Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 22

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Anika blushed and smiled as she heard her shivaay addressing her as his fiancee. She looked around and saw that right now she was the centre of attraction… people were talking abt her, young single girls were fuming in jealously,media busy covering this hot news.
The oberoi family.. they were kinda shocked.. were trying to register what just happened- not because they had any problem with Anika but because none of them could have thought even in their wildest dream that shivaay could do something like this….
For the media this was a hot topic..for them the rest of the event was forgotten the major story for them-“country’s most eligible bachelor is now taken”
As they descended they were congratulated all along.
While the younger oberois, sid-malika and tia-dusyant enthusiastically congratulated them the elders smiled. Meanwhile om whispered to shivaay.

O-bro i told you to tell our family abt your relationship status but I never expected that you will give them a 440 watt shock
shivaay chuckled and replied
S-yeh shivaay singh oberoi ka style hai O.
Shivaay Anika seek blessings frm the elders who after getting over their initial shock blessed them whole heartedly.
They rejoin the youngsters… who are all terribly excited
Sid-Mallika pretend to be angry
M-guys kab say chal raha hai yeh
S-few months why
M-you guys didnt even bother to tell me.. i was supposed to be your best frnd.. i am angry at both of you
Si-me too. Shivaay tu ne mujhe nahi bataya…very bad.
S-stop behaving like kids..
R-sid bhai he was in no mood to tell us also woh toh we caught them romancing one night warna toh
P-haan sid bhaiyaa.. you know if Anika mere bday par OM nahi aati.. we wouldn’t have know that they were a couple…
M-secret singh oberoi.. I hate you
Si-me too
S-accha baba sorry maaf kar do
A-sorry guys actually I was a bit uncomfortable you know..
M-teek hai maaf kiya just for you Anika
S-really only are partial and I am supposed to be your best frnd
Si-now who is behaving like a kid.
T-shivaay Anika congrats you both look great together..
D-yes a perfect couple..made for each other
A&S-thanks tia,dusyant.

Si-waise shivaay who gave you this idea of proposing Anika right in middle of party
S-it was my idea only MrSVR
M-really!!tu shivaay singh oberoi hi hai naa
O-you won’t believe mallika when he told me abt this stunt my reaction was same too…
P-shivaay bhaiyaa you are truly a big chupa rustom
R- and biggest Ishqbaaz.
Si-well Anika you deserve a medal
O-I agree…
A-medal.. why
M-coz you are the only girl in this world jisk samme The shivaay singh oberoi jhuka hai
S-what the..
R-I agree…meri Anika di oops mera matlab Anika bhabhi is awesome.. you made my shivaay bhaiyaa an ishqbaaz
O-right.. thanks for that
S-ho gaya ya kuch baccha hai..
all of them laughed and enjoyed thoroughly.
Anika was staying at the oberoi mansion tonight. All the members wholeheartedly blessed shivika. Among them the happiest person was no doubt dadi.. she considered Anika perfect for her billu and her billu loved Anika more than anything else.
Dadi lovingly hugged her billu and his billi. Waah puttar you gave me the biggest joy today.. my Ishqbaaz billu you got a takkar ki jodidaar. Bhagwan kar tum dono hamesha kush raho.. god bless you both.
Shivika touch her feet and she lovingly kisses them on their forehead
Tej-welcome to the oberoi family anika. Once again my nephew proved his choice is the best
A-thank you tej uncle
T-not uncle beta bade papa.. ok
A-ji bade papa
J-I am so so so happy….jhanvi lovingly hugged her. I really wished sahil was here too.
A-woh badi maa he had some week long school trip..
Shivaay shifted uncomfortably looking slightly tensed at mention of sahil.. om understood and through his eyes only assured him and asked him to relax.

