Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 12

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Shivaay leaves half heartedly and Anika resumes her work.
The employees working there are quite surprised to see an unknown girl sitting in Shivaay sir’s cabin. They wonder who she is and the girls out there are really very envious of her as no regular employee has the pleasure of using their extremely hot and handsome boss shivaay singh oberoi’s cabin like this. Shivaay hardly socialised with his employees as his only concern is Oberoi Empire’s growth.

Anika had basically planned almost every detail and decides to leave but remembers that she promised shivaay that she will wait for him. She goes to the terrace adjoining his cabin. The terrace too was quite large and spacious with a terrace garden. She stood there leaning on the railing and admiring the beautiful cityscape from the top floor of the oberoi empire building. Her thoughts wandered over to her childhood- she had a perfect childhood carefree filled with love happiness and joy, she lived with her parents and was their princess. Since she was their only child they would fulfil all her wishes. She reminisced how her father used to play with her and her mom would tell her story everynight. But then when she was ten her life changed forever, her parents died in a car accident and even though she survived her life was nothing more than hell. The torturous memories of orphanage still sent shivers down her spine. Luckily she was adopted by the chaturvedi family her foster parents also loved her and she got a brother sahil too. Though her life was not like before still she was content that she has a family. She never wanted to be a burden on them so since an early age she started working part time to supplement the family income. She became independent quite early she was happy but fate has always been cruel to her. Unfortunately her foster parents also left her but this time she couldnt fall weak coz for now she was not alone, she had sahil her kid brother. Anika loved sahil a lot and took care of him like a mother cares for her child. She started working full time, left her education but never compromised with sahil’ s education. She looked at the sky and wondered why was fate so cruel with her?what was her fault? Why she had to stuggle so much? Why she had to bear everyone’s insult?She didnt realise when tears started flowing through her eyes .

Shivaay completed his work but it was quite late still he was happy that finally he will get some time with Anika.
He entered his cabin but was surprised to see it empty. Did she leave? But then he saw her stuff there. Must have gone to the terrace.
Sure enough he spots her admiring the cityscape. A smile automatically lit his face at the mere sight of the love of his life. Anika?
Anika quickly wiped her tears but this did not go unnoticed by shivaay. In a single stride he was next to her, looking extremely concerned. Anika what happened?
A-(trying to smile) nahi woh aakh me kuch chala gaya tha
S-dont lie Anika. I know you well enough . Tell me whats bothering you
Shivaay looked genuinely concerned and he cupped her face ,looking at her tenderly. Anika just hugged him-shivaay and cried her heart out. Shivaay kept patting and consoling her. by now he was really worried coz few hours back she was normal laughing and enjoying with rumya suddenly what happened. Also he had never seen Anika break down like this. After 5 min or so Anika calmed down. Shivaay tightened his grip around her. Anika kya hua, why are you crying you know naa I dont like to see you in tears
Shivika broke apart and anika looked at him with bloodshot eyes. Seeing her like that so vulnerable, so tired he felt as if someone pierced him with sharp dagger.
A- why did this happen to me shivaay? Mujhe maa papa chod kar kyu chale gaye?
Shivaay was taken aback. He had known Anika for past one year or so and she never ever talked abt her past. Shivaay took her inside and made her sit on the sofa and holds her
S- Anika shhh baby calm down. No one has control over death. Hnmm. Jo ho gaya we cannot change it naa but we can control our present and future.
Plz calm down Anika.
A- shivaay am i that bad ki everyone just leave me and go?
Seeing anika like this even his tears were threatening to come out.
S- you are not bad anika your are good no you are the best. Tum perfect ho Anika. Perfect sister, perfect frnd, perfect girlfriend… just perfect.
A- you will never leave me like others did?
Shivaay couldn’t control his tears. For the first time he saw Anika so insecure, he just hugged her tightly. I will always be there for you Anika. Mai tumhe kabhi bhi chod kar nahi jaunga. I promise you
Shivaay quickly wiped off his tears and looked at Anika, he gently kissed off her tears and cupped her face
S-Anika I know you have struggled a lot in past I cannot change that even if I wish to but not anymore. Ab say tumhari zindagi me har woh khushi aayegi jo tum deserve karti.
Anika tried to smile through her tears as shivaay hugged her again.
A-I love you shivaay. Plz never leave me
S- I love you too Anika. You are my life how can I even think of leaving you

