Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 11

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Part 11
Shivaay and Anika hug each other tightly and as they break apart, get lost into each other’s eyes. Again shivaay’s phone ring and there is a slightly irritated Om at the other end.
Guys its getting difficult to cover up for you two for such a long time .Romance baad me kar lena else you guys will have to endure choti ma’s ques, choice is yours
S-yeah O coming.
He gives Anika a swift kiss on her cheek and they both smoothen their respective attire to look normal and presentable.
They walk casually to the back side of Oberoi mansion holding each others hands , carefully and stealthily re-enter into the party.
Om spots them and teasingly ask So… billu and billi enjoyed hmm.
A- om you knew his plan..
O- yep, c’mon Anika I am his brother . By the way you had fun?
S-I thoroughly enjoyed myself . What abt you Anika
Anika felt a blush creep up on her face.
O- Anika stop blushing kisi ko shaq ho jaaye ga.
The three were chatting when Pinky came there..
P-Oh my mata shivaay where weres you. I was searchings you
S(looking at Anika )-Mom had to sort out some very imp stuff. You know I have to attend to a lot of matters
O-yeah a lot of imp matters. Choti ma his workload has increased now . He had to crack a real important deal. I am so proud of him
S- thnx om. Om winked while Anika was trying to maintain a straight face. Anika excuses herself and goes over to rudra saumya and prinku
S- didi where were you.
P-yeah we were waiting for you
R- kahin aap aur bhaiya akele akele toh party nahi mana rahe the Batao?
Anika reminises the intense passion laced moments with shivaay and shivers.
A-actually rudra I was feeling kinda of uncomfortable so just went out for a minute
R- Sumo let me tell you a very interesting coincidence
Sa- what rudra
R- ki jitni der Anika di bahar thi shivaay bhaiyaa bhi yaha nahi thi. Hua naa coincidence. Does his logic sign
P&S- Ooh coincidence
Shivaay and Om join them and the youngsters keep pulling shivika’s leg enjoying thoroughly throughout the party. Dancing laughing teasing everything was going on in full flow. The most surprising thing was that even Shivaay was enjoying himself. Love really changes anyone and everyone.
Next day
The fun filled weekend ended really very soon. Shivaay felt a bit sad that Anika will go back today. I should permanently bring her to this house very soon , I cant stay without her .
Anika packs her stuff and is ready to leave, priyanka hugs her
P- you are leaving so soon but I hope shivaay bhaiyaa tumhe jaldi say bhabhi bana kar le aaye. I cant wait for that day.
Anika smiles so prinku I think I should leave its getting late.
Anika and sahil bid goodbye to all the oberoi family members
T-Anika remember the next week party. I want everything perfect just like yesterday
A-sure uncleji
S-Bade papa me and Anika will plan and finalize the outlines within a day or two and then take some inputs from badi ma as well
T-great idea. I know Anika will manage this event perfectly.
Anika and sahil are about to leave.
S-Anika Come I will drop you and before that we can drop sahil at his school too else he will get late.
Omru look at each other and smile. Pinki is surpised so are the other elders as to how shivaay know so much abt Anika.
Shivika along with sahil leave
They drop sahil and then reach Anika ‘s place. Anika unbuckles her seatbelt and is about to leave when shivaay holds her hand.
See you at my office by afternoon and yeah its been ages since you fed me my fav aloo puri ok i want it for lunch
A- ok billuji
S- and my fav dessert
A- which one? You love a lot of desserts
S-(cheekily) Anika baby the one you gave me last night in garden you know for messing around.
A- you cheapada and playfully punch his shoulder
Shivaay laughs and they both get off the car, gauri who was getting ready to go for work spots shivika and remembers om’s word “Anika is my elder brother’s gf” and thinks oh this kanji ankho wala insaan is city dwelling Mowgli’s brother
G-hi Anika. Where were you
A- oh Hi gauri actually woh it was prinku’s bday and she wanted me to spend the weekend with her. Btw way he is shivaay my…
G- boyfriend, I know. Actually your bro told me
Shivika shocked
S-my brother?
G- I met your brother the other day, he told me that Anika is his elder bro’s gf
S- you met rudra?
G- no not rudra, omkara that long hair guy. He seemed to be a very sweet and nice guy. Very cute..
S&A- he is
G- waise Anika i must say you two make a great pair
Shivika-thank you
Gauri leaves.
A- i dont know why but I feel gauri likes our Om
S- which person on this earth in his senses cant help liking Om. I mean he is the most sorted person and he is perfect.
A- yeah om has an innocent charm. Anyways I think you should leave you will get late
S- yeah see you in afternoon and dont forget aloo puri ok
A- yeah shivaay see you.
Shivaay kisses Anika goodbye and drives off and Anika unpacks her stuff and tidies her house. Anika’s contract with canteen expired two days back and shivaay urged Anika to full time work as event manager so she was a bit relaxed as she didnt have to juggle three jobs atleast for the time being till the oberoi party is planned and organised
Shivaay’s office
Shivaay was really busy with his deals, meetings and other business stuff . Finally after working like a maniac for past 4-5 hours he got chance to relax.
Sitting inside his ultra luxurious extremely large cabin, sipping his fav Americano he waited for his lady love.
Sure enough Anika entered his cabin after a few minutes but with His badi ma, jhanvi
A&J- hello shivaay
S- arrey badi ma aap?
J-yeah actually i had to finalize some projects so I had to come here and then I met Anika so I decided to help you guys with the planning and all
A- thats so great Jhanvi aunty. I love your style. Its just perfect
S- Yeah I agree.

