Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 21

Hey guys sorry for this another late update but I promise frm now on I would try to update regularly.
The previous episode..
Part 20
Part 21
Anika takes the package and rushes to room adjacent to priyanka’s room which was practically her own room now and closed the door.
Once alone Anika tore open the gift wrapper and looked at the contents with awe… a beautiful blue saree and a jewelry box containing simple yet elegant diamond necklace, earrings and a braclet. Anika smiled looking at the saree.. blue after meetung shivaay blue had become her fav colour coz it reminded her of his intense beautiful eyes.Inside the box was another note saying–
“princess I hope you liked my choice.. really ‘desperate’ to see you in this attire. ”
Love.. your kanji aakho wala tadibaaz bagadbilla.
Anika smiled looking at it and was like–Aww billuji so sweet.
While Anika was still admiring and praising shivaay’s gift someone knocked..
Prisau enter her room.. prinku notice the saree lying on the bed and reminiscies shivaay asking her whether Anika would like it or not..
A-where is gauri?
Sa-gauri di has to sort out some stuff will return after an hour or so.
P-(looking at the saree)yeh… Did shivaay bhaiyaa gift you this
Sa-oooh wow I must say di bade bhaiyaa has a great taste
P-no doubt mere bhaiyaa ki choice best hai thats why he chose Anika
Sa-absolutely prinku. So did bade bhaiyaa gift you this
A-yes shivaay gave me this
Jhanvi comes there.
J-oh my god its getting late c’mon all three of you get ready quick
A,S,P- ok
Meanwhile shivaay’s room
Shivaay too takes out a stylish blue coloured three piece suit and a stark white coloured shirt.
S(mind)- this one seems perfect.
His eyes fall on the small velvet box kept oh his table, caressing it gently he smiles.. I hope everything goes according to the plan.
All get ready for this extremely imp much hyped Golden Jubilee
Celebration at the oberois.
And as usual all the members were dressed in extremely stylish and fashionable dresses.
The party starts…
Various eminent personalities grace the events with their presence.. afterall being one of the most powerful family of the country you sure have loads of contacts
And oberois were perfect host
But shivaay singh oberoi’s mind was preoccupied with other much more imp thoughts. His chain of thoughts were broken by the shrill and chirpy voice of Miss Tia Kapoor..
Ti-Heyy shivaay
S(mind)-here comes universe express…
S-oh Hi Tia
Ti-congrats for this wonderful achievement and also for that deal you cracked back there in delhi.. I am sure universe wanted this to happen.. it is all the result of good karma.
S-Thanks. He smiled
Ti-BTW meet my fiance Dusyant. Universe helped to get a perfect match you know
S(mind)-fiancee that means this bina brake ki universe express is taken.. thank god now mom will stop considering her the prospective oberoi bahu
S-Wow congrats Tia and you too Dusyant.
D-Thank you Mr Oberoi.
S-call me shivaay
Ti-well shivaay who is your event manager… such a spectacular work
S-well you know this is a very spl event so this event is managed by a spl person.. my very close friend Anika. I will introduce you to her.. she must be somewhere here only
Ti-ohh sure
Someone calls shivaay
S-excuse me.. you guys enjoy the party
Ti&D-ya sure..
Shivaay meets the other guest when his good frnds siddharth and malika join him
Si-Heyy there Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi
S-wlcm Mr Siddharth Vikram Rana . Glad you could spare time to come here
M-guys if your so called formal greetings are done them can we meet as good old frnds
Shivaay and Siddharth laugh
Si-as you wish mam
M- waise shivaay amazing decoration…this decoration and all it is similar to Anika’s right sid
Si-yeah it is even i was gonna say this.. our cute little Anika its been ages since we met her right malika
M-yes baby.. and the last time I called her to chat that was also few months ago
S-well… you can meet her today.. she is the event manager here.
Si&M-what!! You are kidding
S-excuse me why would I and whats so surprising in case have forgotten let me remind you before ur wedding she managed a couple of my business related events
Si- yeah she did.. thats why she was SSOO but…You guys had loads of issues right
M-yeah well you both have lot of tadi and were always at loggerheads..remember our wedding
S-I agree that time we had issues but gradually we had it all sorted… Anika is very talented, hardworking girl…she is the best
Si-malika pinch me plz The SSO is prasing Anika.. SSO praising SSOO
M-yeah right its difficult to believe ki shivaay is praising someone.
S-ho gaya tum dono ka
M-BTW where is Anika?
