om tu..
But om just went away from there
S-Om Come back
R-O what..
M-let it be shivaay he will come around.. I know when I left om was hurt the most.. dont worry I will go talk to him and make up with him
Mahi goes after Om. Om leans on a pillar and starts crying when he feels a hand on his shoulder
M-Om plz listen
O(jerking his hand away)no thanks I am fine
M-I am sorry om.. I know I have hurt you a lot.. I left the house then ignored and avoided you, but at that time.. mujhe kuch samjh hi nahi aa raha tha.. and usk baad when I got to know abt Mrs Pinki oberoi’s misdeeds I just couldn’t handle.. plz forgive me
O-Mahi meri situation bhi same thi.. Mr oberoi was unfair to me and that time I needed support and a person who could understand me.. I needed you but you left..
M- I was completely broken Om. How could have I helped you
O- we could have helped and supported each other but nahi you just left a note and..
M- plz forgive me.I know I behaved like a coward running away par I was broken, hurt and this oberoi tag was suffocating me plz om.. maaf kar de.. beat me,slap me ,fight shout at me punish me do what you want but plz plz forgive.. I want my brother my best frnd back.
Om was not able to control and hugged him.
Meanwhile at poolside
S- we need to do something..
But to his pleasant surprise mahi and om returned. They had resolved all their issues.
R-guys after so many years we all are here toh iss baat pe toh banta hai naa.. Obro moment
shiomrumapri- dil bole oberoi..
And all hug each other.
Anika and Jhanvi were discussing abt the dream project where Anika was her partner. Anika tells jhanvi that she always wanted to become an interior designer but never got an opportunity.. so she started first catering and then event management but her dream never changed and she was so happy that finally it was going to be fulfilled
They decide to work on intial issues a day or two after the engagement and they will start the ful fledged work on project after the marriage.
After a detailed discussion Anika leaves.. on her way she spots an upset pinki and goes to her
A-Maa are you ok
Pi- haan
A- you are looking upset.. If you want yo can share.. sharing helps reduce pain
Pi-beta I am alright just a bit tired.. pakka
A-ok maa then you take rest.. dont stress yourself.. everything will be fine.
She hugged her and goes to the pool area
The oberoi youngsters were chatting among themselves.. Afterall mahi returned after 10 yrs and these yrs only shivaay was in touch with him.. so there was so much to talk abt
Anika entera and notices that there is an extra person however since mahi is having his back to her she doesn’t see him
M-shivaay Bhabhi say nahi milwayega
S-oh yeah I almost forgot( he sees Anika)- Ahh…there she is and gestures her to come
Mahi turns around and Anika and mahi look at each other.. for few seconds both are rendered speechless coz both are shocked to the core and then unison shriek- TUM!!
Thats it for today
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