For next hour or so they discuss the theme and basic outlines but shivaay leaves to attend to some other stuff while jhanvi and anika continue the planning. After sometime jhanvi leaves, so now Anika is alone in Shivaay’s cabin. She looked around and observed the impressive details of his cabin. The walls were painted blue which reminded her of his beautiful eyes. The cabin was quite spacious with expensive furniture and elegant show pieces placed in a perfect order. The walls of his cabin were adorned with beautiful paintings – def made by Om.
Shivaay returned to his cabin and to his delight found anika alone. His next and last meeting for the day was scheduled after two hours . He called his secretary and gave him clear instruction not to disturb him for next 2 hrs. As he had decided to spend them with his anika so that they can work out the major details and enjoy some quality time.
Anika was busy working and she didnt notice shivaay entering his cabin. He slowly tiptoed of to her and hugged her frm the back.
Someone is really very busy.
He smiled nuzzling her hair.
A-shivaay this is office
S- so what, my personal cabin and my personal gf whats your prob. He made her face him and caresses her face.
Ahem ahem this is office bro
Rudra was standing at the door ,arm crossed and grinning widely.
Sa-oh office romance hmm
R-See i told you sumo. Love changes everything. My brother has become an Ishqbaaz now
S-what are you guys doing here.
R-I was missing my brother
Waise sometime give your romance a break too sometimes. Mere jaise chote bacho par galat asar padega.
S-really rudra.
S-(mind) why does he always come at wrong time? Cant i spend sometime with Anika. Things were much better when our relationship was a secret.
R- actually I was just passing by. Me and sumo had some clg work and when we were returning Mom told me that Anika di is here so I thought if she had finished her work we could drop her home.
A- thnx Rudy, you are so sweet
S-rudra dont worry. You go I will drop your Anika didi
Rumya understood that shivaay wanted some time alone with Anika but rudra wanted to test his patience.
R- arrey bhaiyaa i am free. We will wait. Jab didi ka kaam ho jayega we will drop her. You go to your meeting
A-rudra saumya would you like to eat aloo puri
S-ohh yes di my biceps
A- dont worry jada workout kar lena
R-ok then yes.
Shivay was irked. Beta shivaay forget it that you will get to spend time with your Anika. She is very happy with her brother n sister.
A-shivaay aren’t you hungry. Have some
S-(sigh) yeah fine

They enjoy lunch and casually chat for a bit. Now shivaay was loosing his patience.
S- Omg Rudra mere bhai ghar jaa kar workout kar see your bicseps are shrinking.
R- what ? Oh yeah Maine workout kiya nahi. Come sumo lets go.
He drags saumya out of his cabin.Rumya leave and shivaay heaves a sigh of relief. Since it was still time for his meeting to begin he relaxed on his chair. He was abt to pull Anika to him when Tej comes.
T- arey Anika you here
A- yes uncleji woh party
T- oh yeah continue.
S-bade papa what happened
T- shivaay a good news. We will have a joint venture with Ranas. So you come , we will discuss it with them.
Anika beta feel comfortable and I hope Shivaay will not mind you using his cabin right
S-of course.
T- so work in progress?
A- yes uncleji. Me and jhanvi aunty planned almost everything. After a day or two we will start the work at mansion
T- good job Anika. Shivaay come
S(mind) bad luck. Iss joint venture ko bhi aaj start hona tha. It seems No one wants me to spend quality time with anika
With a heavy heart he composes himself to start work on his yet another business venture


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