A-mallika siddharth aap dono
M-Anika hi.. how are you and hugs her
(Anika was event manger at sid malika wedding and was quite close to the couple as she had helped them sort their issues.Both Siddharth and Malika considered Anika a very good frnd.. infact both very protective abt her.)
A- I am fine
Si-good to see you after such a long time Miss SSOO…. looking very pretty
M-yeah looking amazing
A-thanks even you guys are looking kidkitod… perfect couple as always
S(mind)-maybe but no can be better than us baby
While Anika was talking to siddharth and malika shivaay was busy staring at his lady love.. she was looking much more beautiful than he had imagined. Malika saw shivaay staring at Anika and wondered whether something was going on between the two.
O- hi mallika, hi sid
M&Si- hey Mr artist
O-shivaay can we talk in private for a few moments
S-yeah sure.. excuse us guys.
Shivom leave to give a final touch to their perfect plan.
M-BTW sid did you notice some people have even colour coordinated their dress
Si-right baby I can see that so Anika is it a coincidence or…
Anika blushed lightly woh guys just coincidence
Si-c’mon stop teasing her yaar.. waise who chose this colour
A-siddharth plz.. Anika blushed.. sid-mallika laugh
Anika casually chats with sid and mallika but her eyes are searching for her tadibaaz boyfriend who was looking even more handsome today.
After a few moments Anika leave to check some stuff.
Si-baby dont you feel ki shivaay aur Anika k beech there is something.. kuch toh chal raha hai
M-yeah even I felt that something is different I mean the was shivaay was looking at her… may be there is something though its hard to believe..
Rudra heard their convo and thought
R(mind)-kuch nahi Mallika di shivaay bhaiyaa aur Anika di k beech bahut kuch chal raha hai..
Halfway through the party Anika was busy chatting with saumya,gauri ,mallika, priyanka and her newly made frnd tia. Tia was very impressed by her and was talking inputs frm for her upcoming wedding.
Shivaay was talking to some of the guest when om signalled him frm a distance. His phone beeped and he used it as an excuse to walk over to a somewhat deserted corner.
A text frm om
“All set shivaay just go for it”
S-(text)-“feeling a bit nervous”
O-“take a deep breath and just go do it… All the best”
Shivaay takes a deep breath..
S(mind)-Ok Shivaay just calm down and say it all… Go for it.. you can do it.
Shivaay re-enters the party and takes the mike.
S-Everyone.. ladies and gentleman..
All stopped in tracks and turned towards the dias on which shivaay was standing and looked at him intently.. all family members, guests and media wondered what is gonna happen.. the entire hall went silent.
S- Well First of all I would thank you all for sparing your precious time and coming here to celebrate the golden jubilee of oberoi empire….. This is very spl day for me and my family and so today I wanna give my family a spl gift… he looked at om who gave him an encouraging smile..
Shivaay continued-Anika would you plz come up here .. Anika nodded surprised , walked over towards the dias and held shivaay’s outstretched hand.. he gently held her n smiled the moment shivika were on stage the lights dimmed with a pool of white light focussing only on Shivaay and Anika.
Shivaay went on his knees and held her hand, looking directly into her eyes
S-Anika thank you for coming into my life, for fighting with me, for being there for me , for loving me, for making me a better person.. Thanks a lot.. for everything.
He paused.. Look I know that I am not at all good when it comes to saying poetic or romantic stuff so lets come straight to the point-“Miss SSOO are you ready to become Mrs ASSO.. will you marry me”
Anika was surprised.. for a moment she couldn’t register whether what happened just was real or dream.. tears filled up her eyes and she could manage was to nod and say yes in a barely audible voice..
The moment she said yes the lights returned and rose petals started falling on them..
Shivaay felt like the happiest person on the earth he stood up and took out the little box which Ranveer gave him in afternoon. With trembling fingers he took out the beautiful diamond ring and looked at his Anika..
Admist the flashes from cameras, clapping and cheering… shivaay took her hand and slid the ring on to her ring finger.. she looked at him and gave him a beautiful million dollar smile and shivaay singh oberoi who didnt believe in public display of affection couldn’t control himself and hugged her tightly.. I love you he whispered in her ears
I love you too she replied back.
Turning towards the guest and media he said-“Ladies and gentlemen meet my fiancee Anika”
Done with this part hope you guyss like it plz leave your comments below. Kindly ignore the typo and grammatical errors.
Until next time..☺

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