P-Oh my mata jethaniji mujhe bhi toh apni daughter in laws say mikne dijiye
Anika touched her feet and took her blessings..pinki blesses her
Shakti also blesses her and express his happiness at his sons decision.
Shivaay also took their blessings. his relation with his parents was a little strained one but nevertheless today he was really happy so he smiled at them.
R-if the family drama is over lets party
O-party ?rudra in case you have forgotten we just had one
R-O our party.. for Anika bhabhi’s wlcm..
S-Rudy we all are tired today
O-no arguments.
Rudra looked dejected so his loving bhabhi took charge
A-Rudy lets all sit and talk.. we will party later.. what do you think shivaay
S-great idea ani
O-ok after half an hour my room what say
P-OMM you not sleeps till late..
J-karne do naa pinki Afterall tomorrow is a holiday let them enjoy
All leave to their respective rooms.
Shivaay’s room
he changed into his white kurta pajamas and smiled recalling the events of the day.. he had finally proposed his Anika. Someone knocked..he hoped it was anika but instead it was his mom
S-(indifferently)yes mom you wanted something
P-want to talks with you
S-ok so what
P-are you sure you want to marry Anika
S-I think I just proposed her today in front of the media which was not a joke
P-but she is a middle class girl and you are an oberoi.. there is no match
S-stop it mom.. what if she belongs to a middle class family for me she is a strong, hardworking independent women whom I love
P-you are so naive shivaay how do you know she loves you and not your money.. these people nothing but gold diggers
P-I was thinking abt your betterment
S-really. Plz dont I am old enough to know whats right and whats wrong. And BTW you never learn from your previous mistakes right
Undeterred pinki continued
P-What so spl abt her.. you can find thousands of girl frm elite families better than anika then why her
S-because I LOVE HER. You want to know whats so spl.. i will tell you abt Anika
She is Anika.. she is prinku’s inspiration, rudra’s superwomen,om’s best frnd, saumya’s di, sahil’s world, dadi’s support system ,badima and badipapa’s daughter and above all MY LIFE.

P-wow!! Pinik who had her back to him , smiled.. turning back she continued
P-tu kuch kuch bhi kahe but she will remain girl without surname..without naam, khoon,khandan what abt your NKK belief?
By now shivaay had lost his cool
S-I dont care abt naam, khoon ,khandan.. ok fine they were imp for me but not now. Anika changed me she made me realise that NKK is no criteria for judging a person.. all what is imp is that I love Anika and she loves me not my money.. usne mujh say pyaar kiya hai mere surname ya paise say nahi. The strenght of our love is beyound your imagination. Mom get one thing very clear Anika meri hone wali biwi hai and if anyone tries to come in between us I won’t spare that person phir chahe woh meri maa ya bhai hi kyu naa ho
Shivaay took a deep breath.shaking badly. He was sure his mom would throw some more insults however to his utter surprise she smiled and clapped
P-wah beta shivaay waah… you passed my test.
S-test?he waa confused look.pinki went over to him and caressed his face
P-haaan test now even I am convinced that you truly love Anika and no one can break your relationship
Shivaay was even more confused
S-you…you mean all what you just said..
P-I didnt mean a thing.. I was just testing you
S-but why

P-you know shivaay when I first saw you and anika together during prinku’s bday I felt something was surely going on btw you too and honestly that time I was really apprehensive abt her.I thought may be she was a gold digger but she proved me wrong.
She proved herself… that she is a very sweet, caring and mature girl who cannot see anyone in problem.. she made me realise imp of self respect, individuality..
S-if you like her so much then why this drama
P-because I know you too… your anger, you obsession with NKK.. I know Anika doesn’t have NKK . She had suffered a lot in past and I didnt want her to suffer or get hurt because of you or your ideologies so I decided to do this I am convinced that you have gotten over your obsession and I am sure you will keep her happy and give her all what she deserves
Shivaay was speechless, stunned and shocked his mom he couldn’t believe what she did just now.. she loves Anika this much and cannot see her suffer.. a lone tear escaped his eyes. He felt bad for distancing himself frm her .. invisible wall which he had built around him disappeared and he hugged his mom genuinly after almost 10 yrs

