Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 15

Heyy guys this is himani back with another episode . Well really sorry for this late and short update. Read on
Recap- shivomru head to delhi
Part 15
Part 15
Shivomru are relaxing in the presidential suite of one of their Oberoi empire hotels. Rudra busy on social media, Om busy writing ,lost in his own world of philosophy and Shivaay checking his mails and preparing for the next day conference, going through his files, scolding his employees in short all three were doing what they were best at- flirting, philosophy, business.
R- bro I m getting bored. Lets do something interesting
S- later Rudy.. I am busy right now

R- c’mon bro be a sport chalo naa lets go somewhere and chill out.
S- You and Om go, I will join you guys later
R- see O. Mere shivaay bhaiyaa ab mere nahi rahe.. he changed. Omg shivaay singh oberoi is ignoring the request of his superhandsome super dashing brother….

S&O- shut up rudra
S- listen rudra this conference is very important for oberoi empire. So plz try to understand ok . but I promise tomorrow after the conference we all will chill out together wherever you want
O- but shivaay if conference will finish by afternoon and my exhibition too by early evening why are we staying here for one extra day
S- woh… actually I want us to spend some time away from the family… just want some time for myself.

R- really bhai ohh I love you so much
Rudra was on seventh heaven jumping all around the suite. Amused Shivom look at their baby brother with affection.
R- guys I am going to gym for workout see you later.

O- shivaay I want to know the truth
S- what do you mean?
O- you know what exactly I mean and you know I hate lies
S- well so you want to know the reason why we are staying here for an extra day
S- its really hard to hide stuff from you isnt it?
O- I am your brother I know you inside out shivaay. I guess there is hardly any soul who know you better than me right
S- yeah right. Well so you won’t leave

O- cut the crap shivaay I wanna know thats it.
S- ok here see for yourself.
He hands om the file. Om reads it intently and looks at shivaay with a confused look…
O- What has this gotta do with our stay here.
S- dude this is the only reason I am staying here for an extra day. Meri girlfriend ka sirf ek hi sapna hai and I think I have the right to fulfil her dream
O- Anika knows abt it

S- naa its a surprise for here and dont you dare disclose it to anyone..
O- but shivaay she should know..
S- I wanna surprise her thats it whats the problem and She is my girlfriend yaar c’mon … my soon to be wife I have full right to do this… you know I can do anything for my anika, for her priceless smile …for her happiness. Dont worry your bestie cum sister won’t be hurt by this..
O- well then I am with you. Hope this is successful.
Anika with the help from Jhanvi is preparing for the much hyped success party at the oberois. In just a few couple of days Anika had become quite close to all the members of the oberoi family esp jhanvi. For Jhanvi she was just like a daughter. Tej and Shakti admired her skills and management style. Dadi completely depended on her for almost every thing and even Pinky well barring her loud and thoughtless comments too admired her work.

By the time Anika completed her work it was quite late, she was about to leave when dadi came there and asked her to spend the night at oberoi mansion as sahil too was on a school trip so she didnt have to worry and her decision is unanimously seconded by the others. Saumya and Priyanka were on cloud nine as they could have a fun filled girls night out.
Anika though was reluctant initially but finally agreed.
A(mind)- Mayb shivaay was right three days away is a big deal. Though i will not let him know but I have started missing him like anything.
Sa- Anika di chalo naa… prinku’s room first lets watch a movie
P-great idea saumya you know rudra bhaiyaa has a large connection of DVDs. Lets choose some
Sa- yeah lets go
Dadi comes there. She looks at the new girl gang with affection and amusement. She intently looks and Anika who was still lost in her own world

D- kya hua puttar tu teek toh hai … kaha khoyi hui hai
A- Kuch nahi dadi woh bas…. was just thinking that oberoi mansion feels incomplete without shivaay om and rudra.
D- quite right beta. Mere shivomru is ghar ki jaan hai. Bas meri bhagwan say yahi prarthana hai ki yeh teeno humesha isay hi rahe
A- no doubt abt that dadi. They all love each other a lot they will always bhi together.
Prinku and saumya drag Anika to prinku’s room and dadi retires to her bedroom.

They watch the movie but Anika’s mind is just refusing to focus on the movie. Her mind and thoughts are just full of her and shivaay- it was as if he had the ability to rule her heart mind and soul. She thought of calling him but then decided against it as she didnt want to disturb him. She with great effort tried to pull herself out of those thoughts and concentrate on the movie.
After the movie got over the trio enjoyed chatting and bonding over Anika’s fav aloo puri and saumya’s fav parathe. They kept giggling, laughing talking till quite late in the night and thanks to it Anika could finally sleep without being bothered abt her shivaay.

I know it is quite short but it was all I could manage as I was on a holiday trip but now O would try to post regular and lenghty updates
Plz do read and comment below.
Kindly ignore typo n grammatical error
Until next time…..☺

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