Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 24

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Part 24
Anika was shocked, stunned, surprised… This must surely be a dream.. how is it possible this doesn’t make any sense.. Anika was rooted to her place and was trying to register what actually was happening she watched in disbelief as her little sahil made his way to her taking small and steady steps without any support. Unknown to her tears were streaming down her eyes. Shivaay was getting little worried as he had expected anika to get happy but there she stood expressionless.. crying.
Sahil went near to Anika but slightly staggered that was when Anika came back to her senses and … just hugged him tightly
A-Sahil you are fine.. your leg is fine… mera sahil teek ho gaya.. this is not a dream
Sa-didi I am standing here naa how can it be a dream. See I am alright and I can walk.. doc said after few days I can even run and dance and play.. right SSO
Shivaay who was lost in his own chain of thoughts nodded absent mindedly..
Now it struck Anika why was shivaay in delhi. She got up and shook shivaay out of his reverie
A-(teareyed) this is why you went to Delhi… for sahil’s treatment.. right
S-actually Anika woh.. haan .. nahi means
A-answer me Shivaay you lied abt the business trip
S-yes I did coz I wanted to give you a surprise… wanted to fulfil your dream so I took this decision without your consent look I know I should have talked to you but…
He was cut off in the mid by Anika who placed her finger on his lips
A-Ssssh how much do you speak
Shivaay was like really look who is talking and was abt to protest when anika hugged him tightly
All his previous apprehensions worries and nervousness forgotten he hugged her back with all that he had..
A- thank you so much shivaay this is truly the most spl gift
S-shhhh no need to thank me baby
They stood like that for sometime when an irritated voice forced them to break apart
Sa-Heyy I am feeling left out.. and I think I should get this affection right now.. he stomped his feet in mild indignation
Shivika broke apart and blushing slightly looked at sahil with a really cute expression
A&S-Aww sahil sorry
They both kissed his cheek simultaneously and shared a cute group hug.
Sa-I am still angry
S-angry hmm.. tujhe manane k liye kya kare … what do you want
Sa-Icecream and chocolate shake and..
A-basbas jada ho raha hai
S-C’mon anika he is just a kid . Bol tujhe kya kya chahiye.. you will get it for sure.
A-stop spoiling him Shivaay
S-I won’t and this is between me and my sahil you stay out of it.
Sa- thanks bhaiyaa. You are the best
S-waise sahil I was thinking whether after our wedding will you call me jiju or your Anika di as bhabhi coz you are both my and Anika’s bro
Sa- good ques.. but it doesn’t really matter as long as you both are with me kya fark padhta hai..
Shivika-Aww sahil and share another group hug.
S-come on lets go
They reach an icecream parlour and enjoy icecreams
A-BTW shivaay all this so suddenly.. I mean why this hurry and all this operation stuff all of a sudden
S-actually Anika I was planning abt this for sometime and then I met my frnd who is a doc and he told me cure is possible so I wanted sahil to be perfectly alright before any of the ceremony starts
A-thank you so much shivaay. I am really lucky to have you
S-Me too
Sa- I am really excited about tomorrow
S-we all are..
When the trio reach home they find the oberois waiting for them Omru are really relieved that all things went perfectly and sahil is adored and pampered by each and every member of the family.
While every one is busy pampering sahil shivaay quietly sneaks into his room and calls someone. After some 10 odd minutes he hangs up smiling.
Almost all the preps and all are done. The elders are busy with last min preps while the youngsters are all relaxing at the poolside
R-its so great kal finally your engagement.. waise bhaiyaa you should give me a spl treat
S-what for
R-for managing your stuff.. shopping and all coz you went to delhi
S-Thank you so much Rudy
A- yeh Gauri abhi tak nahi aayi.
O-I told her to come soon.. well should I go and pick her you know..
S&A- Oooh
S- look Anika some is getting desperate
O-kuch bhi
A- come on om shivaay told me you never lie so tell me do you like gauri
O-bhabhi you too
R- dont change the topic O
O-honestly I dont know.. I mean she is a very nice and something more than a good frnd more than that I cant say coz I dont know…
R-oh my god lagta hai very soon long hair person bhi paraya dhan ban jaega mera kya hoga oh no.
Shivom- shut up rudra.
S-Heyy where is saumya
R- oh well she had some imp work
A-yeah some clg stuff.. she told me she had to fill some forms and all
R-she must be coming..
Their casual fun filled chat continues with occasional leg pulling and anecdotes but shivaay was slightly tensed. He kept glancing at his watch time and again as if waiting for someone.
S(mind)- why are you testing my patience.. tomorrow is one of the most spl days of my life and I need you by my side.. Plz come soon.. I am waiting for you. For the first time I asked you for something hope you will fulfil my wish.
A silver colour sports car enter the oberoi mansion parking and a guy in late twenties or early thirties comes out of the car.
Dressed up casually in a white tee , ripped jeans ,sports jacket and sneakers this well built guy appeared quite handsome. Eyes hidden behind glares,tousled hairs and expensive accessories gave him a cool dude guy look.. maybe older version of rudra. He walked over to the entrance and stopped looking intently at the oberoi mansion
Person(mind)- When I last stepped out of this house I vowed never to return to this luxurious prison again but what to do relations bond love promises stuff like these really make one helpless. Its been 10 yrs but this place just looks the same. I never wanted to come back.. my past still haunted me and I wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t shivaay’s engagement. Yes I can do anything for him and so just for you shivaay I came back.
Wiping the tears that involuntary made way down his eyes he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Calming his nerves he assured himself
Its gonna be fine just one day and it will be over soon just relax.
He spotted the security head of oberoi mansion and smiled
Person(P)-hello khannaji
K-welcome back sir
P-look you can call me by my name this sir and all it doesn’t suit anyways its good to see you again after long
K-right.. shivaay sir is waiting for you shall I inform him
P-No need I know he is waiting.. I will just go and meet him.
K-as you wish
And finally with a deep breath and determined look he stepped inside the oberoi mansion after a decade.
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