S(crying)-I love you mom.I am sorry .. i was not a good son.. I have hurt you so much
P(wiping her tears)- no need to apologize beta your anger was justified… galti meri hi thi. I know I cant change the past but I have learnt frm past mistakes.. I promise you for me anika will be my daughter not daughter in law…
Shivaay hugged her tightly- thank you mom
S(mind)-thank you Anika indirectly hi sahi par aaj tumhari wajah say mujhe meri mom wapas mil gayi.. thank you.
P(mind)- thank you Anika beta.. because of you I got my son back… I have learnt to be happy in my kids happiness. I promise you mai tumhe kabhi maa ki kami mahsoos nahi hone dungi.
While the mother son duo were reconciling and reuniting with each other after almost a decade the other youngsters were waiting for shivaay.
R-yeh shivaay bhaiyaa kaha atak gaye
A-must be coming
O-must be busy on phone or something
They continued chatting but Anika kept looking around for shivaay
Om signals prinku
P-anika.. I mean bhabhi relax bhaiyaa aa jayege
S-Anika di you are getting desperate
A-nahi woh…
R-oooh bhabhi is blushing
O-tang mat kar meri behen ko
A-thanks O.
O- Anika why dont you go and call him
R-didi.. go and call him ok.. but wahi aapni private party mat start kar lena..
A-rudra k baache I won’t leave you and she started chasing him
and playfully punches him.. rudra makes puppy eyes and laughing Anika hugs her baby bro in law
A-I will just go and call shivaay
Shivaay was still hugging his mom.. anika saw this and smiled. She knew shivaay had some issues with his parents and was more close to his bade papa and badimaa than his parents so she felt happy seeing him hug his mom so lovingly…
A(mind)-Mayb his issues got solved. I think i should leave its better that he and pinki aunty talk and solve the misunderstandings exist.
As she turns to leave shivaay spots her.. anika come naa
Pinki smiles haan come here Times hi nahi hua apni future bahus say milene ka
She lovingly caresses her hairs
A-woh actually.. shivaay sab aapka.. wait kar rahe the isliye..
S-yes I am coming
P-Anika thank yous
A-kis liye pinki auntiji… pinki raises her eyebrows sorry i mean maa
P-coz tu mere is nalayak bete say marriage k liye readys ho gayi
Anika laughs and shares a high five with pinki.

P-waise Anika if shivaay tujhe pareshan kare naa tell me I will do his OMM
Anika hugs her-dont worry maa.. if he shows his tadi I will tell you
S-not fair.. mom I am your son
P-and anika is my daughter..
All three smile and pinki hugs and blesses both of them.
P-Anika promise me you will take care of my shivaay and be with him always
A-maa i always will i promise
P-aur shivaay promise me you will never let smile fade away frm Anika’s face
S-i promise you mom.
All three wipe their tears
P-ok now i go to sleeps… tomorrow I wills asks guruji abt your engagements and weddings
Pinki leaves…
Shivaay pulls Anika into a tight embrace-thank you Anika
A-thank you..but why?
S-for every thing
Anika touches his forehead.. You are having fever.. thats why itni baar thank you bole rahe ho this is off character Mr SSO
S-really so let me get into the character
He pulls her towards him and twists her arm behing her back… with their faces just inches apart he inhales her fragrance and in his husky voice
S-welcome to my world Mrs soon to be SSO. Anika shivers
They share an eyelock when they hear a ahem-ahem
Omruprsa-ahem ahem
S-what happened
R-we are here to take shivika
R-shivaay bhaiyaa+anika bhabhi = shivika logic hmm
Shivom-shutup rudra!!
S-come guys lets enjoy here only
All of them settle comfortably in shivaay’s bedroom and continue chit-chatting and enjoying a happy family time.
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