Oberoi Mansion
Om was busy sketching as usual when saumya entered his room
Sa- wow bade baal wale bhaiyaa. This is so beautiful you are a genius.
O- thanks saumya
Sa- you love this naa since your childhood
O-yeah saumya. This is my passion my way of living.
Rudra enters
R- O look my biceps, shivaay bhaiyaa said they were shrinking is it true
Sa- C’mon duffer oberoi. Why dont you understand bade bhaiyaa wanted to spend some time with anika di thats why he said this. Btw bade baal wale bhaiyaa is he like this since childhood ya beech me kabhi koi accident hua jissay you know isk dimag par koi asar pad gaya..
Om laughs
O-actually saumya… he is like this since childhood dumble oberoi
R-(crying face) O you too aap bhi saumya ki side
O- she is my sister rudra
S- rudra is a crybaby..
R- you sumo ! I will not leave you
Rumaya start running around, their tom and jerry fight begins as they chase each other in the entire household.
Om chuckle seeing their cute nok-jhok when his phone ring
O- haan shivaay bol
S- om actually anika needs me I am staying with her tonight. Ok plz cover up for me if req.
O- That I will but what happened . Is Anika alright?
S- no actually she is a bit depressed. I dont wanna leave her alone today. Chal I will speak to you later, bye.
O- bye , Anika ka khyal rakhna.
Om tells ruyma and prinku that they have to cover up for shivaay.
Pi- oh my mata! Where is shivaay
O- actually choti ma he had to attend to some imp stuff…(Om being saach ka boyfriend couldn’t lie)
R- so he said he will come home late
Pi- what works? This shivaay naa very careless
J- oh C’mon pinki shivaay is not a kid. He is a mature adult aaj jayega
Pi- yeah jethaniji right. Easy for you to say after all he is my son not yours.
J- really pinki.. shivaay is like my son too but you won’t understand will you?
R- mom chotima you know what shivaay bhaiyaa is fed up of this he wanted some time alone so he went somewhere jaha unko mental peace mile
O- rudra is right. Plz for god sake stop it and let us also have dinner in peace.

Shivika are still in shivaay’s cabin. Shivaay holds her and asks her to let it all out. Anika tells shivaay everything about her past every single detail, how her parents used to pamper her all the torture, insults struggle everything she suffered after her parents left her and by the end of it both shivika are in tears. Shivaay couldnt even digest that fact how could someone endure so much pain his respect for Anika increased exponentially after listening to her painful past and he made a private vow that he will give Anika what she deserves.
He hugged Anika. Ro lo Anika coz after today I will not let tears come in your eyes ever again. He could feel his shirt getting wet by her tears, he just kept hugging her silently kissing her hairs and waiting for Anika to let everything which she had kept inside her for ages.
After what seemed to be eternity Anika finally calmed down. She felt so light as if a heavy burden is removed from her chest.
She looked at shivaay with a grateful look. Thanks shivaay after I dont know how many years today I am feeling very light.
S- If you really want to thank me then promise me you will not cry you dont need to think abt your bitter past. Trust me i will make your future really beautiful.
A- I will not cry now
S-(forwarding her little finger) pinki promise
A-(smiling) pinki promise.
Shivika hug again and finally leave holding hands
By now it was almost 10 pm. Shivaay drives the car, Anika was sitting looking out of the window, It had been an exhausting day and silence was comfortable.
shivaay drove the car to a restaurant for dinner and then they drive off again. anika realises that this is not the way to her house
A- you missed the turn shivaay
S- no i didnt actually we are going somewhere else.
A- what! where?
S- just wait and watch anika
shivaay drives away from the city and anika wonderes where they are going. shivaay stops the car and anika recognises the place- the cliff where
they first confessed their feelings for each other. the memory of that smile brought a smile to her face .
A- why are we here shivaay
S- well you were upset I thought if we come here you will cheer up
A- but shivaay its quite late your family must be worried about you
S- no actually I told om I was gonna stay with you tonight so dont worry.
they reached their fav point on the cliff and sat down under the same tree cuddling each other
A- you know what shivaay fate has always been cruel to me so when I first realised that I love you I was afraid that you would leave me too but not now…. shivaay i have never felt this secure in my life… thank you for everything you have done for me
S-anika you know I love you a lot stop thanking me for every little thing and…(naughtily) if you really wanna thank me give me my fav dessert…
A- shivaay… you shameless 2 rs person… cheapada
S- so finally my tadibaaz sherni is back. tum isi hi achi lagti ho
shivika share an eye lock and shivaay gently kiss her. for some time they sit silently just cuddling and lazily caressing each other. shivaay realises that anika had fallen asleep in his arms. he gently kissed her fore head anika looked very innocent and peaceful. I hope tumhare chehre par ye sukoon humesha bana rahe.
shivaay carefully adjusts her to a more comfortable position himself drifts into a deep slumber
even though shivaay singh oberoi slept on the hard solid ground he had to admit that he hadn’t slept this peacefully ever in his bed. with anika snuggling closer to him and gentle breeze working as a natural air conditioner shivaay experienced what is a deep peaceful slumber.

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